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Come mai ti sei trasferito a Berlino? Dove vivi?

Perché ci sono nati i miei figli. Perché il nonno, lo zio, il papà, … La mamma no, lei è della Franconia. Perché una volta era tutta DDR e ci trovi ancora i comunisti veri, quelli che vivono nelle comuni. E quelli pentiti e quelli costretti e gli ex comunisti che ora son diventati verdi, rosa, alcolizzati ed anarchici.

Perché ci sentivamo soli. E perché a Berlino puoi continuare a sentirti solo ma un altro tipo di “solo”. Perché c’abbiamo studiato e vissuto prima. Perché ce lo hanno chiesto un po’ tutti.

Perché una volta c’era Klaus Wowereit, il sindaco gay di sinistra che sembrava ci volesse bene a tutti, uno ad uno e che poi ha svenduto la città un pezzo per volta ma tu speri sempre di poter difendere quel poco che è rimasto. Perché la Linke e i Verdi vanno ancora in doppia cifra. Perché il tempo fa schifo e ci protegge ancora dai turisti, nonostante molti non demordano.  

Perché volevo smettere di lavorare in America ed essere nuovamente un disoccupato, ma a Berlino. Perché il monumento sovietico al Treptower park, Teufelsberg, lo Strandbad Wannsee.

Perché malgrado gli hipsters, i turisti, gli italiani è ancora un posto interessante dove vivere. Perché sempre meglio dire “vivo a Berlino” di “vivo nel Nebraska”, “vivo in Brianza”, “vivo in Bavaria”. Perché dato che c’è un tempo di merda e si mangia male e la città non ha monumenti rilevanti nessuno ti dirà mai “eh come si mangia a Berlino”, “eh come se sta bene a Berlino”, “eh Berlino ti toglie il fiato”. Perché quando passo davanti alla pasticceria proprio sotto casa e guardo il tizio impastare dolci mentre ascolta musica Techno e indossa occhiali da sci anni ‘70 con le lenti arancioni, penso sempre “un altro mondo è possibile”.

Perché c’è una big band che m’aspetta. Perché c’è ancora una lato romantico, un’isola felice, un senso d’appartenenza, di resistenza al Mondo che cambia. E perché ogni volta che in America mi hanno chiesto “da dove vieni?” ho risposto sempre e solo “da Berlino”. 

Бронзовая скульптура «Воин-освободитель». Берлин. 1949 г.

Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park, Berlin. 1949.


“Komm her spielen.”
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Foxes Meetup Berlin, 9th July 2017

Hey everyone, as promised more info on the meetup today! 

When: 9th July, 7pm. 

Where: S-Bahnhof Treptower Park; we will go into the park and find a place in to chill. 

If the weather should be miserable, we can discuss other options. 

Communication: I’m opening a whatsapp group chat. 

Please send me your phone number in a private chat. If you aren’t comfy with giving a stranger your number (totally legit!) you can also send me a message on here instead telling me you want to join! 

Important: please write in the groupchat your name you want to be adressed at, your pronouns and your tumblr url so everyone is free to connect with each other. also tell us if you bring a friend or two :)

My new rule is to never leave the house without my camera.
And today it paid off.

I spent this afternoon having a picnic for the birthday of a friend in Treptower Park. When I noticed the light change, I quickly said goodbye, grabbed my bike and quickly headed to Elsenbrücke where I was greeted with this.

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Hey do you have any recommendations for underrated things to do in Berlin? Like stuff that's off the beaten path. Danke :~)

If you like live music, DEFINITELY go see a show at SO 36, it’s a great place. The squats here are also a great place to see a show, especially if you like more punk stuff, squats like køpi or even the notorious rigaer straße

If you really want good turkish or arabic foods, Sonnenallee is fabulous for that, and it’s usually inexpensive (my friends and I often take our poor asses there). So is kreuzberg–there’s a really good kurdish restaurant named Lasan by kotbusser tor (it’s sort of hidden under a staircase up to a bar named cafe kotti, which I also recommend). It costs a few euros more, but is totally worth it if you have the budget. Definitely get some of their tandur bread, it’s so delicious and if you’re lucky you can get it warm from the oven. 

BEER IN THE PARK BEER IN THE PARK BEER IN THE PA–seriously, I’m not sure if you’re german, or a tourist, or some combo of the too, but you’re allowed to drink on the streets and in the park here, so seriously if you want to have a great afternoon, here are the guaranteed successful steps:

  1. have good weather
  2. go to the späti (the little shops on the side of the street that sell beer and cigs)
  3. acquire beer (or non-alcoholic beverage of your choice)
  4. bring beer and friends to a park of your choice
  5. sit down
  6. have a great afternoon

Recommended parks are görlitzer (sometimes drug dealers stand near some of the entrances so it has a bit of a rep, but just ignore them and they’ll leave you alone, and you’re fine once your inside the park. There’s some big stone steps that are cool to sit on, and also there’s a glow in the dark bowling alley, if you’re into that), Treptower park (it’s right on the river), tiergarten, Tempelhof and honestly any little green space near the spree river or one of the canals

I’m not a huge clubber, so I can’t really advise so much on that, but I like club sisyphos, club soda in prenzlauerberg, and postbahnhof. 

TEMPELHOF. It’s a decommissioned airport that was used in the berlin airlift, and the landing field is now used as a massive park and community greenspace. There aren’t many trees, but it’s a good place to walk and people watch. The tours through the buildings are currently canceled, though, as the some of the buildings are currently being used as a refugee shelter. 

the bars and kneipen (a german neighborhood pub, I like them) around görlitzer bahnhof and Kottbusser Tor are cool. Particularly recommended are bar 39, cafe kotti (hope you like your clothes getting drenched in cigarette smoke though), Respectbar, and Bohnengold. 

In Neukölln there’s a bar named soul cat that plays a lot of soul/motown type music, and they even have live shows sometimes. Weserstraße, the street it’s on, has a number of cool bars and kneipen

Again for food, there’s a deli near Warschauer straße (which has a ton of clubs and concert venues) named Fleischerei Domke, where you can get really good, unpretentious german food for cheap. I used to live there, and I went a lot. 

Club Mate + vodka, it’s your friend if you’re tired but need to keep sinning

Oh, and safety–some of the areas like kottbusser tor or görlitzer, do have some shady types hanging around, mostly pickpockets and people trying to sell you shit-grade drugs; however, they’re generally not aggressive, so as long as you keep an eye on your stuff, look alert, and don’t confront people, you’ll be ok. I’m in and out of those areas at all hours and I’m tiny, and I’ve been fine.

that;s what I can think of for now, but you’re free to write and ask more or pm me. Schöne reise in the berlin sin bin :D