The Spring 2016 Men’s Trend Report

Less hotly anticipated than the women’s shows? Perhaps. But every bit as influential when it comes to what one can expect to see on the streets in the coming months? Without a doubt. We’ve rounded up 10 key trends from the Spring ’16 menswear collections. Click through the slideshow to see them all.

Unfortunately for these little, complicated birds they’ve become this year’s newest trend. Thousands of people worldwide have begun purchasing these adorable little birds due to trending videos which usually display a regurgitating or aggressive parrotlet. Sadly, very little people who bring them home actually know what it takes to care for them properly to allow them to thrive. Since there’s no way I could possibly stop everyone from impulse buying these birds the least I can do is explain the reality behind owning one in the hopes that someone will either think twice or be a little more prepared for avian ownership.


Lifespan: 25+/- years

Behaviour problems: Attention Screaming, Possessive Aggression, Territorial Aggression, One-person Aggression, Feather Picking

Health concerns: Overgrown beaks, Fatty Liver Disease, Nutritional Deficiencies, Kidney Failure, Calcium Deficiencies, Scale Deformities, Foot Lesions, Excessive regurgitation, Increased Stress Levels

Common Owner Mistakes

  • Seed only diets, feeding excessive human foods or unhealthy foods
  • Allowing them to eat food they’ve eaten, chew their teeth, share drinks
  • Interacting the bird with another pet
  • Not seeing an avian vet for checkups
  • Encouraging aggression
  • Taking them outdoors unrestrained
  • Small cage sizes, inadequate stimuli
  • Encouraging regurgitation
  • Being dominant/ forceful, Ignoring body language
  • Dowel perches, Sand perches
  • Cohabitating

Proper Care


Aggression/ Mishandling

Housing/ Stimuli