tres rant

so far every green day book i read describes

billie as: angel-like child prodigy, small and sensitive, sleepy, kinda pissy

mike as: goofy long fuck, sickly, funny and smart, outgoing, works hard and likes 2 rant

tre as: chaotic neutral personified

tbh i never really understand when ppl get mad about green day (or any band for that matter) signing to a major label and “selling out”? like?? would any sane person who really wanted to make a career out of music actually reject that? I kno people say you should stay true to your fans or the scene you came out of or whatever, but the whole point of making music is to get people to listen to it, and why wouldn’t you want it to be accessible to as many people as possible?? also no one’s gonna choose to be poor for their whole life just saying..

I'm so sick of people ruining Green Day related things

So tonight as we all know was the amazing show in Cleveland. Billie said it would be the closest he’d be with everyone in a long time and now people are quick to assume they’re retiring. Do you know what a long time means? A LONG TIME. NOT FOREVER. If they retired there wouldn’t be a next time. He could of said that because it was an intimate show or they’re gonna be working on new shit so it’ll be a while before another show like that. Then people said “their set list seemed like a end of career show” do you know what’s on Saturday? This wasn’t a goodbye show this was a fuckin CELEBRATION!!! They are not about to break up or anything when they’re about to get inducted and they love their fans enough to give us a proper goodbye!! Stop being so negative!! And lastly, Billie wasn’t wearing his wedding ring tonight. Okay that could be worrisome I get THAT, but stop saying “OMG Billie & 80 are getting a divorce!” or “omg Billie is newly single” yeah I know all you Adrienne haters are hoping but guess what?? Not gonna happen! 1) this isn’t the first time he was spotted without it 2) um there are so many other reasons why he could not have been wearing it. To protect it, he might be getting it fixed, hell maybe he even lost it!! 3) if they were fighting, Adrienne wouldn’t of been at the show. She will also be at rockhall Saturday and Billie even got her a hair dresser like??? Stop spreading rumors around about green day or assuming the worst and be more positive!!! Because you ruin the excitement for everyone else and you scare people. Just stop.