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How to Center Things In Photoshop, you peasants:

  • select all, copy, paste. ( either flatten or merge layers/visible if you did a layer mask and are working with a transparent background )
  • view > rulers, and use snap ( this locks blue guides in the center of the document )
    • you drag this from the rulers onto the document and can move them around, but if they’re near the edge or center, they’ll ‘snap’ in place there
  • if you’re using cc, purple guides will appear if you’re aligning anything ( text, png, whatever ) like so:
  • when creating a text layer, you can drag the ends ( “dancing ants” ) to the edge and they’ll ‘stick’ to the edges. 
  • in the ‘paragraph’ tab, these should be your settings if you’re not trying to do anything special or specific with the alignment. 

While we’re on this, you don’t need to stretch your images or squish them when you want to resize them. Simple going to image > image size ( or canvas for a quick ‘crop’ ) and there ya go, the image is resized without looking distorted. ( Unless you want to purposely distort an image ).

Constantine Trending Party tomorrow on twitter! (My twitter handle: @korps)

Hellblazers are hoping to get #Constantine to trend on twitter tomorrow because there has been talk about CW Network picking it up for a second season.

Wednesday May 13th @ 12:00 noon EST - Let’s get #Constantine trending

  • mark zuckerberg: hey guys guess what! i just tossed a tissue in the garbage bin from half a room away and got in it and i wasnt even barely looking
  • facebook board of directors: ok mark thats coo-
  • mark zuckerberg: post it on the facebook trending news
  • facebook board of directors: but-
  • mark zuckerberg: now

Hanae san is too cute > <

so first he tweets about this (with the first image):
“ラバーストラップとかをペンケースとかに付けてて、いつの間にか取れてしまって悲しんでいたらコルクボードをお勧めされました( ´ ▽ ` )とりあえず手元にあったのだけ飾ってみました!ダイヤ率高し! “
“Puts rubber straps and stuff on pen case or something, but before I know it they came off making me sad so I was recommended a cork board ( ´ ▽ ` ) Anyways, I tried decorating it with all I have right now! The Daiya (*referring to Daiya no Ace*) Rate is high!”

then a few days later (with the second image):
 「超!A&Gショップ」にて「逢花ラバーストラップ」の一般発売がスタートしたそうですよ!ナオくんと一緒にコルクボードへ!(´▽`)ノ “
“And one more notice!
 In 「超!A&Gショップ」, OhHana rubber strap sale has started! To cork board with Nao-kun (*probably meaning Inaho on the right*)!  (´▽`)ノ“

his actions are too moe for me to handle (ノ∀`*)