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Fusions Height theory

I just noticed something about the fusions.

The more in sync they are, the smaller they are. Almost like their height is just the gems stacked on top of each other (see: Ruby and Sapphire in a trenchcoat ordering tickets) 

Look, see? Malachite and Alexandrite are two of the most unstable fusions so far seen: 

See how huge they are compared to everyone else? True, Alexandrite is made of Three gems - technically four - two of which bicker constantly and the third is distant, so of course their fusion will end up insane; Malachite, however, is from only two gems and is made of hate, and she is extremely large and malformed.

Now lets see better fusions, like Garnet and Stevonnie:

Considering that Steven is about two thirds of Pearl’s height, and Connie is slightly taller, it’s like Connie is standing on Steven’s shoulders (and vice versa.) Ruby and Sapphire are slightly smaller than Steven and are the same height; Garnet is double the size of Steven. 

So the less in sync a fusion is, the bigger they will be; if they are more in sync, the height is more reasonable and correlates to the heights of the Gems involved.

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Will there still be trench coat tickets on Wednesdays?

We’re still doing Trenchcoat Tickets for The Tonight Show, but their new home is on Thursdays at noon!

In case you don’t know what Trenchcoat Tickets is yet: every Thursday at noon we’re going to send our intern to a random location in NYC and tweet their whereabouts. The first person to find them wins two tickets to that night’s show. See you guys Thursday! - Christine

Congrats to today’s Trenchcoat Tickets winner, Jenny! 

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Congrats to Aaron, today’s #TrenchcoatTix winner! He tweeted about catching our intern last night and then he did.

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Congrats to this week’s #TrenchcoatTix winner, FalPal @KathleenNGrimes! She tweeted about wanting to win and then tracked our intern down.

In case you don’t know: every Wednesday at noon we send our intern to a random location in NYC and tweet his whereabouts. The first person to find him wins two tickets to that night’s show. See you guys next week!