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I have zero self-control; here’s Lyra waltzing around in trousers and daring anyone to make a comment


Angsty headcanon, because I like to hurt myself and those around me:

When Molly learns she’s pregnant, Sherlock’s first instinct is to hide it because he’s afraid someone dangerous may find out.  One day, he receives a small package, no return address…but the scent is instantly familiar.  He’s terrified, but he hastily rips the paper off of the small box.  He opens it to find a small, worn toy airplane, and a note:

“Make sure to keep your little one on the ground.”  




I had to do a double take at the shelter today like wow this dog looks.. Other. My brain wants to say other worldly, other caninely. 

So, firstly, she definitely is NOT a coyote, surely, but my brain certainly liked entertaining the idea. I was talking to myself in my head:

look here brain, I know we know phenotyping tips for wolfdogs and not coydogs but they probably share some things and surely surely she is not, that would be highly unlikely, see here her papers say she is an owner surrender, she’s over 12 which explains her lankiness and that wise face and her strange gait, she is stiff! it is not an undogly movement! and, and it says she is an alaskan husky

and my brain interjects: but the ears are so big, they are so high set (me: I don’t think that’s a for sure coyote thing what are you saying, the inside is not even that furred..) and her toes, she’s got hare feet! (yes but alaskan huskies are not siberian huskies, maybe they have hare feet instead of cat feet, also she’s old, also her nails are white

my brain: you can’t trust the breed labels at a shelter you know better than that, and her snoot is so long and boopable! (exactly we can’t trust breed labels so she’s probably a mix!? a.. sighthound? maybe a greyhound or whippet mixed with husky??) But listen to her she’s so talkative! (Huskies are talkative! those are perfectly normal husky woos, not coyote AAAaaaAAas)

oh but her coloring! (normal husky coloring!! with a normal husky facial marking, if a little greyed out because she is old!!) but wouldn’t it be cool?? if she was a coydog?? (YES ITD BE COOL BUT NO THAT WOULD BE BAD FOR HER AND SHE IS VERY DOGLY AND SHE IS A DOG just a lanky old lady who is too beautiful to stay here for long)

Part of it is also probably because she’s so different from the majority of shelter pups, she really stood out. What a beautiful lady though, yea? Very noble looking. I hope someone takes her home soon, she’s lovely.

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