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And if 2 Muslim men attacked a group of White girls with baseball bats and then kidnapped and beat one to death?

Could you imagine the outrage? the devastation?

But this? I have only seen a few regular people tweeting and posting about it. No articles. No headlines. #WhiteTerrorism #Islamaphobia

[images via twitter]
The signs as hipsters
  • (Check rising)
  • Aries: always wears flannel, enthusiastic about craft beer
  • Taurus: takes pictures of food, has everything on vinyl
  • Gemini: writes avant-garde poetry, can play like 20 different instruments
  • Cancer: collects vintage clothing and antiques, has an indoor garden
  • Leo: coffee connoisseur, sells handmade jewelry on Etsy
  • Virgo: makes references no one understands, has lots of small but meaningful tattoos
  • Libra: goes to music festivals, very serious about instagram aesthetic
  • Scorpio: psychology major, does everything ironically
  • Sagittarius: has an expensive bike, always saving up for road trips
  • Capricorn: graphic designer and app developer, wears Ray-Bans
  • Aquarius: did everything before it was cool, seeks out and donates to obscure charities
  • Pisces: takes pictures of sunsets, has an extensive collection of oversized sweaters