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Vine by Trench

Were you planning on registering for Gishwhes this year? Are you worried that you might get a team full of slackers? Or are you just looking to have fun for at least one whole week this summer? Then join our Gishwhes team!

Me, Haley ( totallynervousdonut ), Anna ( unlikelyfunwerewolf ), Kayla ( ispeaktotrees ), and our friend DeAndrea will all be participating in Gishwhes 2015 and we’d love to have YOU on Team Trenchcoat! 

Our team will recognize your STRENGTHS and give you tasks based on them. Anna is an expert on the Gishwhes rules, Haley is a creative mastermind, DeAndrea will be in charge of keeping track of the gishpoints we earn, and Kayla is just excited to help us out. 

We are looking for ALL and ANY types of people - none of us are judgmental. You can be shy, outspoken, short, tall, introverted, extroverted, any sexual orientation or gender identification. Team Trenchcoat is a SAFE ZONE!

We are in this to WIN IT. We’ll have as much fun as humanly possible doing these challenges, but won’t it be even more fun to go on a cruise to Costa Rica with MISHA COLLINS??? 

We will be doing this as a TEAM. All planning will be done together in some kind of group message 

We will accept TEN people from ANYWHERE in the world! 

YOU MUST BE FREE FROM AUGUST 1st TO AUGUST 8th so you can help to complete any tasks assigned to us by Misha.

Our goal is to earn AS MANY GISHPOINTS AS POSSIBLE in that August week. We may also do fun team activities, so we’ll keep you posted! :)

If you have any questions or are interested in joining Team Trenchcoat, shoot us an email at or our ask boxes. We are hoping to be all registered before April 1st so we can receive the extra points.

*There is a fee for Gishwhes. In the U.S it is a little bit less than 19 dollars, but all proceeds from Gishwhes are donated to Random Acts of Kindness


Laila Naim, five years old, becomes first Pakistani to model for Burberry. 

Do you guys even how huge this means to Pakistani girls growing up around the world. We grow up feeling guilty about body hair and features, shame becomes a part of how we view ourselves. And to have such a HUGE brand represent us feels surreal. I cant even type right now. 


even though national puppy day is almost over (in my timezone at least), please remember to cherish your pups (young and old) regardless of what day it is 🐾💖