trendy designs and patterns

I wanna say that KHtoy and Yesanime make Alpacasso inspired plushies since the art design is quite similar but pattern wise they use their own and not stolen or copied from amuse (but like there are only so many good ideas out there right? Like with movies… We don’t call any movie inspired by Romeo and Juliet “bootleg(plagiarized)” LOL if you know what I mean. ) so having valentine inspired or sailor inspired… They’re a concept x’D

And since they aren’t advertising them as alpacassos calling them booties just doesn’t sit right with me especially since I know they also sell their own designs/ pattern.

If something is trendy fashion wise and another store picks up the concept and sells something similar, would we call that shop’s item a bootleg? 0.0;;

Just some food for thought xD

Here I have a 16cm blue rainbow Alpacasso, some 25cm Tiger and Bunny alpaca plushies by YesAnime and a zombie alpaca from Tastypeachstudios…

The face + shape is all similar in all honesty, especially that mouth! They’re all inspired by alpacassos I am sure but we don’t call the zombie alpaca a bootleg so why any different for another brand with inspired plushies.

Just price wise the zombie alpaca costed me $30 usd and tiger and bunny costed me about the same. I think the value for these designs is worth the money I spent so it totally depends on the buyers’ values owo

I’d rather someone buy a KHtoy alpaca or Yesanime alpaca than support an actual bootleg from Taobao… That literally ripped the design from amuse’s factory!