Astoria….. So Far

Songs we know so far from Marianas Trench’s upcoming album Astoria!

These are available from Youtube and other sources, I have only placed them in a playlist as a fan made teaser for this album.  

1. Shut Up and Kiss Me  2. This Means War (Studio Teaser)

3. This Means War  4. While We’re Young

5. Who Do You Love? (Studio Teaser) 6. Who Do You Love?

7. WildFire   8. Untitled 


List of Dylan’s clothing that was released to Tom Klebold

  • Trenchcoat, Baseball Cap, Right Boot, Left Boot, Black Pants and Belt, Glove, T-Shirt, and Black Suspenders

For the anon who asked about the coats being in a museum….I think that this proves that Dylan’s trenchcoat is NOT in a museum somewhere. There is no way the Klebold’s would have given it to people for display. I don’t know about Eric’s though, because his parents didn’t seem to give much of a shit about his personal belongings, tbh.