trent hays


“Hay though, can I ask you a question?”

“Yeah, what?”

“Did you wear a thong today because you knew I was gonna ink you or nah?”


“No. Why would–I can’t wear a thong?”

“I dunno dude.. just saying. I mean what.. this is like you’re eighth tat, right? Never seen you wear them before.

It’s always been either boyshorts or leggings. I didn’t even take you as the type of girl to wear a thong.”

“Hmm. I mean, that’s funny.. but cute tho.”

“What’s cute?”

“–So yah saying you didn’t think about me when you just randomly decided that today of all days is ass-cheek day?”


“What’s wrong? Cat got yah tongue?”

“N-no. Wes. I just said I–Can you fucking not?”

“I didn’t, ok?”