Day 7 of 31 Days of Fugue Feast: AUs. Noir!AU, because I’m determined to beat this particular horse to death and back. I love noir AU’s okay. Also yes I realise I’ve so far contrived to miss every Fugue Feast prompt until now. Mea culpa and all that. There’s another noir pic I’m going to post, but since it’s slash (of course) I’m posting it separately. This pic killed my poor black marker. Stupid brown paper.


If you listen carefully you can hear me crying in the background.


2013 - 2015 Seven hundred and sixty days ago 15 year old me saw Marianas Trench for the first time. I was only 10 days into being 15, but my life was in a real rough patch. I literally fucking hated myself, and I took it out on myself in about every way possible. Tonight, 17 year old me saw Marianas Trench for the second time. I cherished every second, because I’m kinda surprised I’m still here to see them for a second time. Over the last 760 days I’ve really started to get my shit together. I’m a completely different person, and it’s definitely for the better. I faced the music. I chose to push through. I still struggle, but I don’t think I’ll ever go back to my old ways. I’m glad I’ve moved past my Fix Me days and on to my Ever After.


CasAppreciationWeek! Day 2 - Favorite Relationship : ↪️ ~Team Free Will~

“The brothers were inseparable, strong and sure,
Until the day that one brother died,
But then came an angel, who pulled the man from Hell,
And from then on, rarely left the brothers’ sides.

The three took on the world, they fought for free will,
They saved Heaven, ‘til it fell apart again,
But they were as strong as brothers, and the angel had hope,
That there may be peace on earth in the end.”

(poem taken from my story, Me and The Trench Coat Man, found here: )

Hey hey heyyyyv guys! So my Marianas Trench concert is tomorrow, and I reeaaallly want the show opener to be Ever After. And since you can vote on the opener, would you mind voting for Ever After here?:

It takes a second and I’d be super happy if Ever After catches up in the vote! Thank you guys!