trends we all are tired of

R O M A N C E (poem about glamourising mental-health)

• R O M A N C E •

don’t make it sound romantic,
It’s like drowning in the Atlantic,
it’s not a fan-fic,
I can’t stand it,
so now I’m ranting,
and the notion,
of this emotion is rancid,

OCD is a never-solving riddle,
I don’t ‘wash my hands a little’
or put my stationary in the middle,
it’s bigger than an acronym,
it’s not fun, a fad, that’s rad,
it’s telling my mum and dad,
that the kid they had
is sad,
and quietly going mad;

it’s pills and fluoxetine,
being eighteen, nineteen,
quiet screams,
and routines,
than you follow like an order,
clean your phone, your glasses,
your school bag,
your schoolwork goes in the bin,
because you don’t like who touched it
and now you’re failing all of your classes,
time passes,
and this illness harasses
like a person on the street
a bully at your feet,
makes you retreat

so you have social anxiety right?
but you’re at a party every Saturday night,
when there’s people who might,
not even go to the store because they’re afraid of the line,

OCD is being constantly indescive
a “where shall I sit?”
when a phobia becomes violent,
and you can’t make up your mind
about where your mind is,

when your body is a canvas and you paint in red,
wear long-sleeves in the summer,
to cover where razors bled,
kissed your skin and fled,
and now you can’t get out of bed
but at least self-harm,
gets you out of your head,

being depressed isn’t being tired
it’s an anchor in your chest,
bulimia isn’t pretty,
it’s sickly,

and imitating false anorexia
doesn’t make you sexier,
but don’t say it’s for boys to text you,

it’s not an attribute
it’s a weapon, a noose,
do you also find knives attractive?

social media is interactive
but it can hold you captive,
don’t adapt to it,

don’t make it glamorous,
your illness is not a model,
it doesn’t pout for cameras,

a panic attack
is a blood curdling scream
that no-one hears,

and I’m not trying to offend,
I just want to comprehend
How my worst nightmare, become my generations trend?

maybe we’re shining a spotlight on this and diluting the stigma,
or maybe the whole thing has just become an enigma,
a balancing act, where no-one can say the right thing, so we all just stay silent,

I’m not an advocate
who wants you to cut,
and please nourish yourself
don’t starve and punish yourself,

it’s not a game, it’s not playground fun,
a trigger isn’t just something on the architecture of a gun,

it is not a small irritation,
it’s not an infatuation
you use to impress your generation

I’m tired of these stereotypical claims,
categories and lanes,
young adult novel popularity
where the girl is just something to save
when she’s a slave,
to the way
her mind behaves,

I lost the best years of my life to these chains,
and I refrain from ever falling into that rabbit hole again,
just because tumblr taught me to glorify my pain,
I write poems on there too,
but they’re a helping hand
not a brand,
I wear because it’s cool

the real victims lost their voices,
so you can call this a mouthpiece,
bipolar disorder is not being moody,
it’s not some alternative niche,

I collapsed in my bathroom,
have metal plates in my jaw,

so it’s important to speak while you can,
turn a whisper into a roar.

I Hate this cool tumblr trend ™ of taking any post that is remotely pro recovery or improving ur mental health or trying to manage your life and shitting on it, saying “WE CAN’T ALL BE NEUROTYPICAL KAREN” or whatever bullshit.
it is so unhealthy and can ruin people or stop them trying to recover from their mental illnesses (speaking from personal experience)

and like I’m not trying to blame people with executive dysfunction or such (lord knows I’m terrible at looking after myself) , but seeing every positive or helpful post being shit on is so tiring. can we please stop.


here’s my whole opinion on the jackson situation:

Do I think he’s wrong for wearing the dreads? No. I’m not mad at him personally but I am tired of idols thinking my culture is a fashion trend. When black people wear weave, get braids or dreads, people see us as ghetto. They think our cultural styles make us look uncivilized or dirty. We get bullied and made fun of. When we wear them it’s not a trend at all. Suddenly other races have adapted these same hairstyles like cornrows and dreads into their own little fashion world and suddenly it’s super cool and trendy?? That shit pisses us the fuck off. We have started so many fashion/beauty trends and lose credit to it because it took a white or non black person to make it actually trendy and cool. That’s where a lot of this anger from black fans are coming from and I can understand them. Don’t invalidate the feelings of black fans who respectfully have the rights to be angry !!! ESPECIALLY if you aren’t black !!

But for me, as long as the person wearing said style has respect for black culture and is educated on our culture I’m cool with them wearing our traditional hairstyles. Y'all are quick to jump on non Asians for wearing an Asian cultures clothing,etc, well this is the same situation. Kpop and khh takes so much from our culture. from the clothing to the style of music itself. But y'all ain’t know that because again, we don’t get credit for shit that we start. (And if you want examples of what kpop/khh takes from black culture ill be glad to whip out facts and receipts.)

I don’t see Jackson’s braids as cultural appropriation because he isn’t mocking my culture or being disrespectful. He’s not wearing my culture as some costume. But I am bothered by his response to angered fans. instead of trying to understand the anger he dismissed it as hate and that’s not okay. Black fans deserve a sincere apology.

I could be wrong but I don’t think Jackson could have rejected the styling. Most of the times they have to listen to the higher ups without refusal. So if you really wanna go yell and curse at somebody, do it to Pepsi and whoever decided to style Jackson. That’s just my opinion on this whole thing

*UPDATE: jackson said he CHOSE the hair style because he loves the culture… yet he’s still disregarding the feelings of black fans and calling it a misunderstanding. still no apology
The Fall of the Elmer Empire

Y’all are probably tired of reading through the entire recounting of my adventures in the slime business, so I’ll make this short and sweet. If you need a recap-

Here’s the original dramatization of the Glue Famine.

Here is my descent into madness. 

The slime trend is slowing down. I can see the end in sight. The drive aisle that carried all our surplus of glue has downsized to accommodate the rock-painting trend.  The aisle that we were carrying all the slime kits has been taken over by other science projects and everything is crammed onto that drive aisle. This is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

But we are still having slime classes, even though slime is officially outlawed in all the schools in our area. 

The usual flow of this event begins with a large swath of children in the first half hour, followed by a slow trickle of people in and out, finally tapering off in the last fifteen minutes to a reasonable amount of people. 

Classtime starts and… no one. 

Ten minutes… no one… 


Finally, at the twenty-minute mark, a family of three arrives. They have been waiting for this! They were so excited for the slime! Yeah, me too- sure. 

The kids get their slime and… 

… have no idea what to do with it. 

“You put glitter in it,” I told them. 

“And then what?”

“You … you play with it?”

I’m at a loss. The kids made me explain to their mother what a meme is. I was informed how to make a fidget spinner out of slime. (Why?) They offered me a one-eyed kitten named Pig. It was really, really tempting. 

And that was all for the actually interested parties. 

I spent the next hour and a half standing outside the classroom with a ball of slime and demonstrating just how much fun it is like some kind of slime-peddler, shouting ‘FREE SLIME’ at passersby. Mothers were hiding their children from the weird adult playing with gooey things. 

At one point a woman turned her nose up at me and said ‘They don’t NEED you- they can make slime backwards, blindfolded in their sleep.’ Huff huff. Wow. I was unaware that the slime economy had a bourgeoisie. We’re about to have a class war with our inferior ‘first one’s free’ slime. 

All totaled, we had nine people show up for the class and I had to goad them into coming.

Now don’t get me wrong- people are still buying uncomfortable amounts of glue. But there are no further slime events on the calendar, the ads for the slime crafts have slowed down, and we’re not pushing it as much anymore. 

I know better than to declare this to be the end while there’s still a metric ton of glue on the shelves, but a break in the clouds is a break in the clouds and for once… just this once… I came home from work without looking like I swam my way out of a flooded Lush store. 

Disposable pt12

Being friends with benefits with Min Yoongi can be complicated (at best) by itself. But when you accidentally tell your family (and his boss) that the two of you are dating, things get messy. It only complicates things more when you blackmail Yoongi into pretending to date you, and neither of you can quite keep your feelings separate, no matter how much you try.

Angst, fluff, slight smut at times.

Yoongi x Reader

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

“Oh my god, it’s you two!”

Yoongi flinched. It was bad enough trying to make small talk with everyone at the table without some random person from a different table tapping him on the shoulder and talking to him too.

“What two?” He asked. He was fairly sure he had never seen the person before, but they looked far too happy to see him to be a stranger.

“You two!” The man said, and the women he was sitting with squealed.

“Don’t tell me you don’t know?” She gushed.

“Do I want to?” Yoongi couldn’t help it, he just wanted the day to be over—not because he wanted to get you alone, or because he wanted to get to know you better (he couldn’t get to know you in front of people who thought he already knew you so well) that would be ridiculous. He was just tired.

“Yoongi, who’re your friends?” Taehyung asked, drawing the rest of the table’s attention.

“Oh, we don’t know each other.” The man said quickly, and Yoongi glanced over at you. You looked just as confused as he felt, which was no help at all.

“We saw them on youtube.” The women said happily.

“You saw who?” You said, eyes wide.

“What kind of video?” Jungkook asked suspiciously.

“I’ll show you!” The women dug her phone out of her purse, pulling up something on it before passing it over to Yoongi. “It’s trending.”

There on the screen, you and Yoongi sat at the baby grand piano playing “Heart and Soul.” Both of you were laughing, nudging each other when one made a mistake. What caught Yoongi’s attention though was the way you looked at him in the glances you sent his way. He had seen them earlier, of course, but thought they were his imagination. There was a sparkle in your eyes, and something so genuine in your smile. The worst part was how he looked back at you.

The two of you looked like the perfect couple—happy, loving, and comfortable with each other. The comments were full of people saying that they wanted a relationship like that, and asking “when are they going to get married?”

Yoongi wanted to leave. He wanted to stand up and walk out of the restaurant, his job be damned. He could catch a cab back to the airport and never see you again, delete your contact from his phone and erase you from his mind.

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Please re-blog and help us spread the word. It’s time to show love and support for Bughead and the amazing actors, Cole and Lili. I’m tired of reading certain hostile bullies constantly attacking them and the writers. Instead of tweeting support for their own pairing, they invade our Bughead tags on twitter and tumblr…and insult people on all the Bughead related posts. 

So let’s show lots and lots of LOVE. I would really dislike to see bullies get their way through hate and anger. Showing support is better in the long run for us. 

So next Thursday, during the first LIVE airing of the NEW episode, we will tweet “Believe in Bughead” phrase…and let’s hope it trends. I’ve listed different timezones for fans living in different states in the US. Of course, I don’t really know the timezones for all the other countries involved. We would LOVE to get help from as many countries as we can for our trend. So if you know the time it airs in your country, please write it in the comment section for others to see. Or make a different postcard. 

I want Bughead to stay a couple in season 2. And I would hope the writers would rather listen to a supportive fanbase than people who call Bughead “lice” and tag actors and writers with constant hate. 

Please re-blog and RT on twitter too. Also, if you know how to make fan art, please do create your own postcards to promote.

Thanks so much. (I didn’t tag it in the Riverdale tag because I don’t want bullies to invade my post.) Just used Bughead and Sprousehart/Lilicole tags to keep it friendly and nice for the fans.

I need to tell you...

…that we were amazing today. No kidding, you are the best, people. We were trending with #WhatsGoingOnNetflix in the top-30 worldwide (I’ve seen we were close to top-20). 

In some countries like Brazil and Italy and Spain and Canada, it went to top-10. (Italy, I love you more and more. I’m going to Naples next week and I was afraid of going to the new country, but now? You are the best.) 

People who take part in Appreciation Days are our heroes. They bring gifs and screenshots and it’s really easier to post tweet by tweet when you see Wolfgang’s smirk or Sun’s fist.

It has been six days since the news, and we are still trending. This is Daniela-level of coolness :)

I know that we all are tired and upset and losing hope. Maybe some shit is going on in your life, or maybe you have important exams, or you just don’t want to keep thinking about sad and, let’s be honest, somewhat scary things like Sense8 canceling. 

But this is not the end. 

We still don’t have any proper explanation about the canceling. I won’t believe that this is over until someone from the cast says full-scale long good buy. And they are not saying it yet. There were some posts on the different social networks that can be very, very slight hints that there is still some possibilities. It’s thin, but it exists. Also, some newspapers all over the world noticed us and making noise. They are on our side. Also, all of the sudden Netflix started advertising on Youtube. Well, probably they had read some of our letters… Or just got some brains from somewhere.

Anyway. If there is any possibility for the renewal we will make it real. Together.

Keep calling. Writing. Refilling request forms on netflix site. Asking friends to watch Sense8. Signing the petition (you all know where it is). 

And we will need you tomorrow. On twitter. At 12PM ET.

Stay tuned. We are not over. Not even close.

I’m Fed Up


Okay, so being transracial is becoming a thing now. However, I WILL NOT HAVE IT!!! More and more white women are claiming to “feel” like they belong to a different race or wanting to become a different race and going through drastic changes such as getting chemical treatment to have more melanin in their skin and lip injections. Usually, I’m a very open minded person, but I am so sick and tired of more and more white women (not all of course) using their privilege to decide that they want to just slip into another race because we black women are a fucking trend in their eyes. Wanting to copy our hairstyles and renaming them, appropriating aspects of our culture (ex. claiming that Rock and Roll is white music, despite the founders of it were all black), thinking it’s cute to say Nigga or Nigger and get offended when told they can’t say it. I’m tired of some white girls saying shit like their “inner black woman” like we’re some sort of fucking spirit animal.  

This is a prime example of the transracial trend going on. 

Not only am I annoyed with that, but I’m also sick and fucking tired of being told by some of my own community that I’m not black enough. All for dumb shit. I’m called white because I’ve actually left the country, because I sometimes go swimming in the ocean or lakes, for liking other genres of music than just rap and r&b, for speaking correct English, because I don’t like watermelon, because I’m not a Christian, because I’m in touch with my sexuality, because I play bass guitar and fucking love rock & roll, because I like being free spirited, because I’ve dated white boys, because I take my depression and ADHD seriously and don’t pray on it or ignore it, because I don’t know every rap song or every rapper, because I have a lot of white friends, because I can’t twerk (and have a little ass), because I take the time to learn about other cultures and foods, because I’m stick thin, and the list goes on and on. I’m really sick of all of this. I’m sick of feeling that I have to fit inside a box and if I do anything outside of it, I’m not black enough or being called stuck up because I don’t act stereotypically black. I’m sick of being told I’m too nappy headed, that I’m too dark (like that’s supposed to be a bad thing), being told that only light skinned girls and white girls who are wannabes (wanting to be black so damn bad *cough* Kylie Jenner *cough*) are beautiful. And what’s worse is that some white people think that they too have the right to tell me that I “act white” or that even they are “blacker than me”. I’m just saying that these groups of people can fuck right off and kiss my black ass. I’m going to continue being a Carefree Black Girl. 

I’m sorry for all the profanity but I just needed to rant or talk to someone. 

Also I believe that we need more Carefree Black Girls who don’t fit into the stereotypical black girl box. We need more SZA’s, Zoë Kravitz’s, Solange’s, Esperanza Spalding’s, Erykah Badu’s, Lupita Nyongo’s and more Janelle Monáe’s. Women who don’t let their race define their personality. 

Tired of this new trend of hating “soft boys” imma stand by my policy of “let boys be soft let boys learn how to be soft let girls be rough let them be angry” :))))) let both be both teach healthy coping mechanisms and outlets for more negative feelings teach kids of all genders not to bottle shit the fuck up stop telling “soft boys” to die and remember toxic ass motherfuckers will disguise themselves drenched in the mannerisms of any trend whatever is convenient thanks bye

Kylie Jenner told Marie Clare magazine that she started the wig trend
“I started wigs, and now everyone is wearing wigs. Kim [Kardashian] just used my wig guy last night…I just do whatever I want to do, and people will follow.”
I’m honestly so tired of this little bitch. Black women literally get shitted on for wearing weaves/wigs that we’ve been wearing since forever, but this little heffa thinks she started some new shit. EVERYONE has worn wigs before this little girl lol but Kylie Jenner’s the reason we all wear wigs y'all! I’m so. Fucking. Tired.

Yesterday I saw some discourse on twitter about Sansa/Dany and I got so annoyed. Honestly I don’t mind people who “ship” Sansa and Dany and want a frienship. I don’t get it but hey who am I to judge. What annoys me tho is people who inisist it must happen and that putting them at odds is automatically a shot at feminism.

If you wanna see them bond over abuse and what not fine but don’t try to frame your fantasies with feminism and paint the alternative, which actually makes 1000x more sense as anti-feminist. I’m tired of this basic social media feminism based around “women must stick together”. Idk who started this trend but the Shit is basic, it’s the most elementary concept of feminism I’ve seen, only rivaled by “let’s all be thots” feminism.

I know Tumblr/twitter let’s people escape to this alternative reality where we can pretend that “girl power” is the apex of feminism and all women love each other automatically and us harboring any natural emotions of dislike towards one another is just a mythical creation of patriarchy that doesn’t actually exist and I hate to burst y'all bubbles but….somebody sold y'all some lies.

Sometimes Women don’t like each other. Sometimes we have reasons not to, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes people just rub you the wrong way. Sometimes you just don’t like the way they look at you or the way they speak. Sometimes your personalities just dont mesh. Sometimes you don’t like their attitude, sometimes their vibe is just off and you can’t fuck with them. Sometimes they crazy as Shit and you just don’t have time for the Bullshit and Sometimes women have opposing beliefs that just can’t gel and leads to conflict. None is this is anti feminist. You don’t have to disregard your natural emotions to stick to some basic ass “women stick together” Bullshit. Sitting here and pretending you’re the apex of feminism because you want Dany and Sansa to become friends (let’s not get into how automatically expecting a bond over abuse and automatically expecting either one to disclose their pain to each other just for the hell of it cuz apparently all abused people just love to share is a gross misrepresentation of how people often handle their abuse) and trying to shut down people who see conflict on the horizon by using feminism is laughable. You don’t get a feminism cookie because you want two women to be friends and you sure don’t get to sit on some moral high ground over it when in actuality you’re robbing two woman of what might me their natural emotions they would be able to freely express if they were men since they get to have beef and friendships and apparently women can’t.

The truth is Sansa and Dany have more things that would put them at odds or at the very least keeping them at a neutral place of mutual tolerance than they have possibly tying them together in friendship. It only takes one look at their characterization and goals to see that. That’s just a fact, a fact that’s not inherently anti feminist no matter how much some people wanna pretend it is. If conflict comes it would make total sense, far more sense than the two of them braiding each other’s hair at Winterfell and bonding over the ain’t Shit men they have encountered in their lives. If you wanna headcanon that then be my guest, just don’t expect a cookie for it and think it gives your some superior moral standing cuz it doesn’t

Anti-blackness in kpop

This is….you guessed it….. a whole ass kpop post. On kpop fans. *gasp* “nooo you cant call us out”. Yes the fuck i can and yes the fuck I am.

In light of recent events involving jungkok and cupcakke ive decided to make a post on anti blackness in kpop.Dont deny. Cuz i swear to god. I will pop the fuck off

Now imma biracial kpop fan. Im mixed with native, african amrican, and white but im mostly african American. So dont came @ me on anon saying Im racist and shit. You just mad ya favs gettin called out and so are you.

DISCLAIMER: i am not targeting a specific race, group, or fan(unless you try your life) in my mentions. But I will point out several groups from the past appropriating and profiting off black culture. I know they have apologized and shit but im still pointing them out.

Let’s break it down. There are 3 main parts of anti-blackness.

1. Racism.

Ohhh the r-word. It seems like these days people are more scared of being called racist then being actually racist. Your favs will wear dreads, wear giant hoops, say the n-word, and yet you defend them. You defend them because you think they arent wrong. News flash they are. The n-word was used as a derogatory statement towards black people from different races in the oast. Over the uears we have transformed that word and made it into our own. Here is why you and idols shouldn’t use it. The idlls might not have meant it in a bad way but the racism from people of your race or any race kther than black saying has effects on us. You dint feel the hatred behind that word, we do. That word was once used as a way to dehumanize us, now that we re made the word, yall want a piece of the cake.

2. Colorism

Lightening their photos. Saying that an idol looks better when they lighten their skin. Kai (exo) filters his pictures because he will get hate if he is too dark. Even members of exo have made colorist jokes at him. Colorism- the belief that lighter skin is better. Let’s face it, a lot of asian countries are colorist. *gasp* “what no way”. Yes hoe. Yes.

3. Cultural appropriation

You fans and idols love to profit off black culture. Everyone does. The dreads, they were from us (i swear to god if someone says something about vikings. Their hair was not dreads its was matted. They didnt wash their hair and it matted), bamboo earring, gasp we made those, theu are literally in every corner store in the hood. Multiple times and multiple things. What we are pissed about is how idols are called “stylish”, or “trendy” when they have dreads, but when an actul black person has them, we are ridiculed and bullied for it.

While we are on the topic of anti blackness, lets talk about blackface. We are a race not a costume. Quit depicting us as fictional characters because we arent. You see us as a fad or a trend or to be made fun of, stop that bullshit. Not only is it wrong, its likely to get you doxxed if you were near me.

Moral of the story: quit acting like you kpop fans arent racist. Quit acting like your idols are innocent. Quit using the n-word.

let me know if i missed something(because im pretty sure i did) because i am feeling like this is only the beginning of a series. Im getting really sick and tired of all this anti-blackness

Reasons To Join Team M!Robin

The Mage Gauntlet is approaching and I wanted to do my part spreading the Robin propaganda, so here goes!

  • First Character
    • A lot of people’s first game was Awakening (me included), therefore Robin was many people’s first character, a character that we could personalize to boot, so let’s go join his team, eh? 
  • Smash Fan
    • Do you like to play Smash? Then Robin’s the mage for you. Bonus points if Robin was your Smash main.
  • F!Robin Isn’t In This Gauntlet, So Make Do With This One
    • Disappointed that you can’t root for F!Robin? Then why not root for this Robin instead!
  • He’s Always There For You
    • Robin isn’t just available as a 4* and/or a 5*, he’s available as a 3* as well! You get to see his cool summoning video a lot! That, and even if you’re tired of seeing him, he’s at least Bonfire fodder so it’s not a total loss.
  • Triangle Adept Hero
    • Robin can take most reds to the face and colorless units can’t even touch him. Robin is one of the best units to benefit from Triangle Adept because it gives him advantage over two colors. He may not be a nuke, but he’s a pretty solid choice for your team.
  • Shipping Lord
    • Robin’s your best wingman. Who cares if you’re fighting a war? He’ll hook up anyone that can support.
  • Best Waifu
    • Don’t be fooled by the waifu status of mages like Tharja, Robin’s the real waifu and let me tell you why. In Awakening, Robin is literally best waifu. Got a character you want to S-Support? Waifu Robin. Want to make a certain child character OP? Waifu Robin. Want to make Morgan OP? Waifu Robin. Want that sweet ass custom hair color on a certain child character? Waifu Robin. Meanwhile in Heroes, if you want a mage with some bulk, then Robin’s the waifu for you. Tired of Takumis ruining your day? Robin’s the waifu for you. And yes, male mages can be waifus too.
      • Joking aside, Robin actually has a chance to be the first male character that beats the trend of female Gauntlet winners. Even if you don’t care much for the whole waifu thing, I ask that you help a male character win the gauntlet for once.
  • What Time Is It?
    • I implore you to join Team Robin. After all, we’re stronger together because our bonds give us strength. We have to show them how it’s done, that it’s the wrong move to even think of going up against Robin because he’ll find a way to secure that checkmate. Robin is here to even the odds, so it’s time my friends… Time to tip the scales!

He became Abusive
To her heart
But still a drug
For a her soul
Blaming herself
For the Departure
All his Mistakes
Went untold
Asking how
Could he Leave
With All the time
Tears in her eyes
Now Knowing Her
Feelings we no
Longer Respected
Tired of commitment
He grew numb
To her Emotions
Trying to pour
Out her soul
To remind him
Of all her
Forgiving him of wrongs
Making excuses
To her friend
Neglecting her efforts
To safe her relationship
Became a familiar trend
Feeling like he
Was missing something
He craved the
Single life
Selfishly wasting
The time of a woman
Ready to be
His wife

Watching Stargate for the first time!

I’m going to watch the Stargate TV shows for the first time and post my reactions here!  I’ve seen the movie 163038403 times and a few episodes here and there over the years, so I know the overall premise of the universe.

Before I start, here’s everything I know or think I know pre-watch:

  • Samantha Carter saves everyone all the time and is tired of everyone’s shit

  • MacGyver got a haircut and an actual job

  • CANADIANS!! As a Canadian, this makes me happy because we rarely ever get canon Canadians on US shows

  • Dude from Game of Thrones will fuck up your shit, and he’ll probably enjoy it

  • Circle head guy will also fuck you up, but he’ll be grumpy about it

  • Rodney McKay and John Sheppard love each other. I ship it.

  • First rule is that nobody talks about Stargate Universe

  • Q from Star Trek goes to the Stargate world and continues his trend of annoying bald men in charge

There are many things we could talk about when we wonder where Arrow went wrong. Most people might say it started with the beginning of season 3 (which was definitely a garbage start to a garbage season) but I’d argue that it started midway through the second season.

That was when I fell in love with Arrow, actually, when the show was at its peak IMO. I watched the entire first season in less than 24 hours, and while I would never hold Arrow season 1 up as a beacon of diverse racial or queer representation, the ladies in it were amazing. We had Moira Queen, who was the sort of complex, morally questionable middle-aged woman character I don’t know that I’d ever seen before. And Thea was fierce and such a teenager–she whined, she argued, she rebelled, but she had such a good heart. Laurel was such a staunch protector of justice and I loved watching her in the courtroom. I loved seeing such a badass female lawyer on the screen (this was, of course, before Viola Davis graced us with her own astonishing performance as a badass female lawyer).

And there was Felicity, too, who got to be the tech genius, and she was awkward and funny and adorable. And we were introduced to McKenna Hall (awesome detective) and Joanna de la Vega (another lawyer) and Helena Bertinelli (vigilante/vindictive widow/daughter of a mob boss). In the flashbacks, we got Shado, who was a martial artist and archer, one of Oliver Queen’s mentors, and someone who was shown to care deeply for her family and friends and was such a fascinating character. There were a few more even that I can’t remember exactly right now. There was such a wide range of female characters and shortly after season 2 began, we were gifted with Sara Lance, a bisexual martial artist and precious cupcake, and Nyssa al Ghul, a lesbian assassin made of fire and steel.

Now, McKenna, Joanna, Shado, Nyssa, and Helena were all relatively minor characters from the start, but it doesn’t change the fact that of all the characters I just mentioned, in the seasons following, only two have never been bussed off the show or brutally murdered for the sake of manpain. And then again, of those two, one of them was *almost* killed for the sake of manpain.

It was like, after they killed Shado in 2x09, they thought “wow!!!! murdering women is a great plot point let’s continue it!!!”

So my point here is: Arrow made some <i>amazing</i> female characters, but later it was as though they were like:

“shit we have too many women what do we do i dunno i guess it’s M U R D E R T I M E”

And I see that trend in a lot of CW shows? Like the 100 had a lot of women and POC and queer folk in positions of power like I’d never seen before but then they started to fuck it all up :/

Anyway, I’m tired of my ladies being hurt.

First Time’s The Charm

Shuichi is trying his best to broach the topic of sex to his girlfriend but his friends keep trying to ‘help’. Enjoy! - Mod Korekiyo

“I just shouldn’t have told you,” Shuichi lamented, putting a dish away. He often liked when Kaito hung around while he did his chores. It made him feel like they flew by faster. However, Kaito just make his chores longer today. “Please, do not tell anyone else.”
“You sure you don’t need any help?” The astronaut said, wiggling his eyebrows.”This would be your first time. It’s natural to be scared-”
“I’m not scared! I-I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and I know I can handle it! Please, do not interfere.”
“I can help set the mood-”
“Momota, please! Just don’t do ANYTHING.” The boy begged, putting away some silverware. “I can handle this.”

He picked you up at your house on time, taking you to one of the finest restaurants in town. Once seated, he made sure to have your hand in his, staring dreamily into your eyes from across the table.
“Saihara, this is beautiful,” You sighed lovingly, making the boy blush. “I feel so loved.”
“Speaking of which,” Shuichi started. “I-”
“Welcome! I will be your waiter this evening!” Shuichi’s entire face just dropped and he immediately looked to his waiter who was sporting a false mustache.
“Sorry, Never heard of him,” The waiter who was totally not Ouma said. “What can I get you both to start with? A little wine?”
“This can’t be happening.” Shuichi panicked, wanting to curl up into a little ball.
“I’ll have water.” You said simply, flicking Ouma’s fake mustache. He giggled and when it fell of he just stuck it back on upside down.
“And for you sir?”
“Ouma? What are you doing here?”
“Trying to take your order but you’re being difficult about it.” The leader pouted. “Anyway, Y/N, would you be interested in hot chocolate?” 
“… But it’s the middle of the summer?”
“So? Chocolate is natures aphrodisiac-”
“That’s it,” Shuichi stood up, grabbing your hand and yanking you from your chair. “We’re not hungry. Come on, Y/n.”
“H-Hold on, Shuichi, What’s going on?”
“Do come back now!” Ouma yelled happily. As you left, the manager approached him.
“….Do you work here?”
“Nah,” He said, sticking his fake mustache to his forehead. “I quit.”

Shuichi didn’t say a word since leaving the restaurant. He was on his phone, begging for Kaito to pick up the phone but he never did. You shuffled on the side awkwardly, wondering what was going on. At this point, you were just walking down the street, listening to him threaten Kaito’s voicemail. You had enough and grabbed his arm, making him look at you.
“You want to tell me why we left? I skipped lunch because you said you were taking me to dinner-”
“I-I’m sorry.  I promise, I’ll take you to eat but I-”
“Flowers!” A passing street vendor yelled, cutting him off. “Flowers for that special someone!” He rolled his cart further down, stopping beside you and Shuichi. You smiled and Shuichi almost did…. until he noticed the vendor.
“Hello~” He said in a sing song voice. “Flower for the special lady?” He teased, twirling his fake mustache. Shuichi pinched the bridge of his nose while you smelled the roses on the cart. “Ah, Roses. Good choice.”
“That’s literally the only flower you have on that cart,” Shuichi pointed out.
“Irrelevant! You know,” He started, turning to you. “Roses stand for love and passion-”
“Amami, get out of here!” Shuichi yelled, attracting some unwanted attention from passersby. You were a little alarmed by Shuichi’s behavior but Rantarou eased your mind, putting a perfectly bloomed rose in your hair.
“Here you are my dear, free of charge. My your night be filled with love and passion-”
“Y/N, Come on, I know where I can take you!” Shuichi said frantically, grabbing your hand and leading you to the nearest park. You kept questioning him but he just continued to mumble curses to himself.

On the other side of the park was a nice little cafe. You were a little overdressed for it but at least the walk was nice. As you both walked through the park, excited for the cafe, you stopped on a bridge and looked down at the racing creek.
“Oh, Shuichi look!” You said happily. “Baby ducks!” He smiled softly and joined you at the edge of the bridge, seeing the family of ducks waddling alone the edge of the water. “They’re so cute.”
“You’re cuter.”
“Oh Shuichi-”
“Gondola rides!” You gasped, hearing that someone was offering gondola rides. Shuichi groaned, already hating whoever was rowing towards the bridge and yelling up to you. As he suspected, it was another one of his friends. “Gondola rides! Free of charge to men with beautiful girlfriends.” Shinguuji Korekiyo said sweetly, joining the trend of wearing a false mustache. Shuichi smacked his hand on his face, tired of these shenanigans 
“Oh that sounds lovely!” You said, tugging Shuichi’s arm. “Can we go on a ride?”
“Why are you wearing a mustache on your mask?” Shuichi asked, Annoyed. The anthropologist shrugged and the detective groaned, grabbing your hand and leading you away.

Shuichi was beginning to annoy you. He’d been rude to his friends all night, who from your point of view only wanted to help him. It was making you a little sick. You finally got to eat dinner and Shuichi offered to get you a cab, guessing that you were tired of walking for tonight. As you got in the cab, you cuddled up to him and he gave the driver your address.
“Shuichi, why were you so mean to everyone?” He bit his lip and let out a deep breath before he spoke.
“Because… I just want to be alone with you…” He cupped your face in his hands. He didn’t even notice that the music in the cab changed to something romantic and slow. “I love you Y/N….and I wanted tonight to be special-” Shuichi was broken from his confession when he noticed the LED fake candles all over the taxi. He held his breath, realizing he walked into another trap.
“Stop the taxi.” He said darkly. the driver obliged, pulling to the side and leaning into the back seat to check on you both. You almost lost it, seeing who the driver was… also sporting a false mustache.
“Something wrong buddy?”
“Kaito! You’re ruining my date!”
“I don’t know who you’re talking about sir-” Shuichi reached forward suddenly, ripping the mustache off Momota’s face.
“Ow You jerk! WHAT IF THAT WAS REAL!?”
“What the hell is going on tonight?” You finally asked, Shuichi didn’t even care about tact anymore.
“I’ve been trying to talk about you and I taking our relationship a little…further and I made the mistake of telling Momota about it!”
“I’ve only been trying to help! He wants to fuck you, really bad-”
“I DON’T NEED YOUR HELP TO FUCK HER-” Shuichi slapped both hands over his mouth, immediately regretting speaking about you like that. “I Didn’t mean-”
“You could have just told me,” You giggled poking his nose. Sensing the situation mending itself, Kaito continued driving. “Shuichi. I love you… to be honest I’ve been thinking about it, too.”
“…I-I’m sorry about tonight.. I was just so worried that I was rushing things and I wanted to do this as…romantic as possible.” He took your hands in his, pressing his forehead against yours. “This is all my fault…I should have just relaxed and-”
“We’re here!” Kaito said, rolling down the window to reveal he was in front of your house. You smirked opening the car door and giving Shuichi a kiss on the cheek.
“…Would you… like to come inside?”
“You or the house?”
“I’m just joking!” He defend, “Pretend I’m not here.” Shuichi rolled his eyes and looked back at you, a light blush staining his house.
“I’d love to.”

Kaito watched you and Shuichi walk into the house, walking close and giggling. He dug into the center console, picking up a walkie talkie and grinning ear to ear.
“This is Space Dandy, Just dropped Angst Factory and Leading lady off at the house, Over.”
“Yeah, Drop the code names,” Korekiyo said flatly. “Rantarou has been arrested for selling flowers without a permit, Over.”
“Yeah, I need help over here…. over.”
“Space dandy is on the way, Where’s ouma, Over?”
“I’m getting a gondola ride…. over. So were we a success? Did he get inside?”
“Her or the house?” Rantarou asked. Kaito scratched his chin, seeing a bedroom light turn on upstairs.
“…I’m thinking both.”

-Mod Korekiyo just wanted to write something dumb


(Some IG favorites until our Internet gets turned on later this week.)

I can’t believe we’re actually here. It was such a quick move, so much happened in such an incredibly short time and absolutely nothing went the way I’d planned, or hoped in some cases.

I didn’t get to say goodbye to the house, or say a proper thank you to Severus’ teacher. Thankfully, she gave me her contact information and as soon as we settle a little, I’ll send her an email.

We left early, but had no time to do much before boarding started, which was disappointing. The flight was the easy part, unexpected in my opinion. I had one good freak out trying to install the car seats while Antonio chatted with a flight attendant and I had to ask them to please just quiet down before my brain fell apart. But it went quickly, and with very few frustrations. We had much less assistance with our load of stuff in New York, because of course, it’s New York. But when we got to Seattle, everyone offered to carry or pull something, which made getting to our rental minivan just that much easier. I was so grateful to each of those people, we thought there would be a cart or something at least that we could have loaded everything onto, but there wasn’t, so we had to drag two huge car seats, a carry on luggage, two kid backpacks, my diaper bag, the four children (I wore the babies and my shoulders are still killing me, so I must have done something wrong) and the cat through security and beyond.

Once we caught up with our checked gear though, it got really hairy. We had to ensure we had enough stuff for the supposed two week wait for the movers and Sev’s and Thad’s car seats, we didn’t want to get here with nothing and have to buy everything only to have it in duplicate when the movers arrived, so we brought as many essentials as we could shove into the luggage. The kids were exhausted, bodies feeling like it was closer to 1am than almost 10pm by the time we made it to the hotel, and I was sure we’d sleep in, but alas internal clocks woke us up within minutes of one another between 5 and 5:10am. This trend has continued since, I’ll be glad when we’ve conquered the jet lag and the grumbles that come with it. Even Severus, who was fascinated by the concept, is done feeling like the day is over while the sun is still high in the sky. We are all pretty damn tired.

We were supposed to sign our lease on Saturday, but we swapped apartments. We found one we really liked, but on a whim decided to see a few other available units when we went to sign and changed our minds. Because of that it took an extra day to get into it, so Antonio surprised us by booking a hotel in Seattle for the night.

We all ate a late lunch/dinner together, and then Severus and I broke out in search of cotton candy, which we actually made it to before it closed for the night. We spent the entire walk back to the hotel eating our fluffy deliciousness and gloating to one another.

“Who booked it across the country AND made it to cotton candy in time?! WE DID THAT!” it was the best. Now Severus randomly goes “Mama. Who did that?” and I say “We!” it’s like our own little team cheer. 😂

Thaddeus had a rough time understanding that the hotel was not home, but only a very temporary headquarters. He wanted to stay in each one we visited, and got very upset when we told him we weren’t staying there any longer. Now that we’re in *our* apartment, he has chilled out and is content, though he admits he’d rather be exploring a hotel.

The babies have had a lot of fuss. There was so little for them to do and explore, but even that seems to be getting better - though I had to soothe Santino to sleep by rocking him earlier, which is usually not his thing.

Sev is doing great, just easily excited and distracted and I am SO glad we’re away from television with cable because he asked for everything that came on the screen, including a neck basket - which is some fake invention. I plan on registering him for school this week, and having him start next week, so he has had time to get over the jet lag and get used to his home surroundings - he has already made friends with some of the kids at the playground here, this is a super family friendly spot.

The one having the hardest time is Tiberius. Who is not used to being inside for longer than a few hours, and certainly not used to traveling in a bag. We’re keeping an eye on him, making sure he’s eating and drinking, and getting comfortable now. Which he seems to be doing. Unexpectedly, he has seemed to grow closer to me - when I moved in he’d just gotten a taste of being an outdoor cat, so we didn’t really have much to do with one another. The last few days, as soon as we got into a room, we’d let him out and he would come to me and rub his head on me, sit with me for a little bit before finding a corner or trying to hide under a bed. So that’s an interesting development.

Antonio and I are excellent. Focusing on getting everyone acclimated, and taking care of any needs. We’re enjoying our last bits of undivided time with each other and reveling in some significant firsts. This is *our* first place together, one we both had equal say in choosing and both bear legal responsibility for. We’re exploring familiar spaces with little ones that hadn’t been born when he and I first dated. Everything is magnificent, the only thing I could ever ask for is just to have all of the kids together, which I’ll forever ask, but otherwise, and despite all the wibbliness, it’s like a dream that I can’t believe is our real life.

Am I the only one who’s really tired of the YouTube trend of guys trying “girl stuff” to get us to laugh at how embarrassing it is?

I’m really tired of living in a world where femininity is seen as humiliating. Hell, I’m tired of living in a world where something as gender neutral as face paint is seen as feminine exclusively. Face paint doesn’t have a gender?

Also, it’d really be nice if they’d stop ending every video by going on about how tough it must be to be a girl and gee, aren’t we special for going through it all for them.

Firstly, not all of us even do those things – it’s not like it’s fucking mandatory, and I’ve never seen the high end of a pump or the inside of a waxing studio in my life. Secondly, those of us who do aren’t necessarily doing it for you – we do think about things other than you, you know, and some of us do certain things because we like them. And thirdly, it’d be great if we’d stop talking about womanhood as an inherently painful, debilitating, and degrading condition. Maybe fewer women would have to feel like that if we’d stop insisting it’s a fact of their birth.



I might be overanalyzing but...

Honestly, I don’t think the boys actually were looking to belong because they had each other. He knew they were on the outside of society but he didn’t know what it was like on the other side. The boys didn’t want to be stuck up Socs even if it meant a huge difference in money and the quality of their lives. And hey, maybe not all the Socs were jerks but from Pony’s point of view it doesn’t seem like he was willing to change his opinion until he talked to Cherry.

Think about it… if Dally never hit on Cherry and Marcia, Pony and Johnny never would’ve sat and talked to the girls. What if it was any other day and the guys decided to go for ice cream instead of to see a movie like they normally do. What if Bob and Randy hadn’t gotten drunk or Two-Bit did end up getting crazy drunk and never showed up? Cherry might not have asked Ponyboy to get the Cokes and popcorn where she introduced him to the idea that greasers and Socs aren’t so different. Even farther back, what if Sodapop and Steve weren’t going to take Evie and Sandy out that night? That talk would’ve never happened.

I know a lot of people ask what ifs for how certain events would change the ending but what about how Pony’s perspective changes throughout the novel?

Yes, Dally most likely would still have hit on Cherry regardless of Pony being there or not but Pony would’ve never had that same conversation with Cherry because remember, she barely mustered a hello at school. Exchanges would never be more than Pony admiring from afar. Two-bit’s appearance got them on the right topic.

It all started the minute Soda told Pony he couldn’t tag along. Through everything that happens in the book Pony still would’ve been confused or perhaps even more pissed off about the social statuses and their relevance if the Socs got away with the attack on him and Johnny. It would’ve only deepened his frustration. We all see the same sky but Pony wouldn’t have know about how others interpret sunsets. How he might not be the only one hating his current living situation.

So no, I don’t think the novel is about wanting to fit in, at least not for the greasers, because one you’re a grease you’re in for life. Tim still visited Dally in the hospital after he slashed his tires at the drive in. For the Socs it’s all about keeping up with everyone else and following the trends. Pony isn’t interested in beer blasts and the other stuff Socs like to do. He likes to read and watch movies and that makes him different from the guys like Cherry is different from her friends but the difference is SHE hides how she really feels and follows the crowd while Pony finds ways to continue doing what he loves.

Just because the greasers are on the outside of society doesn’t mean they want to fit in. It might not be that way by choice but if they really wanted to belong with the Socs they’d find ways and work harder to get there. Sure Darry could’ve been a Soc but his brothers and the gang “held him back” according to Two but he had a reason to stay he wouldn’t leave them behind for anything. Greasers like wearing leather jackets and smoking and being part of a gang because yeah there might not be endless piles of money in the bank waiting to be spent but you can’t buy the type of bond you get from being in your gang and giving that up would be absurd, pretty much unthinkable.

And not everyone can be a Soc, everything would be off balance now, wouldn’t it? Greasers simply took on the responsibility of keeping things in order. I don’t see the Socs eating chocolate cake and beer for breakfast or fixing up their buddy’s car or working hard to provide for their kid brothers. It’s more appealing to be a greaser because even with Everest sized track records and a generally bad rep, all the money in the world can’t make up for how relatable and welcoming the life of a greaser is to those of us who only catch the bad breaks.

Sorry this post is so long I just had so much to say.