The Huffington Post suggests Croatia as a top destination in 2014

The famous traveler, writer and adventurer William D. Chalmers, in his new article published on the famous website of The Huffington Post recommended Croatia as one of the top tourist destinations of 2014 year.

“Croatia…It is Italy without the hype (and costs). 21st century travelers are in search for new utopias—think Paris in the 20s, Bali in the 70s, and Prague circa 1990. Amazing Croatia may be that next happening generational destination.” wrote Chalmers.


Jacquemus ss 2014 collection

Designer Simon Porte pursued his mission to present a non-bourgeois take on French fashion, celebrating local popular culture. The garments consisted of pastel-colored skirts or wide, very short shorts, paired with matching cropped t-shirts, straight waist jackets and light cotton jumpers. A solid dose of sportswear from oversized t-shirts worn as lazy dresses to baseball caps, visors and a sweatshirt that read ‘J’aime la vie’ (I love life). Pourquoi pas? Jacquemus seems to have it made it all very simple: just enjoy life.