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Bueno, pues molt bé, pues adiós

#buenopuesmoltbépuesadiós has become the 2nd worldwide trending topic on Twitter and people are making memes with this sentence. Here’s why.

After the terrorist attack in Barcelona, journalists from outisde Catalonia have come to our country to report about it. The Catalan government and police realease all their statements and posts in social media accounts in Catalan (our local language), Spanish (the language of the state), and English, and sometimes in French as well.

So here comes the meme

Major Trapero (or Traphero, as some people call him now), chief of the Catalan police, was doing a press conference and was answering the journalists’ questions when a Spanish journalist demanded that he answers only in Spanish. Trapero said “When they ask me in Catalan, I answer in Catalan, when they ask me in Spanish, I answer in Spanish”. The Spanish journalist got mad and threatened to leave the room if he didn’t answer it all in Spanish, and Trapero, very calmly, said “bueno, pues molt bé, pues adiós” which is a sentence mixing both languages that means “well then, very well, bye, then”.

We’ve finally found the perfect answer when they tell us we don’t have the right to speak our language in our own country.

Canadian Boys l Shawn Mendes Imagine.

prompt: Shawn & (y/n) managed to go from ‘dream couple’ to a messy relationship in front of the cameras, and Shawn doesn’t seem to accept that his ex has decided to move on with the one and only, Justin Bieber.

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Shawn could feel his cheeks heating up as Ellen started a game of Who’d You Rather.

“Rihanna or Sophia Bush?” Ellen asked and pictures of both women appeared on the screen behind him.

“Sophia Bush, no doubt.” he said confidently.

“Hmm, looks like you had your mind already done,” she teased him. “Okay, Sophia Bush or Kendall Jenner?”

“Sophia Bush.” he answered with a hint of laughter on his voice.

“Wow, you’re very sure of yourself.” Ellen said and he shrugged. “Sophia Bush or Margot Robbie?”

“Oh, no! You can’t do that!” he said making the audience laugh. “Ugh, Margot Robbie.” he answered and the audience ooh-ed.

“Margot Robbie or Camila Cabello?” Ellen asked and Shawn shook his head.

“Camila is a friend, so…” he started but the host interrupted him.

“She sure is,” Ellen said, earning laughs from the audience. “So, Camila or…”

“You didn’t let me finish!” Shawn complained laughing.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s my show,” Ellen joked. “Camila Cabello or (y/n) (y/l/n)?”

Shawn felt his cheeks heating up profusely. “They both are very good friends…”

“Oh, is there something you aren’t telling me, Shawn?” Ellen asked.

“No! Of course no.”

“Then answer the question.” Ellen said smiling and looking to the screen where there was Camila and you.

Shawn bit the inside of his cheek. “(y/n), she’s amazing.” he answered and everyone seemed happy with his answer.

“Then I guess we have a winner!” Ellen announced as another picture of you filled the large screen. “Shawn Mendes everybody!”

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“This was the trending topic on Twitter, and it makes you wonder, when it happens in real life, why isn’t it a trending topic every time? This was a fictional character, and I got to walk away from it unscathed…Let’s take that discussion and that dialogue and use it to help people who are going through that in their everyday lives. Stop making it such a taboo, and make it a discussion.” — Sophie Turner Photographed for TIME Magazine (July 2017)

This was the trending topic on Twitter, and it makes you wonder, when it happens in real life, why isn’t it a trending topic every time?” says Turner, who is 21. “This was a fictional character, and I got to walk away from it unscathed … Let’s take that discussion and that dialogue and use it to help people who are going through that in their everyday lives. Stop making it such a taboo, and make it a discussion.
—  Sophie Turner (x)
[SOOMPI] Highlight's Fans Make The 2017 Incheon K-pop Concert Unforgettable With Special Fan Event

When it was Highlight’s turn to perform on stage, not only did Lights change back to their designated color, but they also banded together to create the lettering “HI♡LIGHT” with their light sticks. The members of Highlight were deeply moved by their fans, which can be seen from the fact that they all shared photos from the touching moment on their Instagram accounts. The 2017 Incheon K-pop Concert was already set to be an amazing night with a star-studded lineup, but Lights [Highlight’s official fan club name] made it even more unforgettable with a special event!

Events that bring together many groups in one venue usually allocate blocks of seats to different fandoms, with fans bringing light sticks in their official colors to show support for their favorite singers. Highlight’s fans surprised everyone when it was revealed that they had prepared a special event for, not just Highlight, but other singers as well. Lights came prepared with light sticks that could change color, and when other groups came out to perform, they changed their light stick colors and sang along to show their support. They are said to have changed to red for Red Velvet and Sunmi, blue for VIXX LR, and green for B.A.P.

Not only did fans from other fandoms take notice of this, with the term “라이트분들 [Lights]” quickly becoming a trending topic on Twitter, but singers did as well! T-ara’s Hyomin shared a video of Lights singing along with and cheering for T-ara as they performed their hit song “Lovey Dovey.” (Hyomin’s post)

B.A.P’s Himchan also directly thanked Highlight’s fans on Twitter as he wrote, “Today was such a fun day, I was so happy to see so many of you guys. I love you, BABYs [B.A.P’s official fan club name]. And I heard about what happened [Light’s light stick event], and thank you to Lights.” (Himchan’s post)

When it was Highlight’s turn to perform on stage, not only did Lights change back to their designated color, but they also banded together to create the lettering “HI♡LIGHT” with their light sticks. The members of Highlight were deeply moved by their fans, which can be seen from the fact that they all shared photos from the touching moment on their Instagram accounts.

Member Lee Gikwang also took time to thank fans for cheering during his solo performance as well, as he wrote, “I didn’t realize this because I had my in-ear monitor on during my ‘What you like’ performance, but I looked it up later and listened to our Lights doing the ‘8Gikwang’ fan chants… I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched and listened to that video. For so many people to shout and cheer my name and those fan chants as loud as they could, it moved me and made me so happy. I don’t really know how to put this in words. I want to sincerely thank all our Lights, and the many other fans, who cheered for me. It’s been an emotional night. I will continue to work even harder. I’m having such a happy night thanks to our Lights. Thank you so, very much.” 

Hats off to Lights for making it an unforgettable night for everyone!

Feminism in Turkey

Okay, I’m gonna tell you guys something very serious. I always saw feminism posts on Tumblr and I thought I should share this with the people of Tumblr.

Özgecan Aslan is a Turkish woman who had killed. She was 20 and a collage student. She went missing a couple of days ago. Her family informed police about that their daughter is missing. They found her body burnt. The night she went missing, she was using transportation between two cities (Adana to Mersin I guess) After her friend got off, she was the only passanger in the minibus (It’s literally a mini bus.) When she realised driver changed the route, she understood what’s gonna happen to her. So she started fighting with him. He pulled the bus over and tried to rape her. She used pepper spray (tear gas) to defend herself but he kept trying. Then she scratched his face over and over again. That made him angry and he stapped her but she wasn’t dead. He hit her with crank and cut her hands. Because her nails had his DNA. Two people helped him to burn her body. They left her corpse next to a creek. When people found out this, it became a kind of feminist movement here.

In Turkey, women are never really safe. Crime against women something we see very often. Husbands can beat their wives because they are jealous or they feel like it and police things that’s a family bussiness. When you are wearing something short or too much make up, surely someone’s gonna hit on you. Women in Turkey is tired of living like that.

They started a hashtag on Twitter. #sendeanlat It means you tell your story too. Because nearly every women in Turkey has a harassment or rape story. It could be physical or vocal harassment but every one of us has at least one. Usually women don’t tell things like that because if you were harassed, people blame you. “What we you wearing?” “Was there a man with you?” or “What time was that?” are the most asked question. Basically they shame the victim but today women stopped being ashamed by it. They told their story and try to make people understand how we live our lives in fear. I’m gonna show you guys some examples.

In the nights, I’m afraid and nervous to walk in deserted streets. That why I use the longer but safer path.

I’m afraid to wear skirts, walk alone in streets and being alone in home.

We’re tired of getting harassed by men in my fathers age. 

When I was 14, I was followed by a man in my fathers age till I came home from school. There’s no word to explain how afraid I was.

In a moving staircase, I realised a man was taking upskirt pictures. There was 160 videos like that in his phone but police released him.

We’re not gonna be silent anymore. We say no and we want life safety.

When we walk alone to home, we pretend talking with someone on the phone, walk fast and don’t look around.

When you go to a job interview, you just feel nervous if he asks for you phone number.

In his birthday, my boyfriend found my dress too short and he said “I’m not gonna walk with you”. He pulled a face for two days.

When I was 6 years old, a strange man called me in a building and started to take of my clothes. I started to run away but there is nothing like that fear. 

They gave us pads after sexuality seminar. I hide that deep in my bag but one of the male students found and showed it everyone.
(Writers note: That’s very embarrassing when you are 10 or so)

In my friends wedding, a guy told me that “I’m gonna fuck you tonight” and I was there with my boyfriend. They just said “He’s just drunk”

While getting ready for gym class, there’s always one person who stands next to door so no male student can bust in. 

There are heartless people who says “If you celebrate new year outside, you like to be get harassed.

These are just a very few of them. There are thousands of tweets like this. It’s a trending topic in Twitter and that’s daily life of a women in Turkey. These are the basic stuff. There are rapers who had "good behaviour” punishment discount or who got away with saying “She said yes.” That’s why we’re tired of living a world like this.

We’re flirting in the edge of breaking the Top 10 trending topics on Twitter, Olicity fans. If you haven’t jumped in to help - even if you tweet just once – please take a second to do so. Make your voice (and your Olicity love) heard loud and clear!

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Okay Lizzington Fans, I Have An Idea...

The writers and the creator of the show, will be hitting the drawing board this summer for new season ideas.

I think it’s time we all came together collectively across all social media platforms, and really gave them a piece of our minds.

And by saying “giving them a piece of our minds,” I don’t mean cursing someone out (that doesn’t work dearies, no matter how very tempting it is since this finale lol), I mean we come together and we…

1) Create analysis’ on the show that really highlights their weaknesses in the story lines. Then we tag them personally to read it.

2) Break down episodes piece by piece to show them how this season, has not matched up with previous seasons at all… Again, we tag everyone we can in them so they see it.

3) Show the writing and production staff, the creator and the executives behind the scenes at NBC the flaws and damages they have made with characters, and sacrifices they have made to the story in order to push certain characters to a more elevated status. (I.E. keeping Tom around when you can clearly tell his story was supposed to run out at the end of season one. Or how they re-wrote Liz’s entire fire ordeal just to benefit Kaplin’s character this season. And as much as I loved Mr. Kaplan, they did screw up a major plot line just give her a bigger role then killed her off.)

4) Come up with hashtags, get them trending to show solitary with this side of the fandom. Be sure to watch the trending topics on twitter and if we work together to get it to start trending, screen cap it and tag the writers, the creator and the executive NBC staff. (The easiest way to do this, is to schedule re-watches in the fandom and get everyone together on Twitter to launch the rewatch campaign with an approved hashtag the group comes up with).

5) Be a online force to be reckoned with. Don’t take no for an answer. Hold these people accountable for their actions this season.

6) if there is a theory that you believe should be explored more on the show (the Imposter theory is the hottest one at the moment), write about, check over your writing (make sure it makes sense and flows smoothly with no errors) and publish it. Again, get on all social media platforms and tag everyone you can think of (that’s a part of the writing staff or otherwise part of the show) so they’ll see it.

If there is one thing I’ve seen daddygaters do well, it’s push their agenda all over social media. And admittedly in comment sections on Facebook, and articles online, you would think the general consensus is that most viewers want daddy gate, which isn’t true. If you look on the blacklist fandom for fanfics, Lizzington fics make up an overwhelming majority. Art pieces? Same thing. When it comes to show analysis’? Lizzington fans make up the majority.

This summer, if you guys want to stand a chance at getting some of these things corrected, you’ll have to start coming together, putting the pressure on without letting up and more importantly – fighting back and resisting the BS re-write information that was given.

You have to be a force to be reckoned with. And I’m all for helping leaders in this community come up with creative ways to get it done.

But I refuse to sit back and watch any more BS that doesn’t make sense and totally changes the original story, just because the folks behind the scenes probably think that daddy gate is the majority of their show. Because I feel that’s what’s going on here.

Let’s talk about this guys… What can we do to get the ball rolling on making an impact with our social media presence?

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I just watched the Argentinian tv show and they're now on their third day of talking nonstop about Misha Collins. It's hilarious, apparently he was able to get their show to be the number one trending topic on twitter for the first time ever and also the article that they posted today is already their most viewed/read article ever. My god, Misha has quite the impact. According to the reporters they're working out a time to interview him, so keep your eyes out for it!

This is the cutest thing. 

Argentina now has Misha-fever.

Argentina is Jensen. 

Haylor Moments in 2016


-Wildest Dreams Grammy museum acoustic performance released

-Harry posts a black and white photo of rain on a day rumoured to be the anniversary Haylor broke up

-Harry’s very extra  e-mail address gets leaked and it is confirmed to be Stylesh989 (So embarrassing lol)


-Harry turns 22 and tweets lyrics to Taylor’s hit song. Haylor becomes a trending topic on the same day

-Niall is photographed with deluxe edition of 1989 on his phone

-Taylor opens up the Grammys with a performance of ‘Out of the Woods’

-1989 (the official Haylor soundtrack) wins album of the year at the Grammys

-Taylor says a beautiful maid of honour speech at her best friend Brit’s wedding which has parallels to songs lyrics and words she has spoken about Harry in interviews


-Harry tweets lyrics to ‘Come Away With Me’ by Norah Jones

-Harry and Taylor both have dinner in West Hollywood in separate restaurants not far from each other on Easter Monday 


-Taylor is seen in Brentwood two days after Harry is

-Taylor has dinner at Nobu with Lily Alderidge two nights after Harry has dinner there with his friends

-Taylor dresses in a similar style to Courtney Love the same weekend Harry dresses similar to Kurt Cobain 

-Style/Perfect mashup performed at Coachella 

-Niall sings OOTW on his Snapchat

-Harry tweets lyrics to ‘Just What I Needed’ by The Cars 


-Harry’s sister Gemma likes a photo of Taylor on IG 

-Taylor retweets a photo of herself holding a diet coke bottle with lyrics to ‘Style’ on it after many people were saying that ‘Style’ is no longer relevant to Haylor because Harry had recently cut his hair and Taylor was frequently wearing purple lipstick

-Gemma mentions 1989 World Tour Live in her blog 


-Haylor becomes a trending topic on Twitter for the second time of the year

-Anne posts a photo on IG of Dusty and Dotty and includes the tags #wonderland and #cheshirecats 

-Taylor attends the Taylor Swift Education Centre where there is a note on the wall that says “Haylor will rise” 


-Anne posts a photo on the morning of the Kimye incident of a Minion with the words “Good morning just sending out a small smile to whoever may need one today!”  as a possible indirect to Taylor or anyone else upset by the situation

-A photo of a couple who resemble Harry and Taylor is discovered around the same time Harry is filming Dunkirk 


-Taylor is seen wearing sneakers from a Gucci collection inspired by Harry’s tattoos

-Never before seen photos of Haylor from their night in Time Square on NYE 2012 are leaked 

-Niall follows Taylor on Twitter

- #haylorwillriseparty trends on Twitter

-A poster at a university in the USA contains the image of Harry and Taylor walking in Central Park 


-The Swift fandom starts a theory that TIWYCF was written about Harry which starts out as a joke but then comes to actually make sense

-People magazine pitches articles that confirm both Harry and Taylor are single on the same day (Hiddleswift break up; Harry denying Hendall rekindling rumours )

-Taylor has dinner at Greenwich Hotel where she went on a date with Harry back in 2012

-Taylor third wheels with Zigi


-Harry posts three blank white images on IG which some articles believe are a reference to the song ‘Blank Space’ 


-An article about Harry’s friendship with Nathan Followil comes out the day after Taylor goes to a private Kings of Leon concert 

-Taylor posts a screenshot of an mp3 of ‘Over’ by Kings of Leon on IG 

-’Someday’ is (finally!) released on Michael Buble’s album ‘Nobody But Me’ as a duet with Meghan Trainor

-Songs about Harry are performed at the FM1 concert in Texas 


-Elle King reveals Taylor loves her song ‘See You Again’ 

-Haylor reference on the Taylor Swift themed episode of ‘Family Guy' 


-How You Get the Girl Grammy museum acoustic version is released

-‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever’ is releasedas a duet between Taylor and Harry’s ex bandmate Zayn 

-In a fan photo Harry is seen in Holmes Chapel outside a place he took Taylor on a date wearing the You Are In Love/Olivia  shirt 

-Taylor gives her brother Austin a signed copy of a CD from a band that Harry is friends with for Christmas

Being able to control the elements and going to the beach with the Avengers would include:
  • You being the control maniac you always were
  • (get it because you control the elements)
  • Planning the whole trip all by yourself
  • You telling everyone not to worry about the weather
  • Freaking out when something was missing
  • “Y/N, you have towel number twelve on your hands”
  • “Oh, right. Sorry!”
  • Everyone being excited as hell 
  • Except for Bucky. He didn’t like being seen in public.
  • Pietro forbidding Wanda to wear a bikini
  • Her taking one with her anyways
  • Tony ignoring your begs to go on a road trip instead of on the jet
  • Flying all the way to the beach 
  • Leaving early so you can stay the whole day at the beach 
  • You planning on telling everyone your super plan during the flight
  • But you end up sleeping almost the whole flight
  • So they take this chance to make your schedule disappear magically
  • “Maybe you just forgot it on the table, Y/N. Relax, this is our day off!”
  • “Shut up, Steve. I NEED THAT AGENDA!”
  • Everyone trying not to act suspicious
  • Nat hiding in on her bag because, nobody touches Nat’s bag. Ever.
  • Tony, Clint and Natasha taking pictures of you and everyone else who’s sleeping for blackmail
  • Bucky looks just SO CUTE when he sleeps
  • Finally arriving to Tony’s beach house 
  • Tony and Steve getting everyone on their rooms
  • Pietro, Wanda, Vision and you sharing a room
  • Steve, Bucky, Natasha and Sam sharing a room
  • Tony and Clint sharing a room
  • Peter and Scott sleeping on the living room
  • “We don’t want any insects in our rooms!”
  • “Aw, Tony, c’mon. There are enough rooms for everyone!”
  • “FINE. Just get ready and everything so we can leave.”
  • You winking at Peter
  • Him smiling and looking down
  • Scott and Peter sharing a room
  • An hour, a bottle of sunblock and three girls getting ready later, finally getting to the beach
  • Pietro not approving Wanda’s bikini
  • The twins, Peter and you running straight to the water
  • Well, Pietro actually zooming to the water
  • Yelling, as the water was cold
  • “Kids these days are out of control”
  • “Cap, do you realize you just sounded like an eighty-year-old grandpa?”
  • Clint posting the pics he took of you on twitter
  • “Aw, little Y/N’s pout when she sleeps”
  • Having 10k+ retweets
  • Pietro getting angry at how Vision was staring at Wanda
  • Pietro getting angry at how everyone was staring at Wanda
  • Bucky wanting to go on the water so bad but being kinda shy
  • You trying to convince him 
  • At last, you literally pull him into the water
  • Him screeching cause the water is cold
  • You using your mutation to mess with everyone
  • Splashing water over everyone
  • Even Vision. He is not pleased.
  • Steve messing around with Natasha, and Bucky being a bit jealous
  • Sam and Peter digging a hole to bury Scott all the way up to his neck
  • “Cap, look! I’m a mermaid!”
  • Making a campfire
  • Eating marshmallows and sausages
  • Wanda stealing all of your marshmallows when you’re not looking
  • Telling alien stories around the campfire
  • “Y/N”
  • “Yes Nat” 
  • “I have your agenda”
  • … yoU PIECE OF SH…”
  • Throwing sand on her sausage
  • “Hey Y/N, why is #Y/Nslittlepout a trending topic on Twitter?”
  • Clint glaring at Peter
  • You checking twitter on your phone
  • Throwing sand at Clint