trench tech



Dear Marianas Trench,

First off, I want to say thank you for the music that you guy write. It has actually saved my life on countless occasions when I just want to give up. You’re uniqueness has taught me that I can be myself and to not care what others think, as long as I’m having fun. :) It’s been a year, today, that I was able to be myself and have a crowd of people understand.

Josh; you have made me careless of what the thoughts of people are of.. I hitchkick down the street in colourful pants and laugh when people give me the “what the hell are you doing” look. :P

Matt; I’ve actually realized that there’s someone more awkward than me. :P It really makes me feel special when you reply to me and send me Direct Messages on twitter. :)

Mike; you basically always answer any question I have on formspring. :P I love the mohawk you always have for concerts, and the fact that one of my best friends and I were by you at the concert at the CNE. There were a few times that we would scream and you would look over. :)

Ian; buddy, you’re funny when you’re drunk; except when I have about one hundred tweets sent to my phone. :P I completely freaked out when you responded to my tweet that one time that I actually saved it so I can look at it without having to search for it. :)

Brett; thanks for the insult bud, but you can do better. ;P

I basically wanted to say thank you for making me. :) ♥