I would like ALL OF YOU to take a moment and appreciate Prince Pecha, for filming the two trailers even though he wasen’t allowed to do it, and sharing the hype with all of us. Prince Pecha, you’re the hero of the fandom. thanks you so much for filming the trailers! you saved all of us. From Linor, the 16 year old girl who shared the videos with everyone, and from the people who wanted to see the trailers. we all salute you.

Btw, thanks you so much @anawinkaro , for sending the videos to me, and for changing my emotions from the sadness of not seeing the trailers, to pure happines, and without you, this trending post would’nt exist!

Mad? Listen to music.
Sad? Listen to music.
Heart broken? Listen to music.
Anxious? Listen to music.
Feeling super pumped about something? Listen to some damn music.

Theres a lot of these “remember these ancient tumblr trends??” posts but somehow none of them mention the Hannibal fandom.

Like Hannibal was?? huge on tumblr?? to the point that some Superwholockians were mad about Hannibal trying to become the fourth installment. The actors wore actual flowercrowns to con because tumblr wouldnt stop putting them in photo edits. Every single cannibal pun showed up on tumblr in photoset form. headcanon names for Will’s 1000 dogs.

Hannibal was huge on tumblr and then its last season was some kinda abstract art piece and then it vanished and I…don’t totally know what happened.

I Hate this cool tumblr trend ™ of taking any post that is remotely pro recovery or improving ur mental health or trying to manage your life and shitting on it, saying “WE CAN’T ALL BE NEUROTYPICAL KAREN” or whatever bullshit.
it is so unhealthy and can ruin people or stop them trying to recover from their mental illnesses (speaking from personal experience)

and like I’m not trying to blame people with executive dysfunction or such (lord knows I’m terrible at looking after myself) , but seeing every positive or helpful post being shit on is so tiring. can we please stop.

I really love the trend in post-finale fics of the Russian skating family just ADORING Yuuri, to the point where they pretty much like him more than they like Victor.

Like they’ve known Victor for years, but they give HIM the shovel talk. 

When Yuuri’s anxiety flairs up and he starts thinking that he doesn’t deserve Victor, they’re like “Nah, dude, he doesn’t deserve you.”

(Victor wants to be offended, but honestly he agrees with them)

When Yakov starts threatening bodily harm to Victor for being stubborn, Yuuri protests with “Please don’t break my fiancé!” and Yakov replies with “Don’t worry, we’ll find you a better one. Trust me, there’ll be plenty of volunteers.”

(And Yuuri just blushes and stammers “Okay, but I like this one!”)

Previously seen on this post. I’m making a separate post for this trend based off of the interest it received. 

Another reason for this post and trend is I have seen some people expressing concern about using the other because of how the ‘____ deserves better’ trend became peculiar to the struggle of LGBT and characters of color faced in media in 2016. From what I’ve seen, what we want for Kara is different than the fight we had for Lexa. This isn’t about LGBT issues specifically, and we don’t want to confuse the two, especially with the anniversary of Lexa’s death coming up in a couple of weeks. 

Instead, this trend is for us to express our concerns we have with the show as a whole this season, not only with Kara’s character development but the treatment of other core characters on the show like James or M’gann or even Alex and Kara’s relationship as sisters being shoved to the side.  (This is a great post going into that with references.)

It’s not about ship wars. It’s not about bashing one character or couple. It’s for us to go to the network and creators and tell them that this is not the show we signed on for in season one. It’s us going to the network and creators as a unified front and saying we miss the show we fell in love with. 

It’s us going to them and asking, “Where is our Supergirl?”

Ugh, so apparently my most popular trending post at the moment is the one about racist homophobic “Karen” kicking her gay daughter out of the house. And the reason it’s trending is cause people are calling it fake, and citing the fact that I claimed “Karen” had been writing slash fic for over 30 years.

Newsflash children: You did not invent fandom, you are not even close to the ground level of fandom inception as you know it today. 

Yes, there was slash fic being written over 30 years ago, even longer so than that. They were called fanzines, and they were these things printed on paper, you had to sign up for them and theyd get sent in the mail to your houseAnd they were predominantly started by women over the age of 30 who wanted to talk to other people like them without the fear of ridicule for liking something for “silly” reasons like love and sex and all the other things we like about fandom.

People wrote about Star Trek, Star Wars (my god the Han/Luke slash wars involved people throwing gay fanfic onto Mark Hamill’s lawn)—pretty much any popular show at the time in the same way we do today, except now we have the convenience of a place called Ao3 and not being sued for writing fan content because yes, that was a thing that also happened.

As for the people just tagging on “this seems fake but okay” for the hell of it and talking about how no one would take in a queer kid the way Aunt Bee did? I’m sorry you are that jaded. 

I didn’t know when I was bitching about something personal going down in my fandom circles, that it’d get tumblr popular. I never know what the fuck I am going to post on this hellsite that will take off next, but it was real, and it happened. M is still living with Aunt Bee who has always been a dominant figure in the OT Star Wars fandom, looooong before Ao3 and even fanfic net was a thing. And she is known in certain circles for her overwhelming kindness and generosity. She was an internet fandom mom in the days of dial up and before, and it’s not my fault if you’re not aware of your own fandom history enough to not know who the fuck I’m really talking about. 

And no I will not post “proof” or give you real names so you can go find them, the fuck is wrong with you. These are real people with real lives and I am not about to go rooting around on people’s private facebook feeds just to score fake points on the internet. I literally do not give that much of a fuck about my blog to even try that. I shouldn’t have even been bitching about it publicly in the first place but I needed an outlet to vent that one of my oldest fandom circles was dying and was going nova in a spectacular fashion and tumblr picked it up and ran. 

And in the midst of all that, there was one small moment of genuine goodness in the world where another human being said all right no fuck your bigotry and hatred, your kid can come stay with me and did it. And while that might seem unbelievable to you and your own selfish values, people do these kind of things.

I can name five people off the top of my head here on tumblr who have helped rescue someone else from shitty abusive situations, and taken them into their homes and cared for them like their own family. 

The entire sum of the universe is not shit and desolation. 

And I’m sorry that you think it is.

Deja su coche sucio y se encuentra una obra de arte

¿Te da pereza limpiar tu coche? ¿Te cuesta ver por los cristales debido a la enorme capa de polvo que tiene? ¡Pues quizás estés de suerte! 

Nikita Golubev es una ilustradora rusa que recorre las calles de Moscú en busca de dueños descuidados que hayan dejado sus coches llenos de polvo. Donde otros ven suciedad, Nikita ve una herramienta potencial para expresar su creatividad. Aquí te dejo una selección de sus mejores obras.

Imágenes vía Nikita Golubev

Un cocodrilo en un camión..

Source: Yahoo Vida y Estilo

Un tiburón blanco..

Source: Yahoo Vida y Estilo

Un misterioso rostro..

Source: Yahoo Vida y Estilo

¡Print floral azul!

Source: Yahoo Vida y Estilo

La sombría cara de un simio

Source: Yahoo Vida y Estilo

Un búho en un camión…

Source: Yahoo Vida y Estilo

Inquietante y solo con polvo..

Source: Yahoo Vida y Estilo

¡A surfear!

Source: Yahoo Vida y Estilo

Y hasta frases escritas

Source: Yahoo Vida y Estilo

Goth vs Mainstream Over 40 Years

So its always kind of bothered me a bit that some goths like to really dump on modern goth styles and trends when in retrospect, goth has always mirrored the mainstream in terms of fashion in some point or another. Right from the very beginning goth was borrowing from the mainstream and vice versa. So i thought that i would break down 4 decades of goth fashion and their comparisons to popular trends and mainstream fashion to show you that goth has never been as original as you might think and that change and evolution is inevitable in all subcultures that involve fashion.

Of course we all know goth came from punk so obviously from the very moment goth stood on its own two legs, it was already borrowing style inspiration from its punk roots, but it didnt stop there.

80′s style

The 80′s were known as a pretty outrageous time for fashion and with pop music dominating the radio and television it was understandable that pop stars were a huge influence when it came to fashion. Madonna was definitely one of the most influential fashion icons of the 80′s and though she was a pop princess on the radio, some of her style often dappled in the darker side of fashion. she often sported fishnet tops, black leather and religious symbols. much like Siouxsie Sioux. Leather, spandex, lace and pointy shoes were all trendy in the 80′s, but not just in goth, but much of the mainstream as well.  Makeup was often bold in color and almost geometric in shape. And of course who could forget that hair? Goths in the 80′s went all out when it came to their hairstyles  but they weren’t the only ones wasting a whole can of Aqua Net in one day on keeping their hair gravity defying. Almost everyone in the 80′s at some point has backcombed, teased or crimped their locks all in the name of bigger hair.

90′s Style

Of course not every trend that was popular in the 80′s died as soon as the 90′s rolled around, and a lot of goths were still wearing looks that were common in the 80′s but much of goth fashion was becoming less punk and more romantic during the mid to late 90′s. The 90′s brought with it, a strange obsession with the occult. Shows like charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and movies like The Craft, began influencing certain fashion trends. Velvet dresses with combat boots became staples in both goth and mainstream fashion. 90′s hair became less styled and more free and many goth women began adopting the free flowing look that added to the mysterious seductress vibe. Makeup became less geometric. It was popular at the time for women to go linerless or wear darker more natural tones in a smudged fashion around their eyes.  young goths were ditching the pointy shoes to go with the more popular platform style that the 90′s was known for.

2000′s Style

I think most of us can agree that the 2000′s had some really hit or miss trends in both goth and mainstream fashion and I can comfortably say that the 2000′s is seen as a rather embarrassing decade by many goths now. This was the time that a lot of misinformed young people were flocking to Manson concerts and Hot Topic and were eating up everything that they thought was goth whether it was or not. Many of the so called “goths” you saw on TV in the 2000′s were what we today consider mall goths. Mainstream fashion was really all over the place in the 2000′s and i think goth fashion was too. Pop stars were experimenting with strange color and style combinations and goths started experimenting with neon. Rave fashion had evolved and trickled over from the 90′s into 2000′s mainstream fashion and into goth as well in what is call cyber goth. In the 2000′s baggy pants became popular with young people and goths began sporting Tripp pants and other forms of cargo pants. Skater fashion clashed with the mainstream as well as with goth and you would often see goth teens wearing Avrils signature eye look paired with a fishnet top and black baggy pants. Stripped stockings became popular and high fashion was borrowing  from goth more than ever. Thankfully romantic goth survived well enough that not every goth looked like a cross between a spice girl, a raver and a character from Invader Zim, but unfortunately there were a lot of misguided youths experimenting with a subculture that they didnt know enough about and with how many strange trends we blew through in the 2000′s its understandable why goth fashion was so all over the place.

2010′s Style

And suddenly we are stuck in this strange place between the 80′s and 90′s. Mainstream fashion in the past 7 years has really borrowed a lot from the past, especially the 90′s. But this time, its doing it in a simpler, more flattering fashion. The 90′s was cool right? Well if you’re a 90′s kid like me then you probably jumped right on that 90′s revival train like the rest of us and you’re riding it all the way through nostalgia town. Grungy ripped jeans, flannel and band Ts, chunky boots and tattoo chokers are all back in style and many goths are eating it up as well. But im going to give nu goth some credit here. Some of it is really nice. Black leather jackets, velvet, occult symbols and fishnets. Its almost like its paying an homage to 80′s and 90′s goth fashion. Of course a lot of nu goth style in 2010 was really ugly garbage but the style has improved over the years, encompassing other styles such as strega fashion and ninja goth. Witchy symbols are being worn by goths and mainstreamers alike. Long band T shirts over leggings and wide brimmed hats are everywhere. Shows like American Horror Story helped kick start the witchy fashion trend and everyone is buying it. I personally enjoy a lot of aspects of modern goth fashion because they remind me of the 80′s and 90′s. Even pointy shoes are coming back into style. Its possible that with the help of nu goth and mainstream fashion we may actually be able to kickstart a new generation of traditional goths and finally come full circle.

So goth has never really been original and just like every other fashion, its going to keep evolving over time and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Now that leather jackets and pointy buckle boots are coming back into style and more people are asking who Joy Division is after seeing one of their shirts hanging up in Forever 21, we are now closer to our goth roots than we have been in 2 decades. Goth fashion was always about experimenting and expressing yourself but even the best of us have fallen prey to trends, and thats not a bad thing. Fashion is something to have fun with, and if goth really does claim to be a subculture thats “all about the music” then it shouldnt matter how a goth dresses.