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Imagine: Being a Time Lord/Lady. [x]

The Time Lords (sometimes called the Lords of Time or, rarely, Chronarchs) were the oligarchic rulers of the planet Gallifrey, and thus also Gallifreyan.

The Gallifreyans had one of the oldest and mightiest civilisations in the universe. As the Time Lords, they held absolute power for some ten million years. Finally, it appeared, and was assumed by the Doctor for a time, that the Last Great Time War all but wiped out the race. However, intervention by “all thirteen” incarnations of the Doctor placed the Time Lords in a parallel dimension. 

They later attempted to get the Doctor to release them on Trenzalore and while he did not due to the threat of a new Time War, the Time Lords saved him from what would have been his thirteenth and final death by granting him a new cycle of regenerations. 


A/N: Sorry for the copy and paste-d information. I honestly couldn’t think of anything to write. But, I hope you enjoy, nonetheless.


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Clara and the Doctor: Holding On and Letting Go

I’m doing a rewatch of 7b before s9 and I just got done with The Rings of Akhaten… I noticed that “Infinite Potential” was playing when Clara was talking about all the days that her mum could’ve had with her and it hit me:

(meta is under the cut)

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Once a place of peace and beauty
Now destroyed by a timeless war
Dead and buried, the citizens are
Living in a ghostly serenity

Off-limits, forbidden
This planet is banished
To the Doctor, saddened
For he has perished

Graveyards and tombstones
A memorial to a life
There, you can find his own
Buried forever with his wife

The Doctor’s friends are lost forevermore
Only he can save them in time
But this planet’s name is Trenzalore
And he won’t make it out alive

claraosiwald asked:

CHARACTER QUESTION: do you think eleven really forgot how many children were on gallifrey that day?

ooc. first off THANK YOU CHARACTER QUESTIONS GIVE ME LIFE ; and second, do you want the short answer? Because the short answer in my opinion would be NO. And here’s why :

                      The Doctor, would never ever forget that, you can see it in the scene, when Ten confronts him about it, the Doctor isn’t at all guilty or ‘oops sorry I forgot’     he chooses the words  I moved on. ” - which is very, very telling. The Moment calls him the Man Who Forgets. I think it’s more the Man Who Tries To Forget. Because Eleven is haunted by that day, they all are. That doesn’t just up and leave, plus Eleven has a rather profound bond with children as we see in his last story upon Trenzalore, and his interactions with others i.e. The Arwells, Merry, George, and Alfie. He treasures children. 400 years is a long time, but if he were ever to forget something from that day, the amount of children he had to sacrifice would not be one of them.

This is also true as we see by a quote in The Beast Below :  “ There was a bad day. Bad stuff happened. And you know what? I’d love to forget it all, every last bit of it, but I don’t. Not ever. ”              this is said, almost in passing to Amelia Pond. But the Doctor never ever forgot. Why would he have forgotten then? In another 400 years? In my view ( and if you disagree, that’s fine, in fact I’d love to hear why ) the Doctor has faced nothing in those 400 years that would make him forget something so essential and motivating to his character. The fact that that day HAPPENED, and that he cannot forget it, is what motivates him to keep running, keep saving people, and helping out. I think if he ever did, then he’d be too far gone. 

So, no, I don’t think he ever forgot. Tried to repress? Yes. Tried to forget about? Utterly. But he never did. He just buried it deeper, let other pains and memories pile on top till he no longer thought about it but in his deepest moments alone. The way I view his conversation with Ten? He was lying to himself. And isn’t that, as the Doctor tells us, the usual? :  This is what I’m like when I’m alone.

theimancameron asked:

Hi Matt! What did you think of Missy & the closing story for series 8 of Doctor Who?

Really enjoyed it although being robbed of the chance to see Simm regenerate was a little disappointing. I like the dynamic of Master/Missy being insane by loneliness and wanting The Doctor to either join her or be the one to actually end her. Plus, it gives Capaldi a genuine nemesis which is something Matts Doctor never really had. I did love the twist for Matts Doctor that the very thing that was fighting him from the day he landed on Earth (The Silence) turned out to be his biggest supporter during his final days and fought along side him. Plus the paradox that if the Silence had never tried to stop him getting to Trenzalore he never would have ended up there. I love timey wimey stuff like that.

The death story was very interesting though, cutting in a lot of ways and truly haunting in others but that is what Moffat has always written best and Doctor Who is at its best when it takes the mundane and puts a terrifying spin on it.

This is an 11xClarax12 headcannon/shortfic I accidentally wrote. It’s fluffy and short. NOT smut, but describes an AU where smut probably happens at some point.

Twelve going “I guess I *was* pretty decent looking back then. That hair was good,” gradually becoming protective of his pre-Trenzalore self, and and being charmed by Eleven right along with Clara and being a bit smug about it. And at first Eleven is all “Ugh, I don’t want to look like a grownup and go grey” and such but he keeps repeating it like he’s trying to convince himself, until he finally gives that up and takes to sitting in Twelve’s chair with his knees up, wearing a ‘Yes, this will do nicely’ expression as he watches Twelve prowl around the console room. Their banter across the room quickly turns into cluelessly working on tardis together, coats off, standing a little too closely together.

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Imagine an alternate universe where the Doctor noticed Peter Miles’ characters were identical in The Silurians and Invasion of the Dinosaurs. He’d then go on to find Nyder on Skaro and travel with his impossible Nyder, wondering why there were three of them. Eventually Nyder gets taken to Trenzalore where to save the Doctor he must jump into the timeline scattering several Nyders across the Doctor’s life.

anonymous asked:



i love this blog so much! cloudy is amazing, okay? we’ve interacted a bit ooc and it’s always been a complete pleasure. ALWAYS SO NICE. and did i mention funny? that karaoke thread we have going is always amusing and i’ve loved every response. even your tags make me smile! ( also the fact you’re cloudy. best mun name ever. ) the trenzalore thread we have breaks my heart tbh ——– and i’d completely forgotten about his wooden leg but now i know i certainly won’t. i feel like i’ve learned a lot about trenzalore through this thread which hurts as much as it makes me happy. the mun is cloudy with a chance of sunshine on your dash B) [ groans from everyone in the audience for that pathetic pun ]

12thdoctxr replied to your post:Do you think the Doctor sleeps? He says he dreams,…

//I also have this headcanon that when 12 said he usually took catnaps he was referring to Trenzalore as when you’re at war you tend to get as little sleep as possible

ooc. Oh yeah! I feel that Eleven took a lot of naps whilst at Trenzalore and sorta slept with one eye open, if you understand. Trenzalore is a sore spot for me ( lots of feels for my little 11 ) - but from what I’ve read of his tales, Eleven was sort of forgetful and a bit doddery towards the end, yet whenever a threat took place, he would zip back into his old self, as energetic as anything ( even with the age and the wooden leg ) so this probably was the same with his sleep.


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by smallricochet

The doctor is dark like the sun is dark, in monumental influences, in infinitesimal amounts, in shades and spots and by large degrees.

They say, they say, he was a man who healed.

(The Doctor fell at Trenzalore, in every way a man could fall.) (in every way he could)

Words: 2151, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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