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Greetings from NAMM 2013: diving into a wild world of mixers, faders, and endless customization

Trent Wolbe explores the floors of the music merchant industry’s biggest convention

Every year around this time the National Association of Music Merchants hosts an “industry-only” exposition at the Anaheim Convention Center. While other conferences maintain an air of stuffy exclusivity, NAMM prides itself on bringing its end users into the fold. Sure, there are regional sales representatives all over the place, but they look more like Jimmy Buffett than his square bro Warren. The majority of NAMM’s attendees in 2013 seem to be the humbly iconic riff-raff with “artist” badges: leather-clad axe gods, pimply gauged-lobed So-Cal post-pop-punk skins slayers, and aspiring divas in distressed graphic tees from the Juniors section at Target. I love them all: it’s a portrait of a passionate and un-jaded America that I rarely see anywhere else. Especially not on the internet.

Trent Wolbe Descends In The CES Infinity Pool

Nice words and pictures by Trent Wolbe at CES. CES is a looking glass: we hold it up to see ourselves, or at least one half of ourselves.

The future is now, the future is weird: an expedition into the dark heart of CES Trent Wolbe via The Verge

In 2013 the information revolution is an institution. In a world where everyone’s mom has an iPhone, how is technology supposed to feel futuristic?


It’s not that CES doesn’t try its hardest to cultivate a face that’s both cutting-edge and youthful. But look a little closer: behind the posh celebrity DJ nights and wild bottle service parties the big companies are fond of throwing you’ll find it’s simply an older generation’s idea of what innovators like to do when they party. Perhaps they haven’t been to a real rager since the mid-’90s: the face of these events is artificially enhanced, deadened by botox and hovering dangerously close to the edge of the infinity pool.

Ke$ha and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad CES corporate afterparty

Trent Wolbe will be publishing daily photo essays from CES. This is the latest in the series.

There is no better place for a corporation to look busy than at CES. Executives have to face their current and future investors directly, looking them in the eyes and showing them how the company is creating a future that everyone will want to buy. One of the splashiest ways they can do this is by throwing a gigantic party.