The Doctor has a secret
He will take to the grave
The secret wasn’t discovered
It is the place he was lain

The men with white faces
Top hats
Black lips
Teeth of glass

River, even in death she does speak
Jenny, alive though her heart was too weak
Vastra, fierce, she will never give up
Strax, extremities will keep him on top

Impossible girl
How impossible are you?
Born to save the Doctor
But will that honestly ensue?

A crack in the TARDIS window
A world of black and death
Break into the tomb of the Doctor
Where River might have drawn her last breath

The Great Intelligence
And it’s non-existent snarl
Will there ever be a ‘morrow?

Memories once locked away
Now in Clara’s mind to stay
The Doctor will die if he tries to save
Clara will die inside his grave

The key is a name, lost in time
The name is not word, nor rhyme
Open the doors that hold your doom
“I will not open my tomb.”

Doctor, Doctor
Doctor who?
Answer the question
Or they’re hearts will stop soon

From Gallifrey to Trenzalore
From legend to forgotten lore
Everyone who lived must die
The planets that were once saved
Now the Doctor will cry

The Dalek Asylum
Victorian London
“I don’t know where I am.”

Torn across the Doctor’s time stream
How painful that must be
Clara, how brave you were
How you faithfully believe

“What I did, I did without choice.”

“I know.”

“In the name of peace, and sanity.”

“But not in the name
Of the Doctor.”


“With every victory, the town celebrated. In time, the Doctor seemed to forget he lived any other life. And the people of the town came to love the man who stayed for Christmas.”

Story idea; The Five Rassilons.

-Doctor Who Magazine’s Rassilon, The Five Doctors’ Rassilon, Big Finish’s Rassilon, The End of Time’s Rassilon, and Hell Bent’s Rassilon are all time scooped onto Trenzalore and have to make their way to the tomb of the Doctor.

-It’s soon enough after the fighting that there are aliens and monsters everywhere. A bunch of old ‘friends’ and colleagues of Rassilon are time scooped in as well to help, but every single one of them are sacrificed to get past the roaming monsters.

-Actually, there’d still be cracks about from Time of the Doctor with access to outside the universe, right? Well that’d sure be unfortunate for Rassilon because like 90% of the people outside the universe hate him; the Great Vampires, the Divergence, Omega…

-It turns out that The Other is behind it all, using the Rassilons to gain access to the Doctor’s timeline so he can rewrite the Doctor as himself.

-idk how it ends, Twelve probably turns up and runs them all over with a tank cause they’re all power-mad despots.


“…he was reminded on Trenzalore that he wasn’t Human; that he wasn’t one of them, and that they live for a very short time. And that’s what made him draw back a bit, and think ‘I’m getting too bound up in them.’ Of course, he doesn’t succeed in that at all! In his very repressed, restrained way, he’s clearly as besotted with Clara as he ever was! That line in 'Dark Water’, Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference’, that’s about as close to “I love you” as the Doctor can get”

-Steven Moffat, DWM #484

I was watching Doctor who, when suddenly I noticed a few things that almost make me cry (I’m a fandom girl and ship people is one of my hobbies, don’t judge me) so here we go.


Here is again our amazing Rose Tyler in the “Bad Wolf” episode. In this part the doctor sent her away because they were in danger and he tought that they would no survive, so he saved her because he loved her!


And when he did it twice…

His face…


Of course we remember the non- official relationship between Eleven and Clara

Okay, so in the “The time of the doctor” we have a really similar situation….

When they are in “Trenzalore” he lies to Clara so she can be sent back home and be safe and sound

From my point of view… he didn’t want her to go, but he protect her anyways because HE LOVED HER! and of course, she was going to die and he didn’t want to lose her…

We already know the story, she go back, the doctor promised he will never sent her away never again, but, like almost all his promises, he broke it…

And this time… She was accepting that she would never see him again…

But she does!! and he regenerates and well… here is when the handsome Peter Capaldi appear…

but that is not all…

Remember when the doctor was burning up a sun just to say goodbye?

And when he called Clara to ask her help, to tell her he miss her and to say her goodbye… EVEN WHEN HE HATES ENDINGS AND GOODBYES!

Conclusion: The doctor is in love with Clara…

Don’t think about the Diner’s presence in “The Impossible Astronaut”

Don’t think about Clara seeing still-alive River, not-yet-an-author Amy, and the two Elevens… One looking absurdly young, younger than she’s ever seen him, one not too far away from when she first encountered him in person (though those 300 years he was Eleven pre-Trenzalore were basically like the minute difference between your early 20s and 30s)… 

Don’t think about Clara marvelling at how innocent he looks compared to later. 

Don’t think about Ashildr reminding her that she can’t interfere too much. 

Don’t think of him inexplicably finding a pile of dry clothes after unshrinking himself from the remains of the Tessalecta. 

Don’t think about this perhaps being Clara’s way of taking one last good look at him before going to Gallifrey. 

Don’t think of Clara picking up on Amy’s accent and realizing, “Oh, that’s why.”, and going to the control room with a sad but content smile on her face as she remembers Twelve.