Congrats to Aaron, today’s #TrenchcoatTix winner! He tweeted about catching our intern last night and then he did.

In case you don’t know: every Wednesday we send our intern out to a different part of the city with two tickets in his trenchcoat. The first person to find him wins. Be sure to follow us on Twitter so you’ll know where he’s hiding.


Congrats to this week’s #TrenchcoatTix winner, FalPal @KathleenNGrimes! She tweeted about wanting to win and then tracked our intern down.

In case you don’t know: every Wednesday at noon we send our intern to a random location in NYC and tweet his whereabouts. The first person to find him wins two tickets to that night’s show. See you guys next week! 

It’s Wednesday so who wants some free tix from a TANK TOP!? You’ll LOVE today’s location! Get it? Get it???? (Hint: it’s close to home. Other hint: Home is where we work. Other other hint: Where we work is the name of another popular NBC show.)

Our intern Findlay is out in Manhattan somewhere so YOU’VE gotta find him if you want some free tix to today’s show. The cutoff time is 2:00PM so you betta hurry! Text Topher (who’s totally into Tonka trucks) cuz time is tickin’ down for you to take today’s totally terrific TANK TOP TIX! FIND THE TANK, GET THE TIX!! WE LOVE YOU! (It’s the LOVE sign! Use your googles!)

(read the official super fine print here)