The skull with the seashell ear: A female Neolithic skull and its prosthetic seashell ear dating to approx. 300BC, found in a megalithic chamber tomb in Roque dAille in the Var. 

The skull shows evidence the woman had survived trephination and gone on to live for many ears. The artificial ear also shows signs of wear and tear, possibly from the woman playing with it.

Photo by Gustaf Sobin, published in “Luminous Debris: Reflecting on Vestige in Provence and Languedoc” (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1999).

Okay for reals, what do people who wanna go back to hunting and gathering have as a solution to the fact that folks literally need technology to be able to live???

Especially for people with disabilities or chronic illnesses. Setting aside life and death situations, technology can improve quality of life for lots of folks.

How tf would a diabetic monitor their insulin levels and treat themselves accordingly?

What about mobility aids? Does an idk shitty wooden wheelchair made with shitty wooden tools and string count as technology?

Life saving surgery? How would someone get their appendix out? What about dental work? Anesthesia? Antibiotics?

Like I could list tons more examples. And yeah, the way capitalism has taken technological advances and turned it into a for profit shit hole sucks, but technology itself is super useful.

Is the idea to go back to exclusively using magical thinking as medical treatment? Finding various plants and mashing them up and plastering them onto cuts and bruises and hoping for the best? Trephination? Would trephination even be an option, since drills are technology?

I have been thinking about this all day okay, how the fUCK WOULD IT WORK.

Like I don’t have a solution to all the world’s ills, but I do not get how throwing all technological and scientific discoveries out the window would fix anything.

Professor Ernest Williams gives a demonstration of his invention, the trepan machine, which caused a stir at the Medical Exhibition in London, c.1920. The machine was intended to provide a mechanical basis for trephination, or the drilling of holes in the head to relieve brain pressure or cure mental disorders. 

Keystone-France via Getty Images

“The crude method of trephining [sic] with the sharpened edge of a stone practiced by peoples living in Peru some 500 or 600 years ago is revealed by the skulls at the National Museum”

William H. Egberts examining trepanned Peruvian skulls in the anthropology laboratory of Smithsonian National Museum, 1926. 

Library of Congress Prints & Photographs


Fic Request:

  • Even the nogitsune!Stiles has a soft spot for Lydia
  • In spite of the Malia and Stiles kiss can you do a fan fic of Lydia getting jealous of it

Rating: T

Genre: Thriller, Nogitsune!Stiles, Jealous!Lydia, missing scene

Author: Cinemariel

Authors note: This takes place while Stiles was missing during The Fox and Wolf. 

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A Modern Nod to the Past: This is Trephin Bridal

It is 8:30 A.M. on a grey Sunday in Somerville Massachusetts. A car is packed with a collection of Couture wedding gowns, hair tools, Kevin Murphy products and tons of makeup. For what is soon to take place in one of the most industrial parts of town, is the most full scale photo shoot Trephin has done to date. Nathan Prescott, one of Trephin’s revered coiffures arrives coffee in hand and ready to start this photo shoot at Hitched Studios. With months of planning and countless hours of prep, what Nathan and his hand picked team have envisioned and composed will be completed in just under 4 hours. One thing remained true, the team compiled a unique story for each look. Brian Rand and Moe Smith (owners of Trephin Salon) have strong feelings about Nathan as an artist in this respect. “Often I feel most hair stylists make a bride someone they’re not, or the person they were for prom. Nate really gets to know the true woman,” says Rand. “Nate continues to expose himself, learning new things and staying on top of trends which keep him Modern, innovative and really red carpet with a unique edge,” Smith adds.
Join us and gaze upon the lavish, yet simple and understated gowns from Sabella Couture of Boston. Take in the catwalk ready, yet adaptable styling of Nathan Prescott and his exquisite team.

okay so thank you to this person for working off of my previous blurb about the lichtenberg figure on stiles’ back because it helped me to figure out what i think is going on. this explanation of the nogitsune’s history ties in the japanese history pieces with kira’s mother, malia and stiles (with, of course, the possibility that allison is a nogitsune, too) into one big picture of the timeline and big picture that seems to be getting constructed this season.

i think that the nogitsune’s original host was killed in the eichen house in a world war ii era internment camp, attached itself at some point to malia tate and is now possessing stiles. it’s one of the only logical ways that many of the locations are tied together- stiles’ appearance in the coyote den while envisioning himself in the basement of the eichen house, having never been there, for example. also including a brief blurb about how allison is being possessed by a different nogitsune than stiles who was already there when stiles’ nogitsune started possessing him.

more under the cut.

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