trendy short haircuts


Here is what I’d like to say about Sara Harvey:

I understand that there is no solid reason to be suspicious of her. No really good, concrete reason. But at this point I see even less reason to trust that she’s not also working with ‘A’. So keeping that in mind…

We see the girls rush home after their meeting at Dr. Sullivan’s office to check in on Sara after the video they received of ‘A’ threatening her sleeping body with a knife. Obviously, as she is sleeping in bed in the video we see her with long hair.

Next, when the girls rush to check in on her, we see her fresh out of the shower, with her hair in a towel. We all noticed that seemed like a remarkably fast turn around of events.

Shortly after that, While the girls are in the living room, Pam fields comes home from a visit to the police station (BTW did that seem weirdish to anyone else?) to inform the girls that Andrew is getting released. And also to helpfully confirm that she definitely wasn’t home when ‘A’ was in the house.

Later, at dusk, Sara is sitting in Emily’s window seat, ready to show off her new haircut to Em. She tells her that Pam helped her cut it. Doesn’t that seem off to anyone else? Pam, who thought Aria’s pink streaks were a borderline sin? Starched khakis Pam? She gave you a cute trendy short haircut, that she would never let Emily have gotten away with? Seems questionable to me.

So I posit this:

-As of the time that girls rushed home from Sullivan’s, Sara’s hair was already cut. The shower and towel was just a rouse to hide it. Pam did not have anything to do with her cut.

-Possibly maybe, oh god I’m going to say the T word… The person we met at the end of the episode is Sara’s twin? And she has now taken Sara’s place at the Fields residence. And that could be our constant reference to female twins allusion. Maybe we’ve really got one good twin, one bad twin, like the ghost story. I don’t believe it is Bethany though.

Regardless of the reasoning, I think that there is a specific point behind not just showing her fresh out of the shower with wet hair.