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etsyfindoftheday 3 | 8.8.17

painted cookies — breakfast series by sogishoneybakeshop

these realistic cookies by another EFOTD fave, sogishoneybakeshop, are really sweet sugar cookies with almond extract and orange zest … but they look like bagels and donuts and fried eggs and freaking avocado toast, how awesome is that?! nom nom.

anonymous asked:

Hi! First off, I love your writing <333 keep it up :)) Can I have head canons for Shindou and Shinsou who have amnesia about their s/o? Like they forget them after an accident, but a couple years later they see them on the street or something and it just suddenly comes back to them

Thank you so much, I’ll definitely keep doing my best! 

Shindou You

  • From the moment Shindou awakens, he’s clueless about what’s happened and who the person that’s sitting at his bedside is. He’s caught off guard when the stranger leaps from their chair and hugs him tightly while going on about how happy they were that he finally woke up because they were so worried about him. He thinks that the strange person that’s clinging to him is sweet, but he doesn’t know how else to respond and gives you a gentle pat on the back and lets out an awkward laugh. Once you let go of him he works up the courage to confess that he actually doesn’t remember who you are. 
  • After Shindou has been released from the hospital and you’ve been informed that he’s been diagnosed with amnesia, you planned an entire day where you would take him around town and show him all of the things you both did together, as an attempt to help him recollect his memories. You would take him to the place where you had your first date with him, the restaurant you both visited often and ordered his favorite meal, and showing him the cute pictures that you had taken together. However, nothing seems to work but Shindou thanks you for going out of your way to help him with his memory loss.
  • It’s been several years later, and Shindou catches a familiar face through the windows of a trendy brunch place and he feels a strange sensation because he recognizes that person. Everything suddenly starts coming back to him like a cinematic film rolling inside his head and he remembers exactly who you are and what kind of a relationship you both had before he lost a piece of himself. He feels a smile forming on his face and wanted to call out to you, but before he could his expression falls and his blood runs cold. He watches you as you lean forward to give your significant other from across the table a simple kiss, and he feels stupid for thinking that maybe things could go back to the way it was since he remembers you now.

Shinsou Hitoshi

  • Shinsou wakes up to someone firmly holding his hand and he struggles to sit upright to get a good look at who that may be and winces when he feels pain radiating through his upper body. He doesn’t recognize the person that’s sleeping soundly on the edge of his bed but he wonders if they’re a friend or someone that he knows and sure enough he sees you slowly blinking your eyes open and looking up at him. He stays completely still and when you reveal your face he can’t make out who you are but he feels like he knows you from somewhere.
  • You draw him in for a hug the second you see him conscious and after you release him from your embrace you can tell that something’s wrong. He looks at you like he doesn’t know who you are and you were right when he mutters an apology before asking you who you were. Shinsou feels terrible the instant he sees tears brimming your eyes and he’s unsure of what to say or do next, but you quickly turned away and suppressed your emotions the best you could and put on a false happy face. When you spend the next few days doing everything you can to help him retrieve his memories, it would seem as if the harder you tried the more he was unable to remember.
  • It was heartbreaking, but Shinsou decided that it was best you both parted ways from there because he wasn’t seeing any results and wanted you to live your life instead of investing all your time on him. He lets you go easily and it’s been a few years since you’ve last seen each other. It wasn’t until one day that you two just happened to bump into each other on the streets, causing something to trigger inside him the moment your shoulders touched. He holds your gaze when you go to exchange looks with him, and he smiles and utters the nickname that he used to call you when you two were still together. A nickname that you never thought you’d hear coming from him again.