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1.What is your most important object?
Favourite book, I think.
2. Do you have posters on the walls of the room?
3. Are you broke someone’s heart?
I don’t think so.
4. What was the best gift you got?
It wasn’t a material thing. It was a hug and consolation from my best friend when I was sad.
5. What is your deepest fear?
6. Which fandom do you think is more fun?
Oh my God, it’s really hard question. I think in every fandom, irrespective of bad feelings like death of one of the characters or something like that, are fun moments, so hard for me to choose.
7. Which TV character do you want to be real?
Emm Castiel, I guess? Dunno.
8. Brunette, blonde or light brown?
9. What is your favorite book?
The Hunger Game and Harry Potter series.
10. Do you have a big disappointment?
Yes. Unfortunately as probably everyone.
11. Now, close your eyes and imagine that after five years from now.. Where are you and what are you doin?
I’m romantic person, so I’m with my husband (or just with a guy) who really love me, we’re living in small house in the countryside… and that’s it. I simply would like to be happy.

My questions:
1.  Current goal?
2.  An unpopular opinion of yours?
3. Are you currently in a relationship?
4. Name 2 things you like about yourself.
5. If you had a million pounds/dollars/whatever your currency is what would you spend it on?
6. Sea or mountains?
7.  If you had the ability to change one thing, what would you change? Could be anything.
8. Character you identify yourself with?
9.  Glass half full or half empty?
10. What are some things that make you really happy?
11. Favourite fairytale?

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the questions I answered:

  1.  whats your favourite fandom? I think in recent times Supernatural, but I really love Superwholock.
  2.  If you could get one magical/powerful thing from one of the books/ shows you like, what would it be and why? Hmmmm… Maybe I want to be a witch like in Harry Potter saga. Because I’m potterhead too. :3
  3. have you ever self harmed? Fortunately no. :) 
  4. Is Ed sheeran awesome? I didn’t listen many songs from him, so I can not decide.
  5.  whats your lucky number? 2 and 6
  6. How did you discover tumblr? My good friend show it to me. :)
  7. what/who is your OTP? Of course Destiel, and Rose/Ten.
  8.  what was the first thing you shipped? How old were you? Ohhh I don’t know! :D Maybe Draco with Hermione when I was 11. 
  9. If you could move go to any other place where would you go and why? TO LONDON or just to Great Britain. I love this country and the nature and culture… :3
  10. what do you like best about yourself? Mhmmm… difficult. I think I like my nature, but I like my hair. ^^
  11. whats your favorite item in your room? Bed! :D
  12. which video game is your favorite? I didn’t have many video games but I really like Need for speed. :DDD

okay the questions I ask:

1. Do you like Harry Potter (books/films) and what part?

2. What is your favourite season and why?

3.  If you must choose only one fandom to be in, which it will be?

4. Which day in week do you hate and why?

5. What’s your favourite color?

6. What’s your celebrity crush?

7. Do you watch Supernatural? If yes, tell me your favourites characters, if not, tell me why. 

8. What are yours three favourites books?

9.Do you have any pets? 

10. Where do you want to go? What places do you want to see?

11. What’s your biggest fear? 

12 .What’s your favourite animal?

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