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Real talk, honest talk. What do you personally think is stopping you from getting to that million subs? You've been stagnating for a while now.

Good question! Two big factors.

The first is how much Youtube has changed over the years. I know you hear it all the time, but the adjustments to the algorithms has absolutely ruined growth for a lot of channels. There was a time when I would average 20,000-30,000 new subscribers a month, and these days I pull in about 7,000 on the main channel. The lack of discovery for channels like mine that don’t do daily “trendy” bullshit makes it difficult to show up in recommendations for random clicks. Additionally, it was easier before to support other YouTubers by just subscribing and liking others, as that information would be shown to your subscribers causing them to go check out what you just liked. This was imperative in the early days, as it got a lot of us a lot of growth simply by being supportive. So because of these changes, it’s hard to get my channel in front of new eyes, unless I become a channel that simply talks into the camera about whatever daily hot topic everyone else is also doing.

The second is myself and lack of discipline. New videos get you new subscribers, period. Every year I tell myself that I’m going to get a schedule of two ProJared videos a month, and I struggle to get one in. Not for lack of trying, but lack of discipline in staying on schedule with production while also doing every other creative outlet (gaming channel, twitch, cons, etc.).

But, I also have not stagnated. This would imply that my channel isn’t growing at all. It still is, albeit at a much slower rate than ever before. I’m still getting about 100,000 subscribers a year. I’d love to make that 200,000 and hit that million mark (because the Algorithm also favors 1,000,000+ channels).

George Carlin on American Indians

I call them Indians because that’s what they are. They’re Indians. There’s nothing wrong with the word Indian. First of all, it’s important to know that the word Indian does not derive from Columbus mistakenly believing he had reached “India.” India was not even called by that name in 1492; it was known as Hindustan. More likely, the word Indian comes from Columbus’s description of the people he found here. He was an Italian, and did not speak or write very good Spanish, so in his written accounts he called the Indians, “Una gente in Dios.” A people in God. In Dios. Indians. It’s a perfectly noble and respectable word.

So let’s look at this pussified, trendy bullshit phrase, Native Americans. First of all, they’re not natives. They came over the Bering land bridge from Asia, so they’re not natives. There are no natives anywhere in the world. Everyone is from somewhere else. All people are refugees, immigrants, or aliens. If there were natives anywhere, they would be people who still live in the Great Rift valley in Africa where the human species arose. Everyone else is just visiting. So much for the “native” part of Native American.

As far as calling them “Americans” is concerned, do I even have to point out what an insult this is? Jesus Holy Shit Christ! We steal their hemisphere, kill twenty or so million of them, destroy five hundred separate cultures, herd the survivors onto the worst land we can find, and now we want to name them after ourselves? It’s appalling. Haven’t we done enough damage? Do we have to further degrade them by tagging them with the repulsive name of their conquerers?

And as far as these classroom liberals who insist on saying “Native American” are concerned, here’s something they should be told: It’s not up to you to name people and tell them what they ought to be called. If you’d leave the classroom once in a while, you’d find that most Indians are insulted by the term Native American. The American Indian Movement will tell you that if you ask them.

The phrase “Native American” was invented by the U.S. government Department of the Interior in 1970. It is an inventory term used to keep track of people. It includes Hawaiians, Eskimos, Samoans, Micronesians, Polynesians, and Aluets. Anyone who uses the phrase Native American is assisting the U.S. government in its effort to obliterate people’s true identities.

Do you want to know what the Indians would like to be called? Their real names: Adirondack, Delaware, Massachusett, Narragansett, Potomac, Illinois, Miami, Alabama, Ottowa, Waco, Wichita, Mohave, Shasta, Yuma, Erie, Huron, Susquehanna, natchez, Mobile, Yakima, Wallawalla, Muskogee, Spokan, Iowa, Missouri, Omaha, Kansa, Biloxi, Dakota, Hatteras, Klamath, Caddo, Tillamook, Washoe, Cayuga, Oneida, Onondaga, Seneca, Laguna, Santa Ana, Winnebago, Pecos, Cheyenne, Menominee, Yankton, Apalachee, Chinook, Catawba, Santa Clara, Taos, Arapaho, Blackfoot, Blackfeet, Chippewa, Cree, Mohawk, Tuscarora, Cherokee, Seminole, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Comanche, Shoshone, Two Kettle, Sans Arc, Chiricahua, Kiowa, Mescalero, Navajo, Nez Perce, Potawatomi, Shawnee, Pawnee, Chickahominy, Flathead, Santee, Assiniboin, Oglala, Miniconjou, Osage, Crow, Brule, Hunkpapa, Pima, Zuni, Hopi, Paiute, Creek, Kickapoo, Ojibwa, Shinnecock.

You know, you’d think it would be a fairly simple thing to come over to this continent, commit genocide, eliminate the forests, dam up the rivers, build our malls and massage parlors, sell our blenders and whoopee cushions, poison ourselves with chemicals, and let it go at that. But no. We have to compound the insult. Native Americans! I’m glad the Indians have gambling casinos now. It makes me happy that dimwitted white people are losing their rent money to the Indians. Maybe the Indians will get lucky and win their country back. Probably they wouldn’t want it. Look what we did to it.

I am so sick of the trans community

People are mad about people having abortion rights signs at the women’s march, because things like “No uterus, no opinion” “alienate trans women and misgender trans people.” And “are inappropriate because abortion isn’t a women’s issue.” When my friend was like, “Well, almost all of the people who need abortions are women. It doesn’t mean there aren’t people who identify other ways. It’d be like getting upset over someone saying ‘Humans have 4 appendages.’ because a small amount have more or less.’ 

And do you know what this fucker said? “ i mean if you were saying “people have 4 appendages” i can really see amputees and others getting mad yeah”

Jesus christ, jesus. fucking. christ. Why? Why do people need so much damn attention and acknowledgement? Who does every fucking outlier need to have an asterisk and be included ALL the time?

I WISH my fucking problems were this god damn insignificant, but instead I have my medical condition that’s caused me fucking hell being made into some trendy quirky bullshit by attention seeking teens and young adults who can’t handle being normal and can’t tell the difference between a gender role and feeling distraught because you don’t feel like your body is even yours!

I’ve just had it. Trans activism is a joke, and there’s nothing I can do to distance myself from being associated with these selfish, arrogant children. 

I think the sheer amount of focus, self awareness, heartwarming sincerity, and dedication to the craft present in the work of 24-year-old polymath Kilo Kish makes her one of the brightest stars in the game. After wisely choosing to step away from the painful, deep-rooted fakeness New York City is famous for, Kish is back with her most transparent, polished musical project to date. Judging by her carefully constructed 20-track debut album, Reflections in Real Time, it’s clear being a true artist of substance is her top priority. In a recent exclusive interview with W Magazine, Kish explains relinquishing her coveted spot as an NYC it-girl and also better understanding the role social media needs to play in her everyday life. As a consumer, I can certainly hear, feel, and appreciate the growth. I think highly of the starlet for taking time to live life fully so she could have the ability to build a well rounded body of work, instead of rapidly churning out trendy, restrictive bullshit. I’ve never had an opportunity to meet Kilo Kish, but if I do, I’ll be sure to let her know she’s winning a battle most don’t even care to know exists.

Watch “Existential Crisis Hour!”, the thought-provoking first visual from Reflections in Real Time, below.

Be sure to listen to Reflections in Real Time on Spotify and purchase it on iTunes.

-Brooklyn White

9466) I detest being called a special snowflake.

Being trans is the reason I lost my family and am now completely alone, and you have the nerve to imply I’m doing this because it’s “cool” or “trendy”, or some bullshit? Fuck you.