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I recall you mentioning S10 was a dark season, could you tell me your reasons? Thank you!

*whispers* I do not like to think back on that season. Dark times. Dark times… *mutters and wanders*

A shorter list, perhaps, would be why was season 10 not an absolute soul-sucker of a heart-rending season? Its contents:

  • Jody Mills and Donna Hanscum exist.
  • Some kids did a play, I guess.
  • Sam playing with the stage lighting.

But why was s10 a dark season? I’ll hit the highlights:

  • Sam, as a character, was systematically torn to shreds both by the show and by the fandom for pretty much every single choice he made.
  • No, really. He was a shadow of himself.
  • None of the events of s9 came up. Sam’s perfectly reasonable “Same circumstances, (if you feared possession like I do,) I wouldn’t (let an angel have a joyride in your body)” got reduced to a repeated refrain of “Why Sam is a Bad Brother reason #974″
  • Double standards for miles. It was a hard, hard intro to fandom on this website. I think I still have scars.
  • I enjoy the character of Cole Trenton. Would have enjoyed him more if s10 didn’t create him to torture Sam and then bring him back to make him work with Sam without mentioning the brutal torture or, I dunno, him apologizing for it.
  • Sam started the season in a Mystery Spot-esque headspace, willing to do anything to save Dean. We had a brief interlude where his Demon brother tried to beat him to death with household repair implements. Then, Sam was half a minute away from bleeding his last droplets of blood into a bowl to try to save Dean because that’s what his life comes to haha (hnghhh that was a super solid episode though!). Then Sam ended the season on his knees, ready to be murdered, what little assertiveness he might have had beaten out of him. 
  • “It should be you up there (on the pyre), not her.”
  • Everything Else™
  • Even Sam’s hair was sad
  • Though it was fluffy and pretty. Always pretty. And Sad.
  • In the gif below, Sam looks how I feel about the whole season:

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spn-idjits-guide-to-hunting replied to your photoset “12x16 “Ladies Drink Free” Confessions I really liked this ending scene…”

Didn’t Dean hunt on his own before meeting up Sam at Stanford? We should be able see this in flashbacks at some point. All we know is that he killed Cole Trenton’s Father and had a really black and white view of what a monster was. I would love them to build on that part of Dean’s life without Sam all those years ago.

Yes, Dean did hunt on his own for something like three weeks when John disappeared, but he took his own cases as well when he was still working with John. I’d love to see some more exploration of that time, but I think it is unlikely to happen now since Jensen simply has aged a bit. ;) And to make longer flashbacks using the technique they used for the Cole flashback I think would probably be weird for longer flashbacks. But I’d love to get some more info on that. For now it’s just been headcanon la la land for me. :)

The difference in Dean hunting on his own during Stanford era opposed to him taking some time off for himself now to me is that at the time back then Dean didn’t seem to question himself and the life and such as much as he has grown to do now. He simply was “the big brother” and the “good son”, it’s only over the course of multiple seasons that Dean started to dismantle himself and his identity in a bigger and deeper way, so I think it would be really important for him now to take a step back and look at his family and himself. He has grown so much and been through so much, I think it’s vital for him getting to get to know himself for the last bit in depth when he is for himself for a while. I think he needs that for healing, realization and self-actualization.

In a way Demon!Dean played at that aspect already with choosing to be on his own and not doing what anyone asks of him, but just doing what he himself wanted - which Dean hasn’t done a whole lot, because he always puts others first and before himself. So as a demon he split from his family, but that whole phase is linked to so much guilt and shame Dean feels, so that the general aspect of needing to for himself completely escaped him. So to me it’s time for him to experience this freedom of going whenever and doing whatever without feeling guilt over wanting that in the first place.

Here’s to hoping! :) xx

He Still Cares

Warnings: Swearing, fighting (is that a warning?)
Characters: Sam Winchester, Demon!Dean Winchester, Sister Winchester Reader, Cole Trenton, Crowley (mentioned) Castiel (mentioned)
Summary: (Read request at bottom)
Readers Age: Any
Word Count: 1430

Y/N: Your Name
Y/N/N: Your Nickname

A/N: Okay, so I hope this one is good I’m slowly getting over my writers block yay! I tweaked the request just a little and I mainly focused the plot on the SPN episodes 10x01 and 10x02 so I didn’t go into to much detail with some parts! Enjoy!

You remember being with Sam, trying to find Dean. Well what was once Dean, now? He’s a demon. This is something you’ve never dealt with before, Dean has been possessed by demons before, but now he’s a demon. His soul as been twisted and corrupted.

You remember being in the car with Sam, until it broke down. You both got out and saw a truck pull over, a man got out, he was average height with short blonde hair. He offered help, but something about him didn’t seem right.

You turned your back on him and heard a big thud, you spun around and saw Sam knocked out on the ground and a fist flying towards your face. Next thing you remember? Black.

You woke up, pain surging through your body, your head was pounding. “Y/N? Y/N! Hey you okay?” You heard Sam’s frantic voice, you opened your eyes and saw him tied up across from you.

You both were in chairs, your hands were tied to the arm rests and your legs to the chair, both facing each other, “Yeah, I uh… I think so.” You answered Sam’s question as you looked around. “What happened?” You asked.

Sam shrugged, “We uh, have company…” Sam informed you, you nodded.

“Oh good you’re awake!” You heard a semi-familiar voice say, he walked out of the shadows, “I was gettin’ worried that you wouldn’t wake up.” The man said as he set a hammer on a work bench.

You ignored him and looked around the building you were in, it looked like a shed or barn. “Who are you?” Sam asked, he spun around.

“The names Cole.” Cole answered.

“What do you want?” You looked up, giving him the stink eye.

“I want your brother. Not that one, ” Cole pointed to Sam, “your other brother, Dean.”

“You a hunter?” Sam asked, Cole scoffed, he walked over to a tray of tools.

“You can say that, I’ve been hunting your brother for awhile.” Cole responded, so he isn’t a hunter, he has no idea what he’s getting himself into.

“And you two are my bait.” Cole said whilst looking through Sam’s phone for Dean’s number. “Bingo.” Cole said, he pressed a button and placed the phone up to his ear.

You couldn’t hear what Cole was saying, until he walked over to Sam and held up the phone, “Speak.” Cole demanded. Sam just stared at him, then Cole punched him causing Sam to wince in pain.

Cole took a step back, “Dean!” Sam yelled.

Cole then walked over to you, “If you touch her I will kill you!” Sam threatened, Cole ignored Sam’s threat and held up the phone.

“You speak.” Cole demanded, you stared at him, “Listen sweetheart I don’t wanna hurt you, but I will.” Cole said. You continued to stare at him, Cole sighed, “Fine have it your way.” Cole grabbed your cheeks making you wince.

“See they’re both alive. But not for long if you don’t come and save your precious siblings.” Cole warned and let go of you, he started walking away, you still couldn’t hear what Dean was saying. Before you knew it, Cole hung up the phone and stomped over to Sam.

He got in his face, “Where is your brother?” Cole demanded, Sam clenched his jaw. That’s when Cole threw a punch, one after the other. “Where’s you brother?” he asked again.

You screamed at him to stop, “You’re a monster!!” You yelled, that seemed to get his attention. He stopped hitting Sam and walked over to you, he looked you dead in the eyes.

“Oh honey, you have no idea.” Cole said, his face stayed emotionless, you looked at him horrified. “Now, tell me where your brother is. I don’t want to hurt her, but I will.” He told Sam.

“Go to hell.” Sam said, he didn’t want you to get hurt, but he figured getting Cole back over to him was the best option.

Cole lifted his fist and asked once more, “Last chance. Where is Dean?” He asked. You kept your mouth shut, you felt a fist collide once again with you cheek.

You heard Sam yell something incoherent, and saw Cole about to punch you again, that is until his phone rang. “Well aren’t you a lucky girl.” He got out his phone and answered it and walked outside.

You noticed that his keys fell out of his pocket that had a small pocket knife attached to them. Sam saw them as well and you don’t know how he did it, but he was able to grab them and cut himself free.

He then cut your restraints and you both snuck out, you and Sam walked down a road, Sam called Cas and told him everything. You two found an old truck and Sam hot wired it.

You two got to a club, where Sam talked to a bouncer, Sam got back in the truck, “So Dean was here he beat up the guard.” Sam informed you as he pulled out into the road.

“One step closer…” You mumbled.

A few hours passed and Sam was confronted by Crowley, he told him where Dean was and that he wanted nothing to do with him.

You both went to a bar where Crowley told you Dean would be, you walked into the bar and saw Dean sitting on a piano bench playing a few keys.

“Heya Sammy, Y/N/N.” Dean greeted as he got up and grabbed the first blade.

“Whoa hey Dean you don’t have to do this, we can help you.” Sam tried convincing him. Dean walked past you two and to the bar where he refilled his glass.

“We can cure you, we’ve cured demons before remember?” You said.

“Haven’t you ever thought that maybe I don’t want to be cured?” Dean pointed out as he took a sip of whiskey.

You and Sam tried convincing him some more, when a window was broken and a smoke grenade was thrown in. Smoke quickly filled the room, you and Sam rushed out the door.

You both were coughing, you were behind Sam, Sam fell to the ground and you did too. You looked up and saw Cole knock Sam out, he walked over to you and was about to hit you when he was interrupted.

“You touch her I will rip your guts out.” Cole stopped what he was about to do and you both looked over and saw Dean, he looked pissed.

“Yeah sure.” Cole responded as he punched you, it didn’t knock you out unfortunately.

Cole took a few steps towards Dean, “It’s really you isn’t it.” Cole observed Dean’s features. You were staring at your eldest brother, he looked over to you his eyes flashed black for a second. His eyes then met with Cole’s.

“Do I know you?” Dean asked.

“Well, we met some odd years back, you killed my dad.” Cole informed Dean, Dean didn’t seem to surprised by it.

“Right now I couldn’t care less about your dad. You hurt my sister.” Dean snapped, you saw his knuckles turn white.

“Oh that? That wasn’t even the beginning. That is what happens when you don’t take up my deals.” Cole replied, Dean popped his neck.

“Listen, I’ll give you a chance to leave, if not, you’re going to pay for what you did to her.” Dean said, you couldn’t believe how much Dean really cared for you. You knew he always cared but he’s a demon now, he shouldn’t care about you, but he does.

“Let’s dance.” Cole held out his arms as a signal. Dean smirked and they started fighting. Your vision got blurry, you started fading in and out, then everything went black.

You woke up, you saw Dean kneeling by you, he looked worried, “Hey, you okay?” Dean asked, he really did sound worried.

You jumped back, “Get away from me.” You said, even though you wanted to jump into his arms, you couldn’t risk it. He was a demon.

Dean nodded and got up, he started walking off, you saw Sam still laying on the ground unconscious. You crawled over to him and tried waking him up, you looked behind you and Dean was gone.

Dean always told you that no matter what happens, he will always care about you. This only proves it, Dean is a demon yet he still loves you. He still got angry when someone hurt you, he still got revenge on the person who hurt you.

Maybe there’s still a chance on getting him back.

Requested by Anonymous:
“The reader is the boys’ younger sister, and gets kidnapped by Cole with Sam? He tries to avoid hurting her but Sam gets him worked up by not answering and he does so later when they run into Demon!Dean, Dean’s a little pissed off that she got hurt”

A/N: Sorry if it’s not that good, I kept changing things because I wasn’t happy with it but I finally settled for this so I hope you like it!

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

Blue Bloods #4

Summary: We learn the results of the DNA.
Characters: John Winchester, Female Reader, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Cole Trenton, Bobby Singer, & Gabriel.
Word Count: 1,762
Warnings: Language, suspense, masturbation
Author’s Note: The feedback is amazing. Thank you so much!
Miss the beginning?


He barely managed to get Gabe off his back by saying he wasn’t feeling well, stomach ache; which wasn’t that far from the truth. All he could think about, all he wanted to do was hack into the Lawrence PD database and make sure he hadn’t made a mistake the last time he phonied his record. Not that he actually thought he’d get caught, but everyone had that shred of self-doubt telling them how fucked up they were, how everything they touched went to shit, right?

Wearing boxers and a dark blue LPD shirt, he typed furiously, praying a match hadn’t yet been found. It took less than a minute - they really needed better security - before he was seeing the same screen as Kevin. With a heavy sigh of relief, he slumped over the keyboard; the system was still searching for a match, which meant his falsified record was perfect. Despite the surge of uncertainty when that asshole Winchester found his cum, the excitement previously felt rippled just beneath the surface. Like a fucking addict, he already craved another hit. But it would have to wait.

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False Pretense III

Prompt: Jo takes Jensen to meet a few familiar names. Meanwhile, you find out a devastating secret from your sick mother.

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Warnings: none

Words: 3050

Third part to False Pretense

[Part I] [Part II]

Jensen watched from a safe distance as Jo and Ash had a knife quarrel. Something about real, solid, sharp knives and swinging them at each other wasn’t something he seemed to be fond of.

He had started asking questions about you and the more he questioned, the more Jo and Ash regretted telling him. It was as if they expected him to just understand immediately, but he didn’t and now he was curious.

It took him a moment, but after standing here and watching the two, he has finally realized why Eric was so hell-bent on the cast of ‘Supernatural’. The Jo and Ash in real life looked to be complete opposites of the Jo and Ash in the show. This Ash didn’t have a mullet, this Jo had black hair. Jensen was absolutely amazed by how hard Eric tried to dig a stake in between reality and the show and keep it there, so he started to wonder if Eric had a few slip-ups within the seasons.

“Who plays Y/N?” Jensen called out, making the two pause in their little quarrel. They both turned to him, one of Ash’s brow raised, Jo crossing her arms over her chest. “You said that the show is- Who did Y/N inspire?”

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