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Trendy Tuesday:

Lily, our second tech girl, also happens to be an artist! She’s going to posting every now and again so stay tuned to see more from her as well! The theme for today is Trendy Tuesday! Next Tuesday will be an extra piece from Danny before we introduce a huge surprise! How exciting! 

Lily - “Succulents can be trendy whether as a decoration or as an outfit!“


Trendy Tuesday | Riding Boots

This has got to be my favorite trend yet!  I LOVE riding boots!  Last year I had my hands on a pair, and ended up passing them up.  Ever since I’ve been hunting for a pair of boots!  I would find a pair a liked and then decide they were too pointy or too brown.  Seriously, I don’t even want to know how many pairs I looked at before deciding on these.  And thanks to my mom for getting them for me for my birthday!! :)

Do you need a pair or do you think everyone Is everyone going overboard on it?


Trendy Tuesday | Ornaments

If you haven’t put up your Christmas tree yet, I would imagine that’s coming soon!  On Black Friday, I was tempted to buy one of those little three foot pre-lit fake Christmas trees for my apartment, but once I added on the price of ornaments it didn’t seem worth it.  

Yes, I could have bought a cheap set of ornaments and called it a day, but what I really wanted was this reindeer ornament!  I love stuffed animals, and I mean LOVE, so it should come as a surprise that I love this ornament!  I love him so much that I couldn’t even choose which picture to post, so I posted three!  I decided to get him instead and it’s the best $3 Christmas investment I’ve made so far.  :)

So ornaments.  I think my all time favorites are the ones I’ve had since I was a kid.    There’s a gorgeous little Dumbo ornament hanging off my tree at home, and of course Mickey and Minnie too.  

What are your favorite ornaments?


Trendy Tuesday | eReaders

If you’re not living near Houghton, Michigan right now, I hope your weather is warm and sunny.  It’s supposed to be rainy and cold ALL WEEK here.  You know what that makes me want to do?  Curl up in my bed, light a candle, make some tea, and read all day!! 

I got my Nook last winter, which is basically the Barnes & Noble version of a Kindle, and I’m still in love with it!  A lot of people prefer paper books, in fact I did too until I realized I could put a lot of my textbooks on my Nook!  It definitely beats carrying around ten pounds worth of textbooks.  Mostly though, I love that I can bring some of the goodness of Barnes & Noble into my home.  I can make tea, click through their store, and download samples until I find the perfect book to buy.  For me, this is the next best thing to a real bookstore, especially since the nearest ones are 100+ miles away!

So what do you think?  Paper books, eReaders, or both?