These boho waves, created for Rachel Zoe’s Spring 2016 Collection, are meant to be totally touchable. That’s why TRESemmé stylists use TRES Extra-Firm Control Mousse for soft, flexible waves that last.

Artwork by Rebecca Mock 

I found my old sketch book featuring the first Ocu-pics ever (the upper left ones, he was few days old from 2015. Also, Tres plz you so new there also). There’s bunch of stuff in the book and seeing them all made me even more inspired to doodle him even more and get back to more expressive stuff~

Siempre he pensado que la persona que Dios tiene para cada uno de nosotros va a ser atenta, siempre va a querer verte, detallista y va a ser todo lo que siempre has querido o inclusive muchísimo más. Por eso no debemos conformarnos con un amor a medias, porque créeme, Dios tiene a alguien mucho mejor, ¿y lo mejor de todo? Que va a ser Dios el centro de los dos ❤️

Even though I have the exact same maternity clothes I’ve had since I was pregnant with Emery, this time it’s really bugging me that they’re all business casual. Do I have maternity jeans? Nope, just slacks and khakis. I’m thinking I’m going to invest in some clothes.

Baby is moving constantly, and Jacob got to feel them for the first time this week!