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DIY Black Lemonade!

You asked (many times), I provided. Making the viral black lemonade! 🍋 

☥ In case you were curious…
~ Skull glasses:
~ Skull spoon:
~ Charcoal:
~ Xucker:

Deja su coche sucio y se encuentra una obra de arte

¿Te da pereza limpiar tu coche? ¿Te cuesta ver por los cristales debido a la enorme capa de polvo que tiene? ¡Pues quizás estés de suerte! 

Nikita Golubev es una ilustradora rusa que recorre las calles de Moscú en busca de dueños descuidados que hayan dejado sus coches llenos de polvo. Donde otros ven suciedad, Nikita ve una herramienta potencial para expresar su creatividad. Aquí te dejo una selección de sus mejores obras.

Imágenes vía Nikita Golubev

Un cocodrilo en un camión..

Source: Yahoo Vida y Estilo

Un tiburón blanco..

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Un misterioso rostro..

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¡Print floral azul!

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La sombría cara de un simio

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Un búho en un camión…

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Inquietante y solo con polvo..

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¡A surfear!

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Y hasta frases escritas

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Adele on Beyoncé’s Grammy loss; watch from 9:16 onwards

Meanwhile on  YouTube;

German youtuber BibisBeautyPalace is literally rushing the dislike-toplist like a fucking pro. Her song was released yesterday, and she received 1 million dislikes (more than most of Justin Bieber’s songs) in only one day, although she only has 4 million subscribers and only has a german fanbase.

Some reasons why people think the song is so unpopular are;

-The song simply sucks

–She didn’t make the lyrics, which are terrible enough on their own.

–She didn’t mix the music

–She didn’t create the beat

–Her voice was altered a lot.

(–It sounds like a tune from that could be from a TV-commercial as well, but that is just my opinion)

-Many people criticize her for starting to cash in at the music market too, since she already created several beauty products that saw widespread release and fantastic sales, making her more of a marketing figure. Why is this bad? Germany hates marketing YouTubers, because being a sellout for advertisement is against the sort of YouTube-honor-code Germany upholds.

-She promoted the song about a week before it was released and made pre-orders for 4,99€, while the song only costs 1,29€ today.

-She started using english text out of nowhere so she could get more views internationally which only makes her even more sellout than she already is.

–She made horrible mistakes in her description due to this. For example, she forgot to translate Austria and kept it at the german name “Österreich”, although everything else was english.

-Some people also argued that she tried to get more male audience, because she is wearing extraordinarily sexy clothes that aren’t really what she wears regularly, and because she is supposedly not wearing clothes in some shots.

At the moment, she is around the Top 11 most disliked YouTube videos of all time, beating videos like the Pokemon GO song or the YouTube Heroes announcement in just 24 hours.

Dime qué horóscopo eres y te enseño tu maquillaje

 Setareh Hosseini es una estrella en Instagram gracias a sus famosos maquillajes artísticos. En esta ocasión, la joven ha querido representar cada uno de los signos zodiacales mediante un maquillaje que identifique su esencia.

La artista, que vive en Toronto, tiene casi 100.000 seguidores en IG y seguro que, cuando veas esta galería, te unes a su perfil. ¿Crees en el horóscopo? ¿Qué signo eres? ¿Ves identificada tu personalidad en el maquillaje que ha elegido Setareh? ¡Yo soy Leo y me encanta su make up para mi signo! Aunque Aries y Aries también son espectaculares…

Imágenes vía starlit_makeup


Source: Yahoo Vida y Estilo


Source: Yahoo Vida y Estilo


Source: Yahoo Vida y Estilo


Source: Yahoo Vida y Estilo


Source: Yahoo Vida y Estilo


Source: Yahoo Vida y Estilo


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sometimes I like to watch a bunch of old randl videos from their main channel and I love getting that early 2010s youtube nostalgia from it?

anonymous asked:

So I'm watching Carpool Harryoke (again) and guess what!! It's the #1 trending video on youtube again!!! *heart explodes with pride+ love, prove if you will*

awwww hiiiiii anon pie!!!!! 💖💖💖 I rewatched it again ten minutes ago as well and I was shocked to see that it’s still trending!!!! People generally love Carpool and this one was pretty cute and funny so maybe it shouldn’t be that shocking lol Proud if Harru 💕 Hope you have a great weekend 😘😘😘😘😘😘
Funny Wet Farts Fail People Farting Exploding Diarrhea Pranks In Elevators Videos Walmart Gone Wrong
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Prank on girl fart  Extremely  funny farts videos on of the best Pranks in elevator try not to laugh watch till the end.


Handcuff MakeUp Challenge!

 The film makers of the new comedy, Hot Pursuit, starring Reese Witherspoon & Sofia Vergara, challenged myself & Laura Bubble to see if we could do each other’s makeup handcuffed!

If you need a bit of a laugh, then definitely check this video out.
We had so much fun making it. The blooper reel would have been just as funny - but it contained a few too many naughty words! It’s safe to say that it was definitely harder than you might think!

 Enjoy :)


Best News Bloopers and Fails of the July 2016 are in! Which one was best?