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Listen, I am a MAMA BEAR to the fullest extent. I don’t know how much more “mama” I can be.

Nothing I hate more than unsolicited parenting advice. I know what the hell im doing with MY child.

I know that my son has specific cries & I know how to handle each one. If my son is seemingly “loud” to you please do not come over with a failed attempt to “make him stop” because I can guarantee you’ll scare him and make it worse.

I formula feed, yes. The liquid gold no longer flows through my body & I have zero intention on starving my child so fuck off if it’s an issue for you. He’s 20lbs and very healthy.

I can’t stand diaper shamers. I didn’t even realize it was possible to debate about diapers. Every child is different and will react differently to certain brands. I personally use Huggies diapers & Pampers wipes. My child has sensitive skin, so while the cheaper or “trendy” brands might be more efficient to someone else. I am not giving my child a rash for the sake of being cheap or trendy.

I also co-sleep. I don’t need to get into a big thing about it. That’s just what works for us. If it doesn’t work for you that’s fine. Just don’t come at me with the “he needs to be in his own bed” crap cause I’ll put him in there when im good & damn well ready to.

There is a 150/100 chance that I will curse you out for offering unsolicited parenting advice. If I don’t ask for it, don’t give it.

Does that sound rude? It might. This is my child though, and like I said earlier..



‘DAZED’ MAGAZINE (KOREA) 2017 October Issue

DEAN INTERVIEW - Translated by @cynjixiahh

Becoming the producer who nurtured the winner of SMTM6…

It is good now that it is finished. It was project which required much more time and effort than I thought. As much as that (much effort given), I feel good that it ended well and I also learned a lot from it. When the music made its appearance through this show, I came to know the influence of the small spool of threads when it is spread out. It has been a great time.

Whatever people say, you are now the hot issue of the public culture. Do you feel that?

Compare to the past, I do feel that more people came to know about the artist Dean; but I am not sure if I am the hot issue. It is just my life pattern. Committing to being a true musician and artist, and also being fitted with the seldomly used description ‘cool/stylish’ – Dean is really the charismatic brand. In my point of view, I consider all parts that I have participated is my music. Iconic figures like Frank Ocean, Kanye West, etc pay a lot of attention and care to their own art work or attitude, even to the car they ride on. And the picture of these stories (of the artists) has become something that the general public can also understand (that they can see ‘ah it is true’). From the stage lighting, the way of speaking, to the facial expression, I consider all these are my music. Rather than studying it, I’d like to express it naturally by putting my philosophy in it.

It seems like being natural is the core. What kind of personality does this natural Dean have?

I like fun and interesting things. I like to spend time with friends whose sense of humour and sensitivity are on the same wavelength as mine. I don’t like wandering around that much. Somehow, I think even talking with friends is one art work. And I mostly spend time like that.

Do you have that kind of crew? 

It’s about 10 people.

If you go out once in a while, where do you usually go?

There is a bar near the studio. The boss’ selection of music is of great artisan spirit. I also have a lot of interest in art books, and the boss’ superb selection (of arts) satisfies me. I usually go there whenever I want to listen to new music.

Lately, among those who are in their 10s – 20s choose Dean as the stylish individual; with what in mind do you dress yourself?

Mainly the western culture leads the current fashion flow. I like eastern culture a lot, and in it there are affection and self-respect pride. It is not just our country but I want to show the oriental kind of vibe, and I also want to show the street elements that boarders enjoy.

If you go to the overseas’ famous fashion week, how do you think you will express yourself (in clothes)?

When I look at them, rather than going ‘oh that person is wearing something from the currently trendy brand..’, I like to mix and match vintage kind of clothing or outfits from the collection of the old days with the current stuff, reinterpret it and show to people the style of mine.

It is not very ordinary. Have you always been taking a liking in clothing (fashion)?

I have a lot interest in it and I also receive great inspiration from my stylist friend. The friends from my crew also like oriental kind of culture and fashion, so I think the colour comes into view even more.

You have taken the name Dean from James Dean, and from another interview that you said that you like the rebellious vibe in him. what is being rebellious that you mentioned?

I feel never ending wavering, and I have some severe ups and downs; many times I thought I had to stop. Without reasons, I would become melancholy. But when I look around, anyone can be like that. Also, I realised that being blunt/slow to react is death. To give example, grandpa bought clothes; in anyone’s eyes, there were noticeable small details on the clothes and grandpa was very impressed by it. Eventhough others may not know but didn’t grandpa even consider these details when buying the clothes? I think it is very important to see and feel the trivial things. Korean society likes the same familiar things and highly tend to be uncertain about things that they are not familiar with. I think being rebellious is to find things that are broken away from the same.

Through performances and such, Dean’s influence is neatly expanding.  

By all means, I desire to have my productions to be published and to be acknowledged in the global market. And for that I have prepared detailed planning. 

Out of all countries, where do you want to dominate at any cost? Do you have something like this in mind? 

America. I am thinking if I capture America, then I can capture the world…isn’t it? It would be good if there are some unique characters in the American market. It is not about following others but it is more like ‘I don’t know who’s that but he is a bit different’. Fortunately, the perception of eastern culture is becoming better, I am thinking of ways/images where oriental vibe can be made used of to communicate. 

As a musician, ultimately, what is the music that you are pursuing?

It is the music that has story. Since I was little, I have liked drawing. If my mother bought me a sketchbook, I would diligently draw and gave an explanation of a story to the drawing. I even wrote novel. I like to create story like that. My album, as a whole, is like a movie, there are introduction, development, turns and conclusion. It would be nice if the storytelling lingers within you after you listen to the album from the first track to the last track.  

As Dean, what kind of independent value you want to have?

I want to show a lot of myself, whether it is to direct or through script writing to graft onto the movie. Fashion, music, art and so on may have different ways of expression, but I want to display emotions in many different spheres. When the public sees that art is not separated, they can easily say it is simply an expression one’s emotions. Sometimes art can be high-sounding and can be understood as something difficult, but it would be great if it can just be the model of the person who expresses his/her emotions. I don’t want to be limited in any genre.

It is (your) first fashion magazine cover.

It was fun. The ‘DAZED’ magazine, as a whole, is cool and I have wanted to collaborate. I like vintage check, and Burberry too, when I saw it overseas and as I was thinking “aahh Burberry can be worn like that too”, I wanted to reinterpret it. I am thankful for this opportunity given to me. It seems like time had flown while doing interesting work.


“Brassneck Brewery is a new retail brewery in the Mt. Pleasant neighbourhood of Vancouver, BC. Brassneck offers brewed on-site selections at their growler fill station or in their tasting lounge. Post was commissioned to establish Brassneck’s visual identity; the identity makes use of bold typography, starkly contrasted by more loose, whimsical ink drawings by artist Maggie Boyd.”


There isn’t much to study here yet because I am only doing three classes so far (two more start in November!) but I have worked my hardest, and I am really enjoying them all. In particular it is great to learn about Native American history, which I know nothing about! Also I got some new highlighters and they’re soooo pretty, I love having a full set (even if it isn’t a trendy brand haha)

So I just had this realization about Girl Meets Money, and I don’t know if someone else already pointed it out…

The “Bleh” shirt.

Corey brings out the shirts to use as a lesson, saying they’re the same but Riley claims one is better than the other.

Only, she can’t figure out what one is the “better one”.

Cory helps her realize that the “better” one isn’t as great as it seems. That trendy brands and shiny objects don’t make something special.

You know what she does with the shirt that she previously thought was “better”??

She gives it to Maya.