16 Game of Thrones Characters Who Are Giving You Major Deja Vu

Earlier this week, the Content Team was nerding out over the latest Game of Thrones episode (not to mention the new Hunger Games sneak peek). As we recounted the action-packed GOT, I mentioned that Theon Greyjoy’s savior was none other than Iwan Rheon from the cult British series, Misfits. (For the uninitiated, think Skins meets Heroes—and yes, you should watch it.)

This led to a morning filled with frequent “Did you know she was in…?” and “No way!” as many of us recalled other roles where we’d seen these actors before. Naturally we couldn’t let these important discoveries go undocumented. Read on to find out why your favorite GOT character is giving you deja vu and get ready for a few nostalgia-inducing, pretty awesome surprises.

(Photo: HBO; ITV)

Actress: Rose Leslie
Game of Thrones character: Ygritte, Wildling Soldier in Mance Rayder’s Army
Where you saw her before: Gwen Dawson from Downton Abbey

Leslie played shy, yet driven Gwen—our favorite maid-turned-typist. It looks like she carried over the same fiery streak for her sword-wielding role as Ygritte, Jon Snow’s sassy love interest.

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