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Arrow will start airing Thursday nights at 9pm starting in the fall. To prepare for that change of air date, we will trend ‘OLICITY REUNITED’ on Thursday, May 25th beginning at 4pm until hopefully it trends WORLDWIDE in the top 10. I hope you can help with the trend at that time, if not please schedule some tweets through Tweetdeck.


#HispanicGirlsUnited Gives An Honest Look At What It’s Like To Be Latina

A viral new hashtag is giving Latinas a voice, at least on Twitter.

According to, #HispanicGirlsUnited started trending on Twitter last Thursday after user Joyce Santeliz added it to a tweet about how Hispanic girls are depicted in the media.

See more of the #HispanicGirlsUnited tweets here. 

THROWBACK THURSDAY // Dépèche Mode Summer 1982

We found this gem in our archive. Dépèche Mode wasn’t a fanzine for the namesake band, it was a french fashion magazine which was published from 1976-2001. Do you see the Eiffel Tower on the cover?

J - Hope's fan project [postponed]

As you already know, we were supposed to trend #whatiloveabouthoseok this thursday to show him some affection and love, show him we can also be his hope.
However, there was a risk that Yoongi might drop his mixtape and he did, two days before the d-day of the project.
After a long debate and asking around us opinions and reasons of why or why not postpone the project, we came to this conclusion :

By respect for Yoongi and to not look like we want to steal his shining time, we will postpone the project to more quiet times.

Please don’t feel sad about it, I’m as disappointed as you are but I also don’t want people to say bad stuff about Hobi, we know how this fandom can be so let’s choose safety over our excitation to let Hobi knows he’s loved and appreciated.

We will choose another date as soon as we can and let you know about it! In the meantime, what you can do is speak about it to everyone around you : we now have more time to spread the information and more participants!!!

If you have any question, please message me or send an ask and I’ll be glad to answer!

what pisses me off is that if you’re not LGBTQ you don’t get it

fucking blarkes getting mad at us for wanting to get the show cancelled “just because a character died”

it’s not “just because a character died” it’s because this was a calculated move made by the show team to queerbait the femslash shippers into thinking we had a chance, using us to keep views up and to trend the show every goddamn week just to kill off the lesbian character in the most offensive and disgusting way possible

like i’m all for bisexual representation but if you think it’s ok for all bisexual women on TV to be with a woman briefly only to end up with a guy that’s fucking lesbophobic and it happens every goddamn time

and the lesbians are killed off every goddamn time

i don’t care that you still like the show. i do care about the cast and the crew and yeah I’d hate to see them lose their jobs but they’re all saltier than the fucking dead sea they deserve a better work environment than this manipulative, bullying bullshit that jrotinhell provides and I’d like to think that they’re all talented enough to find work elsewhere

blarkes are apparently going to trend renewthe1OO on thursday and I’m fucking disgusted, like, I thought they were starting to understand but as soon as they get the slightest fucking tease about their ship they’re just like lol nvm sucks for you and i’m just so fucking pissed

Trend for Thursday June 23rd: #BlackLGBTDeserveToBe


·         Turn location on (GPS + Location in Twitter settings)

·         Use pictures/videos. It helps get the trend more attention in algorithms

·         Add something to the tweet (but not just numbers)

·         Tag @netflix @oitnb​ @Orangewriters

·         Follow @blacklgbt on twitter for updates

Time zones:

·         4pm - 7pm EDT

·         1pm - 4pm PDT

·         5pm - 8pm Brazil

·         9pm - 12am UK BST

·         10PM - 1am Europe

·         6AM - 9AM - June 24th - Australia

How to use Tweetdeck/Schedule Tweets:

1.       Go to

2.       Click the blue “write” button on the upper left corner

3.       Type out your tweets (you can add pictures, videos, links, etc.)

4.       Set a time for your scheduled tweet

Writer’s Twitter Accounts: Tweet them how Poussey’s death made you feel and why the message they were trying to send resonated in the wrong way.

·         @SaraHess

·         @sianheder

·         @lomorelli

·         @aregnery

·         @taraherrmann

·         @nickjonesland

·         @MistyRoseyPosey

·         @stephenfalk

Black Lives Matter Activists Interrupt Hillary Clinton At Private Event In South Carolina

They wanted her to account for some of her past statements on racial justice.

Youth activist Ashley Williams demanded that the Democratic presidential candidate account for inconsistencies in her record on race, specifically around comments she made about crime in 1996 about calling black kids “super predators”.

“Hillary Clinton has a pattern of throwing the Black community under the bus when it serves her politically,“ Williams said in a statement before the event. "She called our boys ‘super-predators’ in ’96, then she race-baited when running against Obama in ‘08, now she’s a lifelong civil rights activist. I just want to know which Hillary is running for President, the one from ’96, ’08, or the new Hillary?

This has caused the hashtag “#WhichHillary” to trend on Twitter early Thursday morning. 


I’ve seen lots of various hashtags planned to trend on Thursday 9/8c when The 99+1 is on. We should try to plan which ones to trend each week to maintain continuity and show that we mean business.

So here’s a list of one’s I propose and maybe on this post we can all officially decide on ones.

Episode 8- Terms and conditions (10 March 2016): #LGBTfansdeservebetter

Episode 9- TBA (2016): #LexaIsClarkesSoulmate

Episode 10- TBA (2016): #RottenburgIsZodiacKiller

(props and credit to ontareyes for that. I love you.)

Episode 11- TBA (2016): Kim Shumway is the head writer of this episode so maybe #FreeKim but if y'all don’t want to bring her name in specifically because that might create a really awkward situation for her then I suggest #FreeTheWriters

Episode 12- TBA (2016): J-Rottenburg is the head on this episode so I suggest #StopSuckingYourOwnFootJRot

Episode 13- TBA (2016): #CancelRothenburg

Episode 14- TBA (2016): #StopTheGayBurialTrope2K16

Episode 15- TBA (2016): #FreeTheCast

Episode 16- TBA (2016): #BadRepresentationEqualsNoRepresentation

Since we know Ricky Whittle left the show because of bullying from Jason Rottenburg and Jason stated that in this show a character won’t walk off into the sunset but must die to leave, it’s safe to say Lincoln’s death is coming up.

When that happens, I propose we dismiss whatever hashtag is planned for that week and use #Lincoln deserved better and #POC deserved better instead.

If there is a 100 episode after Season Two Premiere of FTWD, then we should obviously trend #FTWDs2 Thursday during the episode.

It would be nice if we could all re-watch Fear The Walking Dead and trend it in addition to these each Thursday. I love being apart of this fandom and don’t want to see it die. Plus it’s such a salty and shady thing to do binches. :)

Bellarkers and Bellamy fans that are upset at his lack of development this season and/or sympathize with ClexaKru and are upset at what happened and want to join this, maybe one week the hashtag could be related to that.

A poll might be a smart thing to do each week. I’ll try to make that happen if this doesn’t work out. Obviously new things may come up so the hashtags are likely to change especially if you all think of better ones.

If we collectively agree on this and carry through, then we can show Jason, The CW, queerbaiters, all writers that have treated lgbt+/POC characters badly and/or killed them off and future writers that will that we will not stand for this and we want change.

Our voices matter.

Bad representation is no representation.

Remember to be respectful in your critiques and tweets so they take us seriously. It’s never okay to threaten someone’s life or family.

~Just drein just daun motherfuckers~

Edits: Switched #CancelRothenburg and #LGBTfansdeservebetter For the finale changed #FinallyThe100IsOver to #BadRepresentationEqualsNoRepresentation
Thursday Twitter Trends

I reached out to one of my friends who does social media management and marketing for one of the big players in the media industry to get her professional opinion on how we could make this the most successful campaign we could. These are the list of pointers both of us came up with, so please try to stick to them as closely as possible. It’s the only real way this will be transcend. 


  1. How many people tweet about something is just as important as the amount of tweets and hours the trend lasts. A trend can have 500,000 tweets but if it’s only 10,000 people talking about it, that’s not really impressive. My friend used her sources to figure out that during most the relevant social media hours for the show, The 100 only averages approximately 19,000 people tweeting. That’s not a lot even if the number of overall tweets and impressions seem much higher. When a social media manager looks at that it’s almost irrelevant. So, get your friends, families, co-workers, cousins, exes, or whoever owes you a solid to tweet at least once. This is vital. If the tweets are coming from different handles it shows an engaged audience. Let’s raise the number of tweet sources. It will make a difference. 
  2. Get friends from other fandoms and who care about LGBT causes involved. This stopped being about Clexa/Lexa a long time ago. Reach out to people you know loved Brittana, or Swan Queen, or Cophine, or Lost Girl, or that are just generally decent people and get them to join the tweetspree and/or social media presence for the movement. Engagement will be vital. 
  3. What we trend matters! “LGBT Fans Deserve Better” is a great message overall, but a great message is not what we want. It’s not poignant enough. People would see that around the world and not know what it’s about. It’s too vague and could relate to any event. That won’t affect JRot or the show in any way. So far this has been a PR disaster for Rottinhell & Co, but the network has gotten by relatively unscathed. We have to change that. Networks don’t want negative publicity so we need to take our voices to them because, ultimately they are the ones who decide. 
  4. The Blarkes are making this about them and are trying to undermine us as usual by trending #RenewThe100. Let’s not let them.

Taking all of this into consideration, we came up with what we think is The Tweet. The one that emcompasses all the goals we’re trying to achieve and which we think could have the most impact overall.

LGBT fans deserve better. Lexa deserved better. Our community deserved better. @TheCW #CWcancelThe1OO (that’s two capital O’s btw) 

An alternative hashtag could be: #CWcancelT1OO if people are really averse to even seeing the full name, but in either case we should decide which one we’re using before Thursday so we can come at it as a united front. [Edit: It’s been brought to my attention that it may be easier to trend things without a hashtag, so a third option would be “CW cancel The 1OO”. Decisions!]

Sure, if you want to be extra petty and salty (which I totally approve of) tack on #FTWD at the end of that, but what I just wrote seem to us like the guidelines for the core message of every tweet or series of tweets we put out on Thursday and for the rest of the season if we want this to have the possibility of making an impact. 


  1. DO NOT, under any circumstance, write out the name of the show or use the official hashtag. 
  2. DO NOT be rude or aggressive. This is the easiest way to invalidate everything we’re trying to accomplish and could put a negative light on the movement. Be eloquent and kind with your words. Make your tweets as poignant as they can be in 140 characters. Show them they hurt us without turning us into jerks. Please.
  3. DO use the #CWcancelThe1OO hashtag! This is so important.
  4. DO tag the official @TheCW handle in any and all grievances you have in regards to the show. 
  5. DO tag advertisers when you tag @TheCW. The national ones are the most important but also figure out which advertisers are local to your state because things vary at state level. I know Sprint is one of their big national advertisers. We know Oprah and whatever PuppyMonkeyBaby are too. Tweet at them. If their local advertisers start showing concern or even consider pulling out and/or the national advertisers start calling them about the cause behind the ruckus they’ll start panicking a little. 
  6. DO remain active at least one hour before and after the airing of the episode. It’s the period social media managers and researchers find the most relevant in tallying numbers. 
  7. Keep Alycia out of the trends. I don’t believe they’re hurting her or her career, but this isn’t about her. Obviously you guys are free to do whatever, but I think it makes more of a difference if we focus on one thing. Right now what we should be focusing on is letting them know the purposeful decision to string along an audience and queerbait them will not be tolerated any longer. As much as we love Alycia, she isn’t part of that message.
  8. DO read these two amazing master posts about how to handle every other form of social media and outreach. I’m going to quote @barryspivot​ now:
    • GLEE STORY: If you’re not convinced this is going to work, listen up, my loves: Glee once reached 28 millions of viewers and at its worse it had 8-7 mlns. They called us angry lesbians, made one half of our OTP comment on the other with biphobic lines and Ryan Murphy said he was on Twitter ignoring Brittana tweets and drinking whine. Wanna know how low we dragged them? 1 million of views in Season 5. Wanna know what happened? FOX WASN’T SURE THEY WANTED TO RENEW IT AND MADE THEIR SEASON 6 WITH HALF THE EPISODES AND LESS THAN A MILLION OF VIEWERS. If we sank a FOX show that had reached 28 millions of viewers in Season 2, you can imagine what we can do the the barely 1-mln’ed the 1OO.

This boycott isn’t about a ship or us being irrationally petty over the death of a fictional character as I’ve seen some people imply. This isn’t the same thing as when the Blarkes threatened to boycott when the sex scene was confirmed. This stopped being about the show the moment this became an attack on an already marginalized community. This stopped being about the show when real people began suffering over being used and reduced to nothing more than numbers on a piece of paper. This stopped being about the show when we were utterly disrespected. 

Guys, this is a long game. This is about consistency. My friend drilled that into me when we spoke today. A trend one week doesn’t make a difference. Please remember that, but if we stay committed every Thursday from now until the end of the season they won’t be able to ignore us and the pain they caused when they walk into that boardroom to make renewal decisions. We may not get this show cancelled, but we sure as hell will make them consider it and we’ll turn this into a lesson for any and every other showrunner out there. We’re not here for this shit anymore.

Jus drein jus daun.


Hello Stelena shippers! If you happen to also enjoy some Bamon, please consider helping the Bamon fandom with our twitter trend on Thursday! Here are the details, if you’re interested:

What: Bamon Reunion (just like that, no hashtag, and both words with the first letter capitalized!)
Where: Wherever you are at the time! Also, twitter.
When: 5PM EST (please see time conversions below if you’re in a different time zone)

Feel free to follow the Bamon Shippers Club on twitter @Bamonshippersc if you’d like to stay connected, or reach out to them if you have any questions.

Thank you!!

Timezones: Trending time 5PM | EST in the USA 

New York (U.S.A. - New York)             Thursday, 19 February 2015, 17:00:00 EST  UTC-5 hours  
Berlin (Germany - Berlin)                Thursday, 19 February 2015, 23:00:00 CET  UTC+1 hour   Milan (Italy)                            Thursday, 19 February 2015, 23:00:00 CET  UTC+1 hour   Houston (U.S.A. - Texas)                 Thursday, 19 February 2015, 16:00:00 CST  UTC-6 hours   Podgorica (Montenegro)                   Thursday, 19 February 2015, 23:00:00 CET  UTC+1 hour   London (United Kingdom - England)        Thursday, 19 February 2015, 22:00:00 GMT  UTC           Athens (Greece)                          Friday, 20 February 2015, 00:00:00   EET  UTC+2 hours   Paris (France)                           Thursday, 19 February 2015, 23:00:00 CET  UTC+1 hour   Montreal (Canada - Quebec)               Thursday, 19 February 2015, 17:00:00 EST  UTC-5 hours   Rio de Janeiro (Brazil - Rio de Janeiro) Thursday, 19 February 2015, 20:00:00 BRST UTC-2 hours   Sydney (Australia - New South Wales)     Friday, 20 February 2015, 09:00:00   AEDT UTC+11 hours Los Angeles (U.S.A. - California)        Thursday, 19 February 2015, 14:00:00 PST  UTC-8 hours   Corresponding UTC (GMT)                  Thursday, 19 February 2015, 22:00:00              

Trend for Thursday June 23rd: #BlackLGBTDeserveToBe


  • Turn location on (GPS + Location in Twitter settings)
  • Use pictures/videos. It helps get the trend more attention in algorithms
  • Add something to the tweet (but not just numbers)
  • Tag @netflix @oitnb​ @Orangewriters
  • Follow @blacklgbt on twitter for updates 

Time zones:

  • 4pm-7pm EDT
  • 1pm-4pm PDT
  • 5pm - 8pm Brazil
  • 9pm - 12am UK BST
  • 10PM -1am Europe
  • 6AM - 9AM - June 24th Australia

How to use Tweetdeck/Schedule Tweets:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the blue “write” button on the upper left corner
  3. Type out your tweets (you can add pictures, videos, links, etc.)
  4. Set a time for your scheduled tweet

[erratum: this trend is for THURSDAY, 03/24; the # was removed as it was brought our attention that we have stiff competition with Shondaland AND NCAA basketball]

Some reminders:

  2. Turn geotag on. It helps tracking easier.
  3. Always tag @TheCW and @TheCW_PR
  4. Do NOT talk about bringing Lexa back, talk about getting JUSTICE for what they did to us. Talk about justice for ALL LGBT characters.
  5. Use one hashtag per TWEET. More than once and it’ll be counted as spam.
  6. Add photos/links/videos. It gets more people to click and that helps boost the trend.

Sample Tweets:

“Code307 Tips: Always wear bullet proof vests if you’re queer”

“Remember that time we got a happy ending? Me neither. Code307″

“8 queer women in 80 days. So many shows pulling a Code307″

“Code307 is Jason’s legacy on television. Queerbaiting at its finest”