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  • “wOT IF your legs didn’t know they were legs”
  • “i’m a slut“
  • “i’m like an idiot kid trying to push a square through a triangle”
  • “why does a triangle add up to turning the other way?”

and of course the bonus: “i’m really smart sometimes, but only sometimes”

ask me my top 5/top 10 anything

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Do you ship Roxas and Axel together at all?

no, that relationship would be very destructive.

roxas couldn’t have had feelings for axel, not romantic ones. he always gave off this sort of – cautious air around axel? and maybe some people will disagree, but. i think that even if roxas was really open with him, he tended to be really guarded. if there was something that was important to him and axel questioned it at all, he got angry with him for it. i think that in a way, roxas kind of felt like axel wasn’t necessarily a person to be trusted? even if he didn’t understand what these feelings meant, i think he had them.

but, he has a really warped understanding of feelings and he wasn’t developing in an environment that was suitable for him (roxas also wasn’t really the type to question axel either, since he also had this notion that whatever axel said was what he should understand since axel remembered what it was like to have a heart), i don’t think roxas could explain why he was so condensed around axel. if you were to ask him, he honestly would probably have no idea what you’re talking about.

roxas is this way with just about anything. when he wants to know something and he receives an answer, be it half-assed or otherwise, he seems to think that this answer is all he really needs and fails to question beyond that (depending on who you are; looping back to what i said, he tends to just go with the word of his fellow org. members since they know what it was like to have a heart, therefore roxas believes they are legitimate sources). perhaps this restraint is admirable, but from his standpoint, it only made things more annoying.

over time, he grew increasingly irritated and frustrated with axel to the point where roxas blew up in his face and didn’t speak to him again (disregarding their encounters in kh2, because roxas had no memory of axel during that time frame). roxas and axel were always constricted, but it was more subtle at the beginning of the relationship. when roxas finally got the idea he should seek answers, axel only continued to push his buttons until he couldn’t take it anymore.

roxas having feelings for someone who was manipulative and someone who wouldn’t give him what he really needed is unlikely. he’s pretty straightforward when it comes to his emotions and he’s pretty narrowed. having feelings for axel would probably just piss him off even more because now there’s something else he can’t explain, and you and i both know axel won’t give him a direct explanation for it.

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Top 5 favorite animated adventures? (idk if u watch them sry)

OH GOD I HONESTLY CAN’T CHOOSE IMA HAVE TO UP IT TO 10??? okay i dont know exact titles but

  • ray the pizza bandit
  • michael & lindsay playing lazer tag
  • matt wanting fanfare at jersey mikes
  • PUBERT ADDAMS/fungus haywood
  • miles at the strip club
  • gavin has brain problems
  • michael’s drug dealer
  • dolphin handjobs
  • gus trying to golf with miles in gta v
  • millie threatening griffon

ask me my top 5/top 10 anything

Slime Fest: Alkonist, Banshee, & Siren

Alkonist took a deep breath as he leaned back against a wall, ti was the dead of night and they had limited time to work. Word had come in of a witch in Noxon, of course of all the cities it had to be Noxon he thought with gritted teeth. He crouched low listening for sounds of hunters but so far the coast was clear he glanced to the side seeing Banshee and Siren in their own positions. 

He reached a hand up pressing it against the small communicator, “The witch is around early twenties, so far the only thing we got is the family is currently detaining them in their room. We do this quick and quietly, I want both of you to move forward. Banshee stay farther back while Siren you enter first. you’re the friendlier one after all,” he said his tone a bit light at the end as he kept guard.