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@peeweetrespatas was lounging in the VIP w/ me and the crew last night for Madchilds show @ Viper Room #trespatas #viperroom #oggp (at The Viper Room)

Red Carpet Chihuahua!!! @exodus_events throws the best parties at @plazadelaraza in #losangeles LA Story was so much fun thank you so much for having us!!! Stay tuned for more Exodus Events! Mark your calendars TATUAHE IS SEP. 12th!!! #LAstory was sponsored by @lowridermagazine @petersenmuseum @eljimadortequila #exodusevents #plazadelaraza #lowridermagazine #petersonmuseum #eljimadortequila #trespatas #redcarpet #chihuahua #livinlavidapata #vivalapata #supportyourlocalchihuahua

PeeWee’s front leg is all better! Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. He can run again! As a matter of fact he can run so well, he can probably run this country too! Wee will need your help to #supportyourlocalchihuahua and help make MEXICAN-AMERICA The Land Of the Three, and the Home of the Brave! #voteforpeewee #peewee2016 #trespatasforpresident #trespatas #chihuahua #thepresidentoftheunitedstatesofamerica #vivalapata #livinlavidapata

The struggle iz real… Real sad… When PeeWee is in pain, I am in pain. He hurt his only front arm being a badass runnin circles ‘round fools… Luckily I had some flex wrap for fishing handy to use like a miniature ace bandage because the specialty three legged chihuahua vet, Dr Carlsen, in west Los Angeles, is on a much needed vacation until Monday. Until then PeeWee cant ride on any big bootie hos, stage dive at any punk rock shows, or hit any switches in the low-lows! What are we going to do with ourselves this weekend??? He can barely walk now… 😭 #prayforpeewee #trespatas #chihuahua #pobrecito #supportyourlocalchihuahua

Got Tres Patas? No, but #peewee does! Get your sticker now! Send a self addressed stamped envelope to:
c/o Unbreakable Tattoo, 11356 Ventura Blvd,
Studio City, CA, 91604,
and we will gladly send you a sticker! Or feel free to stop by the shop if you are in #losangeles! #trespatas #trespatasporvida (Taken with Instagram)

Official Service Dog duties… PeeWee made a lil trip to Cedars Sinai hospital to visit our great friend/Hetero life partner @maddhand… Two years ago he was hit by a car on his motorcycle and his leg was severed. The doctors were able to save his leg but 13 surgeries into it and they have to redo the rod and screws they originally put in his tibia along with a bone graft from his thigh. Needless to say, he has been through hell… We love you Dominick! Stay strong and wee will get you through this brother! #trespatas #cedarssinai #losangeles #supportyourlocalchihuahua (at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center)

Where does the time go? Two years ago today our good friend @jaebueno passed away from cancer. This was the last time we saw him. PeeWee went right over to him and sat with him most of the afternoon. They were good friends, and I think PeeWee understood that Jae was suffering during his treatment. He and his family have been such kind, fun loving people since the day we met them. Jae was such a positive influence to us, and he will always be remembered as a great friend. Wee miss you Jae! @srbueno @cailaxnicole @_jbueno03_ #jaebueno #trespatas #fuckcancer