trench waistcoat

catsbythegreat  asked:

“why aren’t you eating?” Dazai being concerned about Chuuya?


Warnings for eating disorders and self-harm.

Chuuya’s door was unlocked. He knew he locked it when he’d left for work that morning. It wasn’t an entirely unfamiliar situation, however, and Chuuya knew exactly what to expect when he walked into his home.

“Why aren’t you eating?”

…there he was. Of course.

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ask-icyheart-and-friends  asked:

wait, the Jims are still at the manor. The detective told the butler and chef to make sure no one gets in or out. Doesn't that mean the Jims are locked in now? If they get found won't they immediately become the prime suspects because 'our counting skills aren't as good as we assume them to be'?

Not sure. There seems to be gaps and jumps in time. From the Jims reports we’ve only seen the detective, wearing just his shirt and waistcoat/ no trench coat. Then after the murder in Chapter 1 and all through out Chapter 2 the detective has worn his trench coat constantly. The only other time the detective is seen not wearing his trench coat is during the poker party the night before the murder. But from yesterday’s video the Jims got the the scene of the murder where Mark’s body had disappeared. So it can’t be the exact time the events in the manor are taking place, but it can’t be too far after the murder. 
Overall the time between the events going on in the manor and where the Jims are is hard to pinpoint.