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Do you think KS finds it difficult to watch JI dance without fangirling? Because JI really can't contain himself when he watches KS sing, he is KS's biggest fanboy. They always support each others talents. So adorable ^^. Sorry I've been hit with the KD feels all of a sudden!

Well, idk if this tells you anything ;——-)

Lilac Hues

Words: 2k
Genre: Fluff, Fairy!Au
Sequel to Azure Blue 


He giggles.

And you can’t help the smile that raises on your lips, his high pitched laughter absolutely infectious. “Hold still, Jimin!”

“I can’t! It tickles too much!” He whines out, still giggling and thrashing beneath your hands.

“Almost…” You huff out tiredly, fingers weaving through the strands of his hair. “…done.”

With one more sweep of your fingers through his hair and the liquid all soaked up, you swivel his chair around while taking a step back so his azure wings don’t hit you. His honey eyes grow in size as he peers into the luminescent mirror, hand reaching upwards but retracting carefully as to not ruin your hard work.

“You did it!”

“Of course I did.” You snicker playfully. “I’ll miss your orange hair but I think lilac suits you nicely too.”

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If Milo Yiannopoulos was fictional, would you ship him?


  • Gay
  • Male
  • Cis
  • White
  • Rich 
  • Snarky
  • Confrontational
  • Heartless (but surely there’s a heart of gold in there somewhere, though it probably only comes out by the thin light of early dawn, when he’s leaving his bedmate for the night, looking back and seeing how the other man’s white t-shirt has risen up to reveal the stretch of skin above his waistband, looking at the pale, vulnerable flesh there with a sense of loss and longing only he and we will ever know?)
  • Unapologetic
  • Self-assured
  • Blond or brunet as needed
  • Confident
  • Bigoted (but probably just a bit misguided right? there’s probably a heart of gold underneath there somewhere if only the right man could find it?)
  • In demand
  • Trailblazing
  • Controversial
  • Well-dressed
  • Just a little alternative but ultimately
  • Stylish
  • Famous
  • Wanted

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Would you?

This question has been plaguing me. Because whatever the answer, with even the possibility of comparison:

What does that say about who we’re shipping? Who we’re teaching each other to empathize with? To like? To understand? To forgive? To accept?

Life tends to get extremely busy, and when I post starter calls, they end up getting buried and I feel horrible about it! So I’m bringing back a [ new ] permanent starter call! Basically, if you like this post — you are wanting my muse and I to : 

  • give you ramen on a daily basis. 
  • jump into your inbox. 
  • post random starters for you. 
  • send you memes or become the meme.
  • make graphics for you when the inspiration hits. 
  • IM you and give you more free ramen ( and some love ). 
  • and just let me love you in general? 

This will help me keep track of the people who want this nerd to come and bother them ♥!

Y’all wanna know how studyblr I am

I just got my bag pulled aside and checked by TSA at the airport


Because I have a damn textbook in it and it’s so dense it looked suspect on the x-ray

The TSA guy was like “I remember this one, you got a dictionary or something in there?” and I was like haha it’s a textbook

So he flipped through it and sent me on my way

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I took that brilliant idea by Aje and ran away with it. Apologies. ^^