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To every 90s kid

This isn’t the world we were born into but this is the world we’re going to die in. And we’ll go down in history as the generation of free spirits who lived, loved, cared too much and wanted to make a difference but were instead subjected to live in a world full of fear and pain by a bunch of racist, narcissistic, fear mongering douchebags we now know as terrorists, even the ones who wear suits and believe they have the trump card.

Decided to try out this whole bullet journal trend for the summer months since I never tend to stick with planners, did a few little pages the other day to get me started, any tips/advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated honestly x
I only started this studyblr yesterday and already feel so much more motivated and also more accepted for having such a high drive (internal pressure lol) for getting good grades, I hope for this blog to be around a long time!💕

((Tag me in study related/aesthetic things pls? I’d love you forever okok just #studyforsomethingbetter ))

Hi there! :D

I’m Renée, and I’m newly-obsessed with the gorgeous trend that is bullet journals! Some of you may already know me as Hurley and Roxy’s mom on my main account, Stinkywrinkles (my dog blog lol). Nice to see you, if you’re following me from there! :)

I’m a graphic designer by trade and an artist/writer by nature, so this phenomenon feels like it was made for me!! I’ve just started and already I’m in love!

What’s a positivity bullet journal?

There’s lots of different kinds. Gratitude journals, self-care journals, etc.

In my case: I have a steady job, haven’t been in school for ages, and work from home. My days are pretty routine! I don’t have much use for the planning/tracking/scheduling/organizing/studying aspect of the bujo lifestyle… so, as much as I admire that aesthetic, it’s not for me!

I decided to start a positivity journal for myself instead – a creative outlet where I can draw, design, jot down all the good things going on in my life… and then keep the journal as a memento later. :) I’m filling it with only fun, positive stuff! No ranting or complaining, I do enough of that in real life and I don’t need more of it amongst my doodles and hand-lettered pages. ;)

I initially got caught up in this fad because it was just so pretty and creative and fun, but I was surprised to realize that keeping my journal 100% positive has its benefits! Finding good things to say about my day, my experiences, and myself – and then committing them to art & writing – has made a noticeable difference in my everyday mood in just a week! I feel happy and accomplished, and more motivated to do fun things.

I hope you like what you see here on my bujo blog, and feel as inspired as I was to make one! It’s back-to-school season and stationery’s on sale everywhere, now’s the time!!

What you’ll find in my journal:

  • Art! I draw on every page!
  • Random stuff about my day: weather, playlists, TV shows, movies, meals
  • I’ll probably be mentioning my pets a lot because I spend all day with them and love them SO MUCH
  • Whatever good stuff happened that day
  • Whatever I accomplished that day
  • Bright colors galore
  • Stuff I like!
  • Who knows what else???

The basics about me:

  • Renée, female, she/her/hers
  • Canadian
  • Graphic designer, illustrator
  • Two dogs (Hurley and Roxy, both pugs)
  • One cat (Mackenzie)
  • Commonlaw husband (Bear), almost 10 years together
  • Introvert
  • Notebook junkie!!! I literally have DOZENS laying around but will continually buy more, it’s a sickness
  • Oldish but you wouldn’t know it
  • I work from home and my only real day-to-day co-worker is my best friend Christine, livin’ the dream basically
  • I’m nice but super-shy so I don’t leave my ask open! You can still send me replies or messages if you like though!

Enjoy! :)

The art of not reading.

~ Arthur Schopenhauer, Essays and Aphorisms

*Apply to bad journalism, memes, trending topics, hype, lies and facebook gossip, bitchy tweets, viral vitriol and spam.

With Some Selfies, the Uglier the Better - NY Times

“One of the things ugly selfies do for girls is strip the conventional approaches to ‘prettiness.’ It’s a reminder that your face has other avenues of expression. That it doesn’t necessarily have to be rooted in attractiveness.”

My latest – on girls, ugly selfies, and rejecting conventional beauty standards. Featuring the always-trend-setting Ruby Karp.
Online Writing Submissions: What You Must Do Before You Hit Send!

Like it or not, the process of submitting your writing to literary journals and agents has moved irreversibly into the digital age. And while most writers have happily embraced the convenience of submitting work online, others still need to be dragged, kicking and screaming, up to the computer keyboard. Either way, the reality is unavoidable: The printed, mailed submission is going the way of the inkwell and parchment paper.

Using an online submission manager allows you to easily make, track, and manage your submissions. Many literary journals now accept submissions via an online submission form or a submission manager – and some have stopped accepting print or email submissions entirely! Literary agents as well have embraced the ease of electronic submissions and are accepting e-queries, sample pages, and even entire books by email.

But, while online submissions have made sending your work easier and faster, they’ve also made it possible for you to send glaring errors and avoidable mistakes with lightning speed too.

Here are a few reminders to help you make the best possible online writing submissions.

I have an intimate relationship with nature. I mourn flowers as they die and dig a grave for them in the pages of my notebook. During a stroll in the forest, I comfort the weeds and tell them they’re beautiful even if they don’t make it in bouquets and fancy vases. I admire the moss for its ability to make a home anywhere. Not all people can adapt like that. I thank the trees for staying when nobody ever does, for the papers and houses and for patiently waiting for the rain each time. I celebrate the oceans and rivers and lakes for there is beauty in transparency and depth. They are gentle and terrifying and they teach you that drowning is only one of the many reasons while we stop breathing. The mountains - my forever lover. I witness the grandness of this world on my way to the top. The wind playing tug of war with my body, the leaves saying farewell to their branch, the soil and dust making love with my skin. I don’t think I’ll ever be lonely when there’s so much life and love breathing around me.
—  irishjulienne, the only lover you’ll ever need