Ok, real talk! (Sorry again con-related)
so, Hey, Tracon goers! If you see this post and come to say hello to me at the con (table 50), you get one of these badpun-stickers! Not trying to blackmail anyone, but I’d just _really love say hi QuQ~♥️

the-werefox asked:

Whoa whoa wait is Tres pronounced like 'tress' or is it pronounced like it is in french? :O

It is actually pronounced ‘tress’~ Not the french way >u< (no silent s’s) I just…wanted to make a pun of the name to the sticker and since it’s written the same except for the small accent difference there~ X’D

Oculus’ friend. I am garbage.
He might be making few cameos, just to have some interactions to Ocu. (without having to ‘borrow’ anyone else’s dudes haha)
Hurp….yea, there are other awesome three-eyed ASE’s around, I just really wanted him to have that eye ;u; (though mostly it’s kept shut but pfff still it has meaning)