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“warning: long post ahead”…I originally posted an entry of this on my blog, you might want to check it out “The Exuberant Guy!”; but I’ll just post it here, for you to see!… It’s kind of late because I hadn’t noticed If I already posted it here on tumblr or not. So anyways, I hope you enjoy this long photo diary on what happened on Bloggers United 2 in Treston International College!

A day with the Bloggers

Since I attended BLOGGERS UNITED 2 expect me to be a fanboy once again. I really adore bloggers because I get inspirations from them. To how I dress up, to how I write and even how I should face the world. Admit it wearing clothes that are not as casual as others will really give you a lot of attention. People will give you looks and we don’t know what it means but sometimes it is rude and sometimes they are actually saying “WTF is he/she wearing” and we all know that we should not mind those people because “HATERS ARE CONFUSED ADMIRERS”. 

One of my favorite bloggers VERN ENCISO of A Shoe Tale. I loooove her!!! She’s so nice and friendly she even included me in her guest list (I won her twitter giveaway) yey!

with Laureen Uy of Break My Style. Her blog introduced me in fashion blogging and with that I started my own blog!!! I stalk her everyday hahaha I even met her in Cam Sur during the Cam Sur Marathon.

with the famous Victor Basa and Divine Lee what can I say??? Im speechless!!! I love them to bits!

With the founders of Bloggers United Ana Gonzales of The Fashionista Commuter andAisa Ipac of Drowning Equilibriums. I wasn’t able to have a photo with Melai Entuna of Style and Soul because she hosted the event.

with the Blogger Loveteam Lissa Kahayon of Scene Stealer and David Guison of DG MNL

With FFT Members Kookie Buhain of Death by Platforms, Gelo Arucan of Fabgelous, Karl Leuterio of Inkarlcerating and Mike Magallanes of Toxic Disco Boy.

with Male Bloggers Seph Cham of Love Chic, Victor Basa  and Bjorn Bedayo of Behind Bjorn Manila.

With Joana Ladrido of Only The Marvelous, Raleene Cabrera of, Tracy Ayson of Fashion Fangirl and Tin Iglesias of Fashio Ate The World.

With GONDO GIRLS members Marj Sia of The Traveling Heels and Dominique Tiu of Konichiwear.

with fellow blogger/damer “NOTRE DAME REPRESENT” Gerd Perez, Philippines TOP Ice Skater Verniece Enciso, Ave Te of Artsy Fartsy Ava, and Paul The PR Guy.

with Top Bloggers and SoFA students Patricia Prieto of Paadigma and Kryz Uy of Thirsty Thought. This has been 2/3 of my bloggers united post!!!:)
Bloggers United 2 was a BLAST <3

this is my first time to attend a bazaar organized by bloggers..

I’m glad that i didn’t miss this one.. or else i will be left wondering how it really was.

and then this day arrive and gave me the answer :D

Meet up with my favorite Bloggers and get to know other Bloggers, freebies, exciting games and super awesome prizes, need i say more?

here ya go!

im really good at following directions.. as long as i there are landmarks that i could follow.

thanks to that guide that they posted on how to go to Treston Internional College

 how i went there:

since im around Espanya, i took an fx going to buendia and omg crossing the road of buendia,.. totally buwis buhay ahahahaha! 

then i took a bus going to glorietta

then took a cab going to market market.. its kind of a hassle pero keri lang.

(all of these are taken from my cam )

first landmark that I’m almost near Treston, St.Luke’s Hospital

then STI college

and the fountain hahahahaha!

ok so i arrived around 2pm.

the fun starts NOW!

these bloggers style are so edgy love it!!!!!!!!

i took a pic of these two..

love the style!

super cute and unique accessories

spotted divine lee.. (ooopps sorry blurred)

with the hunky victor basa

my mum and dad… :D hahahahaa just kidding! divine lee and victor basa

with @bjorn

i asked her blog.. i like her look check her out here

the singing contest of nina elixir perfume.. 

the sooo energetic hosts ahahahaha theyre really a good tandem ahaha really fun!

winners of nina l'elixir perfume.. 

“everbody’s a winner” :D thats what i love from this event.

waaahhhhh david guison!!!! finally met him.. yes my eyes is a total winner hahahaahaha! <3

well they just arrive so i took a pic of them.. (i dunno the girl in the middle in white and the guy haha)

laureen uykryzz uy and patricia prieto


winner of the girl who has super heels

its really pretty

best in hair color.. ms.patricia prieto

most stylish outfit, aivan

i bought a feather earrings here .. just for 100Php.

awesome hair color!

me and them.. hihi! you guys are soo cool talaga.. hehe so nice! and aivan

busy busy crowd..

anna.. just love her outfit

im tired..

we won some cool prizes hahaha (bring me portion : those who have colored hairs…

love his bag ahahahaha it really caught my attention

me and my sis

going home… with these awesome freebies and prizes i got ahahahaha!!!

hope there’s Bloggers United 3 :D

what a successful event 

Feeling frosh

I’m scouting for another school again this second sem and I feel like a newbie again. You know that feeling, I mean, most of us felt this before. But this time, it isn’t the excitement of being a student within the bound of the very popular university-belt in Manila that gives me butterflies in my stomach. To tell you, I’ve typed every word that came into my head. But I deleted it. It’s just that it won’t give you the explanation of the feeling I am feeling right now in jampack.

Since it’s 2nd week of second sem already, I’m not sure if they’d still accept me as a late enrollee. Cause I’m suuuuuper late already. But I still hope they’d consider me. 

Here’s my top 3 choices:


Hfsjfhdfgfjshffdfs…… I know right! Hahahaha. I know what you’re thinkin’. 

I really want in Treston! Huhu.

Click here for the virtual tour!

This is mainly because my cousin and his girlfriend were graduates of this school and now they’re registered nurses already! Yay!

I’m so excited! New school, new friends! Can’t waitttt.

Gerald Katigbak Fashion Show at Treston International College

One of Filipinos’ pride in the fashion industry, designer Gerald Katigbak flaunted his spring collection at the Fusion @ Treston 2011 event.  (Yep, super late post O.o this is another “anniversary post” But I can’t help but still admire every masterpiece! hope you’ll enjoy the photos ahead even though they’re not in good quality, I admit:)

here are more of the shots :) Yey I have been dreaming for so long to post fashion shows post here in my style blog hihi. 

My favorite in the picture above is the one with the mullet design :)

Polka dots and flowers in an elegant combination. Wow =)

^I’d love to have this! :) But I’ll pair it with black tights 

I super love this outfit! Sheer top and palazzo pants? Awesome. Reminds me of ate Camille Co’s love for subtle but sexy pieces :) 

satin pants perfect !

meanwhile here are the shots of some of the male models :) Above shows one of my favorite outfits in the men collection. Violet and white =)

looks like a matured but still fierce Vaness Wu

my most favorite male outfit. Red blazer! You can never go wrong with that :) I just love it even though I’m not a red-obsessed person. Btw this outfit makes remember my Gawad Karangalan outfit, which was just the day before this event. Haha.

lovely coat

at the end of the show, the models conquered the runway again but this time, carrying Treston’s name. And I mean that literallly as you can see :)

love this shot! And oh, after all the shots, did you notice the “gorgeous floor?” haha who wouldn’t admire it? :)

the models after the fashion show :) Awwww which signals the wholeday event was also over. The day began with a campus tour at the fabulous campus of Treston–and that included meeting Chef Bauer himself–plus activities and booths to enjoy and to inquire at. Inquire not just about the campus, but even about business and legal matters. Cool, right? But more than that, is the highlight of the event which was this cocktail party at Treston’s, uhm let me just call it Auditorium okay, which included speeches, fab intermissions–and I mean really fab–this stunning fashion show to cap off the event, and a buffet dinner celebration at the end. (btw I definitiely got lots of pictures showing those but I plan to upload it in my photoblog since this is a style blog :)

Thank you so much to Treston International College for inviting Holy Redeemer School to be a part of the event, Fusion @ Treston. Everyone was so welcoming. We even had service from Cavite to Taguig(where Treston is) and vice versa. Really memorable day and plus, we’re really taken care of. Aww :)

it wouldn’t be as fun without them of course :) This was taken at the admin’s office of the prestigious international school. (note: we also have other friends with us but aren’t here that time sayang :| )

Anyway, finally uploaded a fashion show post. Yey! :D Which was your favorite outfit? Isn’t Gerald Katigbak so inspiring? :) What can you say about Treston. I’d love to hear from you, dear (s) :D anyway I will hopefully upload more fashion show posts in the near future :) Crossing my fingers for the upcoming PFW! omg I hope I’d get invites. If you know any info ‘bout it, I’d really appreciate if you tell me :)

God bless and stay stylish!

Lotsa love, 



Executive Chef Gerhart Bauer @ Treston International College

I just wanted to share my learning experience this morning. So we had our free seminar related to our course. Our speaker was just so amazing. He told us his story that before, he belongs to low class life, you know what I mean. Someday he wanted to be a car mechanic. He was a lieutenant at an air force. And fate brings him to enter in a large cruise ship. Well, before he got where he was, life didn’t become easy for him. That was when he was fifteen years old. After twenty five years, there he got to enter in one of the largest cruise ship in the world. It was amazing but still, a life-taking-risk being in the middle of an ocean. He traveled to many places: Hawaii, Jamaica, Maples, Central America, Spain, Bali and so on. He is an Executive Chef at Treston International College at Global City. Judy Ann Santos loves him! Hihihi. And here’s the climax here, you know it’s not easy, but at the same time challenging, having a 6 million pesos a year of his salary. ASDFGHJKL. My reaction was just “O_O”. I didn’t know what I really felt a while ago. Thinking, can someone like me do what he did? Looking at the picture and listening to his lecture, story and life, was just really challenging, with me taking up Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. When he said that he will talk to our chairman and will teach in one of our classes(Culinary 1), I was shocked, excited and exaggerated! I really want this. To learn more. So that if I graduated, I can bring my knowledge and skills and be ready for my journey. By the way his name is GERHART BAUER.

We took pictures with him. He cracked a joke about me because sorry to say but I’m short(but cute :P), he said that I go to the highest step of the podium so that I’ll be seen in the pictures. He’s a foreigner, bald, got an amazing accent that totally has a swag, a big man with a big tummy(but it’s cute), has a fatherly appearance I don’t know, he is really an approachable person even though knowing him only with that few hours. He’s really nice. <3 (^__^)

I just wanted to shout a while ago when he was still there,

Please adopt me!creeeeeys~~~~~


So I just had a conversation with my mum a while ago . I told her that if possible I wanna go back to the Philippines and have my dilpoma there . I just wanna graduate as soon as possible and get my degree . My mum is fine with it . I told her that I’ll just finish my ITE here then after that I can go back there already . I’m just waiting for my dad’s decision now . If they both agree with it , then most probably I’ll be studying there . Right now , I just really wanna focus on my studies and goals and don’t wanna think about anything . Anyway , this is also for my own future .

Bloggers United part 2 invite!!!

yey i just received an email from them that i got a ticket from bloggers united part 2 at Treston International College..

take a look at my invite

im excited this is my first time to attend such bazaare with the bloggers :D

see you all guys IM EXCITED!!!!!!

I can never come up with captions for selfies ✌ 👯 🙈👓 (at Treston International College)


#SLAMProAmRuns 🔪🔪🔪 (at Treston International College)