So I finally got a Tumblr...

Guess I’m a trendwhore now. 

Anyways, the reason I started this up (as well as a few other social media accounts) is because people are stealing account names and stuff like that (i.e. Magpiepony and someone trying to pose as her on Deviant Art).

I thought I would take a step ahead of those idiots and start creating accounts of popular social media websites. 

So yes, TLN on Facebook is really me. Will I use it? FUCK NO. I HATE THAT SHIT HOLE. 

I will mostly still be on Twitter because it’s so much fucking easier to use, but I did leave the questions settings shit here on tumblr so you can ask me questions… will I answer them? Most likely, after I fucking figure out how this website works. XD 


The Nirvana Trend

if you think Courtney Love was the reason Cobain killed himself…

you fell into the grunge trend a little too hard.

They both got into drugs and did stupid shit. Kurt hated his music. Kurt hated dickbags that only bought his last album. Courtney went nutty. Kurt went a little more nutty.

That’s what heroin does to you.

Now fuck off and leave my music alone.