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Plus Size Girls Can Be Trendy Witches Too.

Trendy Witch Aesthetic for Plus Size Ladies IS POSSIBLE Thanks to this New AMAZING store I found
Witch World Wide is my new obsession.  Ive seen so few (actually trendy) spooky stores like this that actually carry larger sizes so I’m gonna jump on this one.  Im already compiling a mess of things I “absolutely need”

if you’re going for the trendy goth girl, old fashion goth, witch coven, or just a casually witchy aesthetic Witch World Wide is an incredible place to start.  

here are a few things I am very into rn



OBSESSING over this beauty spread “GLITTER GOTH” of @nylonmag in the February issue. Glitter goth is a bit more perky than the normal goth wearing glitter and bright makeup. This is a fun look to revamp the wardrobe. Can’t wait for the February issue to come out so we can see the spread IRL 💖

Is it my imagination or

Satanic, occult, and witchy imagery is really popular and trendy in fashion at the moment. Lots of people wear it but seem to be afraid when confronted with the real thing. Is it just about edgy fashion, or how many people out there actually have beliefs attached to the symbols they’re wearing?

idk just thinking aloud


etsyfindoftheday | 2.27.16

STEAL OF THE WEEK: high-neck crop tops by hanmattan

these 90’s-style crops are in again? well remind me to save all of my clothes forever because i never thought i’d see these bad boys again! i’m sure a lot of you guys can pull this look off, and you’re in luck - just $19 each!