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The signs and their clothing styles
  • Twisted Tradition (trendy trousers, work chic look with a twist, tailored jackets/prep suits, mismatched plaid): Capricorn, Cancer, Virgo, Aquarius
  • Opulence Romance (embroidered floral details, silk, velvet, feminine, ruffles): Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius, Taurus
  • Power Play (street style, leather, jackets off the shoulder, crisp, high shine): Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio

Most Memorable Dresses: Farrah Fawcett’s glamorous gold chainmail tank dress designed by Stephen Burrows at the 50th Annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles, California 1978. It appears that Fawcett would have even been highly on trend today as “chainmail clothing” is predicted to be the biggest fashion trend of 2017 by Vogue Magazine.


A good way to up your menswear game is to lose the belt and throw on some braces. A few things to consider first  have to do with the trousers, braces work best with mid to high rise inseam, anything below a 8" rise will look a little awkward. Keep in mind braces are meant to keep your trousers hanging at – or just above – your natural waist. The waist and thigh should be just a little loose, allowing the trousers to move and not pull excessively. Suspenders attached to overly slim pants are obviously non-functional and just look like an unnecessary fashion accessory. Another thing note is the debate over clip on and button, a typical think we hear is “never clip”. I however think they have their place, clips are great on a less dressy look, while buttons are a must on more formal clothing. Suspender buttons can be attached to most dress trousers, our tailor shop is stocked with these specific buttons and would be happy to sew them on to your favorite pants.