tremendous damage

when I say “abuser” I don’t mean “a person who hurt someone once or twice” or “a person who made a mistake” or “a person who means well but communicates badly”, what I mean is a person who has continually and systematically treated another person as less than human. They will absolutely try to portray themselves as a person who only made a few mistakes or someone who means well and doesn’t realize what they’re doing, but that’s not who they are. This person had no problem taking someone’s emotional, mental and physical health for their own benefit, they convinced themselves and even their victims they have the right to that much, they act if there’s nothing wrong with taking away human rights from another, and permanently lowering the quality of another’s life, they will even act as if other’s owe them that much! Even if they act completely unaware of what kind of consequences their victims are suffering, the truth is - they don’t care, because if they did, they wouldn’t jump to blame everything and everyone and the victim for how badly they’re suffering.

You don’t have to ever show empathy for abusers. You don’t need to treat them as human beings. You do not need to consider their point of view. You don’t need to cater to their feelings. You don’t have to watch out not to hurt their feelings. You don’t need to protect them from what they’ve done. You don’t need to make excuses for them. You don’t need to take responsibility for any of their actions. You don’t need to forgive them. You don’t need to humanize them. They’ve proven to be lacking basic humane qualities. You don’t need to look at yourself from their point of view. You don’t need to judge them based on how nice they are to other people, if they’re cruel to you. You don’t need to give them benefit of the doubt. You don’t have to consider their past. You don’t have to understand them. All and every thought and action should be aimed towards protection from them. By dehumanizing you, they made themselves into monsters. By traumatizing you, they became a danger to your life. You don’t need to be considerate to a danger to your life. You don’t need to spend time making sure you don’t hurt someone who caused tremendous damage to your life and acted like it was their right to do it. Abusers aren’t as human as they think they are. Abusers are nothing but a burden on society, no matter what they pretend to be. They deserve to be abandoned, to have everything they’ve taken from victims withdrawn from them, and to experience every bit of pain they’ve caused to others.

It is well known that solitary confinement causes tremendous psychological damage.  Deprived of human interaction, many prisoners suffer from anxiety attacks, insomnia, paranoia, aggression and depression.  It is common for segregated inmates to resort to self-mutilation to deal with the overload of negative feelings.  Jeffrey Dahmer quickly felt the effects of his imposed isolation.  Prison records released to The Milwaukee Sentinel after his death revealed incidents when he had a plastic bag over his head, had to be restrained because he was banging his head into walls, and once threatened to make a noose out of his belt.

This fucking dipshit, yet again, has literally no idea what he’s talking about. His bore-holed brain is gonna slip back into a bout of dementia five minutes from now and he’s not even going to remember these vile tweets, and it’s going to be left to a team of PR people to walk back and mitigate the tremendous damage he just did.

You know what, I’m getting fuckign tired of this 

Lets come up with some hypothetical scenario. Say I wanted to make a gender bend, say I wanted to turn Lance Mcclain from a user of he/him pronouns, to a user of she/her pronouns. Lance as a boy, looks like this

So, I’m gonna genderbend this character, ready? The picture of Lance below is now Lance Mcclain but now they will be a girl

Are you surprised? Well I wouldn’t be surprised if you were, since common genderbends usually make that character into stereotypes for that gender

When you genderbend a character you are implying that

  • All people fit on the gender binary
  • All characters are cisgendered
  • Someone who uses she/her pronouns must look traditionally feminine while a user of he/him pronouns must look traditionally masculine
  • And when you Change Lance’s name to Laura or Lily or whatever the fuck, your implying that names have to change with your gender identity

So artists, your art is amazing and lovely and you have great skills! But when your idea of a gender-bend is turning a teen aged boy into a character with big boobs and an hourglass figure, guess what, that is harmful! 

I know making art is hard and it’s very time consuming and I’m greatful artists with such great skills wanna draw for our fandoms! Your amazing! But you have to know your media will spread and when someone who’s young sees that art and starts thinking that in order to be a girl you must look ‘feminine’, that affects how they view the world! And they take those stereotypes with them.

You want proof? You don’t believe me? I used to be that child! I was young and impressionable and I saw these amazing drawings and for a while I thought that in order for me to be a girl I had to look like those girls in the pictures! And when I looked at the girls section of the clothes store and I didn’t want to wear anything that was there, It did tremendous damage on my self confidence! 


I was going through reblogs and reading tags and @occultgoths brought to my attention that genderbends are also intersexist! Since the implication that in order to belong to a certain identity, you have to have a certain pair of genitals or ‘look like’ that certain identity is also harmful to intersex people! Thank you to that person for bringing this to my attention! 


- Your local demigirl

The Four Phases of an INTJ Relationship

PHASE I: In the beginning, the INTJ is extremely wary of you, both as a person and as a potential partner. They will seem cold and aloof, even if they like you. It will feel a bit like trying to crack into a very complex bank vault - you really have to work for it. You may be drawn to them because you can sense that despite their outwardly cold appearance, you detect a subtle hint of sensitivity hidden beneath layers and layers of protective sarcasm, irony, and well-practiced apathy.

PHASE II: In the second phase, you have stuck around for long enough, and the INTJ likes you enough, to allow you into their inner circle. They’ll still be closed off, but they’ll be more relaxed around you, more open to divulging their thoughts and details about their private life, more willing to be the one who initiates social interaction with you. If you’re consistent enough in your behavior over time, and the INTJ develops romantic feelings for you, then towards the end of Phase 2, you will begin dating. This could take anywhere from a couple of months to a couple of years. 

PHASE III: In Phase 3, you’re dating, but you haven’t been dating for long enough to convince the INTJ to let their guard down fully. You’re privy to information about the INTJ and their thoughts and feelings that nobody else is. They’re beginning to open up to you, and you get the feeling that you’re being entrusted with information that nobody else has been trusted with before. At the same time, you can sense that they’re still holding back a little bit, perhaps waiting to see what you do with all this information you’ve accrued about them, figure out whether or not they can trust you. Tossing out one piece of the puzzle at a time, just to see what you’re going to do with it.

PHASE IV: Eventually, you will get to Phase 4. This phase by itself could take anywhere from a few months to several years. Sometime during this phase, the INTJ will come to trust you completely. Instead of carefully and meticulously crafting every word that comes out of their mouth, they will treat your relationship like a nonstop stream-of-consciousness exercise, where they will freely open up and share all of their thoughts, dreams, ambitions, desires, and emotions with you. Being with you is just as rejuvenating as being alone (which is the highest compliment one could ever hope to be paid from an INTJ). And once you get to this point with an INTJ, you’re in for life. They will trust you completely, and they will go to the ends of the Earth for you. But you can’t force the timeline of this process - they have to come to it in their own time, because the reason that INTJs are so cautious is because once they’ve let you in, you have the power to damage them tremendously. 

An INTJ may allow only a small handful of people to wield this amount of power over their emotions in their entire lives. Not many people will ever make it to Phase 4. 

During the later stages of the war, as the Attrition era approached, robotic units were becoming more prevalent. A dead man’s trigger in essence, these robots would fight the war when no humans were left to. These Sub-saharan units are an example of such machines. Nicknamed ‘Tin Man’ these robots were designed to withstand nuclear blasts and tolerate tremendous amounts of damage. The reinforced chassis would hold the unit together even after intense fire from armor-piercing rounds. It wouldn’t be uncommon to see a century later some of these machines still roaming around the wastelands in such decayed state and yet still terribly lethal. This particular unit wields a high-powered chemical laser gun with a detachable bayonet for close combat. These rifles are designed to destroy other robotic units as they can pinpoint with much accuracy vital structures deep within them.

Katharine’s Speech at Blackfriars

Those who haven’t studied history don’t realize what a huge SCREW YOU this was to Henry VIII, or what tremendous damage it did his cause for the “divorce” (annulment) or what Katharine of Aragon’s subtle digs were all about. Allow me to “translate” by filling in historical references, just for fun.

Sir, I beseech you for all the love that hath been between us, and for the love of God, let me have justice. Take of me some pity and compassion, for I am a poor woman, and a stranger born out of your dominion. I have here no assured friends, and much less impartial counsel.”

This references the MANY times Henry insisted that he cared deeply about her and wanted her to receive justice (that he would abide by the decision of the court and be “delighted” if they found her to be his “true and lawful wife” because if he had it to do over again, he would pick her); he had made those assertions in public, the latest one mere minutes before, and Katharine is calling him out – if you love me so much, why won’t you let me have a fair trial outside of England, where those officials presiding over the case are not on your payroll? Not even my lawyers are foreigners! You control them! 

Katharine knew Henry. She’d lived with the man for 20 years. She knew public opinion and approval mattered more than anything to him (enough that he tried to hide his affairs and indiscretions and became very upset if they fell into or became public knowledge) and he had a warped sense of chivalry. Knowing this will stir his emotions, she assaults his honor, shaming him in front of everyone, and hinting that she needs him to have pity on her… in front of about a thousand Londoners who worship the ground she walks on.

Alas! Sir, wherein have I offended you, or what occasion of displeasure have I deserved?… I have been to you a true, humble and obedient wife, ever comfortable to your will and pleasure, that never said or did any thing to the contrary thereof, being always well pleased and contented with all things wherein you had any delight or dalliance, whether it were in little or much. I never grudged in word or countenance, or showed a visage or spark of discontent.

This reminds him that she has sided with him even against her father, Ferdinand of Aragon, and against her nephew, Charles V, in the instances where the two nations were in conflict; that she has conspired with him and bent to his will in favor of England over Spain and not once raised any complaints about participating in his childish masques and public fripperies. Katharine is also drawing attention to her reputation – renowned for “wearing a smile” even in her deepest miseries. She’s also reminding him of her eventual submission in those matters where they had any great dispute (such as Henry Fitzroy).

I loved all those whom ye loved, only for your sake, whether I had cause or no, and whether they were my friends or enemies.”

This is about his mistresses. Strong, subtle reminders that “I have put up with your adultery, and I have been kind to your mistresses.” In other words, YOU OWE ME. She is probably also referencing Cardinal Wolsey, whom she specifically disliked, but whom she also treated with respect.

This twenty years or more I have been your true wife and by me ye have had divers children, although it hath pleased God to call them out of this world, which hath been no default in me…”

Divers means “many” – many children; she is referencing the basis of his entire argument and invalidating it. Henry is arguing that their marriage is not lawful because she was not a virgin when he married her, and any union so formed (based on a text in Leviticus) will be “childless.” Not only do they have a living daughter, Katharine is reminding him of their many children (some miscarried, others stillborn, and at least one that lived for some weeks). She is saying that their deaths are not her fault, she was without sin, because…

When ye had me at first, I take God to my judge, I was a true maid, without touch of man. And whether it be true or no, I put it to your conscience.”

… she was a virgin. Thus his Biblical argument is faulty.

Henry’s entire argument, he claims, is built entirely on his conscience; he has argued from the first that his conscience has provoked him to take action. She is referencing that and inviting him to “out” her if she’s lying. She is directly telling him that both of them know his reason for this trial is untrue.

Katharine is giving him an enormous opening here, and he does not take it. Henry does not argue with her and say that she was not a virgin. He has raised it as a potential reason for their dead children up until this point by implying that she might have lied about her virginity, but Henry believed lying in a canonical court before representatives of the Church would have endangered his soul. If Henry knew she was not a virgin, he could have said so without endangering his soul – but he did not say it. He never said it, not then nor at any other time, though he allowed others to say it for him. He met it with silence, which was as good as an admission that she was telling the truth. Another serious blow to his case in the eyes of those watching.

If there be any just cause by the law that ye can allege against me either of dishonesty or any other impediment to banish and put me from you, I am well content to depart to my great shame and dishonor. And if there be none, then here, I most lowly beseech you, let me remain in my former estate…”

Here’s another dig at his honor, and an appeal for him to stop this case. If he can find a “just cause” (not fabricated – this is an attack on this trial being unfair and stacked against her) she will step aside, though it will destroy her reputation. The references to shame and dishonor are reminders that if this court rules their marriage invalid, she will be seen as his whore of twenty years. She is making a grand dramatic overture and playing the part of a dutiful and obedient wife, making others see her as the wronged woman who will step aside, though everyone will know it was unjust. A master stroke!

“Therefore, I most humbly require you, in the way of charity and for the love of God – who is the just judge – to spare me the extremity of this new court, until I may be advised what way and order my friends in Spain will advise me to take. And if ye will not extend to me so much impartial favor, your pleasure then be fulfilled, and to God I commit my cause!

One last assault on his honor, through an implication that if he does not let her have impartial justice through an appeal to Rome, he is a knave and she has no choice but to rely on God to protect her, for her husband clearly will not. 

This mass assault on him, using his own words against him, did exactly what she intended it to do. Henry fell for it, as she knew he would. To save face after being called out, Henry agreed to let her appeal to Rome, which stalled the proceedings and screwed over his case for years. His decision was made in a rush of emotion and the embarrassment of having everyone in the room (the public gallery and streets were full, so thousands were watching) thinking he was an unjust king and husband. Only later did he realize the full extent of how it would prevent him from obtaining a divorce but by then it was too late.

Henry massively underestimated Katharine. He assumed her former compliant behaviors would mean she would simply give him what he wanted – he did not realize he had a tiger by the tail. Her natural ease in winning people over, her talent for winning tremendous popularity and public support, her cunning, all those things that had benefited him throughout the last 20 years suddenly turned on him and unveiled her as a powerful adversary. Henry finally had to annul the marriage by overturning the Church, because Katharine blocked him at every turn – destroying months of research and planning with one deft blow after another, for as long as she could. But this certainly was her finest hour.

Miitopia - Jobs In-Depth

So, you wanna play MIITOPIA, Nintendo’s newest Mii-based vidya?

Well, then; let’s talk about JOBS, my boy/girl!

Warrior - Do you wanna hit shit real hard? Do you wanna keep your buddies from getting smacked? Warriors are probably the most well-rounded class in the game, as they can take AND deal a lot of damage to single targets with decent group damage. They don’t do status effects or any form of magic damage, but can smack some sense into your comrades if they get afflicted.

Mage - Wanna stop a fight before it starts? Wanna kill everything on the screen? Mages deal a ton of damage, but eat through MP like a fat kid eats through their pancreas. Your typical glass cannon, mages do have the benefit of high speed, but awful defense.  They deal in flat damage with the option of putting a pal to bed to heal them up, but that’s all they have in the form of utility.

Cleric - Heals, heals, heals. You wanna heal something? Boom. Wanna heal the whole party? Boom. Wanna kill an enemy instantly? Boom - wait, what? Clerics are pretty generic, and even the game refers to them as the ‘go-to support role.’ While they don’t pack much heat, they do get a 1-shot kill further down the trail. Other than that, they’ll heal the shit out of you. More heals than your body has room for!

Thief - They’ll stick ya. With their stickin’ stick, Ol’ Sticky. Just kidding; thieves huck their shivs like a boomerang to deal (diminishing) damage to the enemy squad. They have a, uh… ‘Interesting’ set of moves; not really what you’d expect from a rogue. They can vanish for a turn to deal loads of damage, hit multiple enemies at a time with some ninja tricks, and even set up traps to keep you and your pals safe! If you(!) play as a thief, you can swipe treats from your enemies in case you’re running low!

Pop Star - On the outside, this class might turn a lot of people off due to the weird costumes. Pop Stars are, quite literally, Japanese music idols. They’ll boomerang their mics at the enemy team! Pop Stars fill an important support role, as they’ll exploit the game’s relationship system to increase the chances of cooperation, in addition to ending quarrels before things get nasty! They have a subpar damage game, but they make up for it with their ability to buff allies and disable enemies.

Chef - Hey there, friend; you got the eats? Chefs are Miitopia’s version of Paladins; they deal above average melee damage (which can be enhanced), heal teammates (these heals are fixed - they don’t scale with magic!) and can increase the healing effects of HP ‘naners. They can deal decent magic damage at the cost of damaging a relationship, and at the end of their career, they gain the ability to 1-shot enemies to turn them into delicious foodstuffs! THE WEAK SHALL FEED THE STRONG.

Cat - Kitty’s got claws, and they hurt like a motherfucker. The Cat job is comparable to, say, a ‘Monk’ of sorts. They deal terrific melee damage (which they can take a turn to go even further beyond) while offering decent heals to health and MP. Boasting average defense and high speed, they can obliterate/significantly weaken tough enemies or keep whomever topped off to keep your sprinkles stocked. They can snatch food at high levels, which can be a boon to gettin’ your grub on at the Inn late-game.

Imp - Stabby, stab, stab; how you like that shit? Imps lack the pompadours their monster counterparts sport, but make up for it with demon stuff. Dealing a fair amount of magic and melee damage, Imps specialize in fucking with your enemies by lowering their defenses, softening them up with a hearty magical stab to the face, and hyping up allies to keep your hyper sprinkles in stock. Imps can tank a bit by slurping up HP/MP and gain the ability to insta-gib at later levels.

Scientist - Ah; what a fine day for science. Scientists are crunchier, supporty-er Mages with great fashion sense and wild hair. Their magical attacks focus on damaging multiple enemies at once (for great damage, no less) and they can buff an ally’s attacks (not boomerang style attacks sadly) to deal bonus, group damage or even absorb HP. They have a decent heal for friends and can prevent status effects!

Tank - This line won’t break, but your friendships just might. Tanks have the highest damage and defense in the game, but have literally 0 speed. Living up to their name, Tanks can take a huge amount of damage and simply shrug it off; they can even enhance their defenses and heal themselves should the need arise! Tanks deal so much damage, their basic attacks require 2 MP to be used, while their special abilities deal tremendous damage. Unfortunately… This class will damage relationships when used to full effect.

Princess - ‘Hi, I’m Daisy!’ The Princess is a very interesting class, dealing ‘okay’ melee damage while having a mass of support skills. They can lower the defenses of and disable an entire enemy squad with the added benefits of decent magical damage skills. They can prevent status effects, heal the party’s health/MP for a decent amount, and passively increase their standing with individual members!

Flower - Expecting an ‘Every Rose has its Thorn’ or ‘Undertale’ joke? Boi. Flowers are, ah, an ‘interesting’ class that a lot of people might not be into at first. They have decent heals, deal decent magic damage, and have a boomerang style basic attack. Something that’s unique to them, however, is their ability to enrage allies, increasing their damage and giving them two swings per turn! Might take a bit of getting used to.

Vampire - Nosferatu! Vampires are one of the unlockable classes. They have a boomerang-style basic attack, and a great set of abilities that makes them one of the most unique classes in the game. They deal damage whenever they take it, can bring themselves back from the dead (with one health), can grant allies the ability to self-rez, and have a huge selection of AoE abilities. Of course, you can latch onto your enemie’s throat and tear out little bits of HP, too!

Elf - Remember the Three Fab Fairies? The Elf class is probably the most powerful class in the entire game, and can only be unlocked after beating the main storyline, and not easily. They deal great damage, can disable enemies, heal/shield/restore MP, counterattack… This class might not be for you if you crave a challenge, but it’s fun as hell to unlock it. I’ll let you find out why.


There is something very strange I have noticed about estrangement. 

I don’t exactly know why I do it but, I often read the pages and websites of estranged parents whose children have walked away. Maybe I am just nosy, maybe I want to try and understand from the other side, maybe I want to find an inkling of the loving mother I needed there or maybe I just need validation. 

I definitely get validation. LOTS of it. 

There are parents there who are clearly broken and devastated. There are parents there who are furious and bitter. It’s the second kind I want to talk about. 

There are a few common themes that I have noticed that really break my heart and I just wanted to put them out there. 

There is a lot of negative language about their own children.


They will blame anyone but themselves. 

The other parent. 
Their child’s peers
The partner in their child’s life. 
Their own family. 

They think they were perfect. 

I see a lot of “We made mistakes, everyone does, no-one is perfect” but, this comes before a list of all the things they ever did that were wonderful. From the bitter and angry parents you never see a list of these “mistakes”. It seems as though that statement is just a socially acceptable norm. It is used in such a way as to garner sympathy from those reading it, not as an admission of guilt. 

They aren’t sorry.

They really aren’t sorry for any part they played in their child’s estrangement. Well, they don’t believe they played any. Their child grew up to be evil, perhaps they loved their child too much, spoiled them too much… because they were wonderful. Their child’s turn to the dark side (For want of a better expression) has nothing to do with their perfect upbringing where their parent sacrificed their own happiness to raise them. They don’t understand how this could have happened but, it definitely wasn’t their fault. Anything their child says is lies and must be disregarded. 

They don’t believe mental abuse justifies estrangement.

The most common thing I see goes along the lines of “Unless there was serious physical abuse that put you in a hospital more than once or serious sexual abuse there is no excuse for estrangement”. Yes I have seen that several times and the alarm bells are deafening. They often go on to say “You should always respect your parents above everyone”. 

They get what they want and may then decide they don’t want it. 

This one is the most saddening of all. 

Their estranged child reaches out to them, they agree to meet and start again… This may be once or twice or a few times. There may be grandchildren involved. The grandchildren they were desperate to see, the grandchildren they never failed to send cards and presents too. Still though, those parents who are too bitter and angry, who said there was no excuse for estrangement, then decide they just cannot forgive. Their child hurt them too much by removing themselves from the family fold and doing nothing except refuse contact. They want no part of them. Suddenly the relationship ends on their terms and they feel vindicated in doing so. They estranged and that was the right thing to do. Children MUST respect parents but, the same is not true in reverse. 

The other side.

Yes, I see angry estranged children. I see them curse out their parents and call them names… but, the percentage is much much smaller. 

Mostly what I see? Children, Adult children desperately trying to figure out why their own mothers can’t or don’t love them. Trying to find the fatal flaw in themselves and trying to stay removed from a situation they know has done them tremendous damage… both at the same time. 

What they want? They want a loving parent child relationship. They want someone who supports them and loves them for who they are. They want someone who believes in them. They want to be heard and seen and wanted. 

Can you see the difference? 


TJLC is not a ship.

TJLC ≠ Johnlock

It is a conspiracy theory and therefore open to as much criticism as can be thrown at it. It is not on the same level as Sherlolly, Sheriarty, Mystrade, Adock etc. It hangs out in the same ball park as ‘I don’t believe we landed on the Moon and Elvis is still alive’. If I can criticise those ideas, I can criticise TJLC. It is not protected by Tumblr ethics towards shipping and I don’t have to respect your conspiracy theory - especially given the tremendous harm and damage it is doing not only to those outside of the community but also to those within the community who can’t seem to see the clear signs of confirmation bias, indoctrination and messiah/superiority complex.

Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber: Info. Graph + Transparency

Kylo Ren’s lightsaber has created many disagreements, since the design diverges from the conception of a traditional lightsaber. Consistent with many Dark Force users, Kylo Ren has chosen a red kyber crystal. Unlike his predecessors, Kylo Ren implemented a cracked kyber crystal into his lightsaber design. The cracked crystal presents some difficulties for the user. Since the crystal is damaged, it is difficult to manipulate and control the energy produced. To focus the crystal’s energy into a plasma stream, the crossgaurd – or the quillon vents – are needed. The quillons help to reduce excess energy created by the kyber crystal. However, the angular placement of the quillons may negate the functionality of the vents.

Each plasma stream creates its own force. Plasma is not static, instead it is in constant motion. The plasma stream of a lightsaber cycles through a loop. The plasma moves rapidly and continuously in and out of the kyber crystal located in the hilt. This means the crystal is pulled in each direction in which a plasma stream is present. In turn, this causes tremendous stress on the damaged crystal as well as difficulty wielding the lightsaber.  

The damaged crystal only partially accounts for the ragged and unstable appearance of the plasma blade. The electromagnetic field which surrounds and assists the creation of the plasma stream has been clearly weakened. Indicators of this manipulation are the varying width of the blade as well as the particles of plasma (flying sparks). There are a few reasons why Kylo Ren would want to weaken the electromagnetic field. First, it could reduce the stress on the cracked kyber crystal. Second, it might allow for the formation of the quillons.

Some speculations: As mentioned in the previous post, Kylo Ren’s crossguard lightsaber is based of an ancient design. I personally wonder if the design specifically calls for a cracked kyber crystal or if there another reason behind Kylo Ren’s crystal selection? What if Kylo Ren specifically uses this crystal for sentimental reasons. It is possible that this cracked crystal was originally implemented in the lightsaber of Darth Vader.

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Medical facts and tips for your writing needs

Okay, guys. Here’s the deal. I have had too many fanfics and other stories just RUINED for me with terrible and painful inaccuracies having to do with basic medical processes and facts… and I just CAN’T anymore. Please, let me help you. PLEASE.

This is way too long, graphic at some points, and really, basically, please send me an ask if you want any basic info on what would happen in a certain situation. 

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Taking A Question: Where Does Magic Come From?

Hello people of the Internet…

We’re back with the 2nd episode of Season 2 of our Taking Questions, where we take the most popular, strange or just thought provoking questions and answer them in the many ways we know how…

And today’s question is on “Where does Magic actually come from? According to D&D Lore.”.

So if you want to hear the history of magic, where it comes from, and some super secret magical stuff…

Then Keep Reading…

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Water Under the Bridge (Part 2) (Tony Stark x reader)

Request: I get so excited when I’m able to request 😊 could you please write about tony obsessing over Ultron and your relationship deteriorating to the point of you leaving, and now he has to win you back??

I thought that this would work well as a part two for this story, hope it turned out okay!!

Part 1

At six months apart, you began to think that you were going to make it.  You saw Tony only in passing now, usually when you would stop by the compound to meet with Nat for lunch and he happened to be there, or if you spent an evening there with the team but didn’t leave quick enough before he would stop by to meet with Steve for team business.  It wasn’t necessarily a conscious effort to avoid each other, but your subconscious sure had a good handle on it.

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The Problem with Autism Speaks

The ongoing problem that I have with Autism Speaks, and why I will continue to boycott them is that they have done nothing to repair the tremendously damaging smear campaign that they led against Autism for so many years (decades?). People are left with a lingering negative impression and they trusted these horrific public service announcements because the organization painted themselves to be an authority on the subject. Their campaigns give no indication that they did any research into the subject or that they have any knowledge of autism beyond the emotional response of a disappointed and selfish mother. While they no longer seek to cure our condition in their mission statement, they have taken no responsibility for past actions made in fear and hatred of differences. Their intolerance helped to create a world that sees autism as some kind of terrible curse and prevents the success of all autistic people seeking the highest quality of life. 

And what irony, what terrible presumption for an organization to claim to speak for us without ever having asked us what it is that we wish to say. 

anonymous asked:

I'm the person who asked about Regina and Henry and thank you for clearing things up. Thank you for going into great detail and helping me out with understanding their relationship better. I wonder why the fandom reacts that way. I personally found their relationship realistic and so the development seems inevitable. It's such a beautiful relationship and I was shocked at the amount of people saying how abusive it was.

There really aren’t a lot of them.  They are just obsessed and so will talk endlessly about it and jump on any article or post to talk about how horrible Regina is.  The number of notes one of their posts gets versus the number of notes a positive post about Regina and Henry gets is telling.  They are orders of magnitude different.  As the show has gone on they have gotten much more vitriolic in their arguments as it has become more and more clear that the show is contradicting their headcanons.

But because i’m a fairly prominent Regina blog I get trolled by them a fair bit so that’s why I know their arguments very well.  Sometimes I just respond with gifs… because they’re just so adorable…

But honestly what annoys me most is that the show has shown a case of child abuse and someone who shows the scars of that abuse into adulthood.  

Cora’s abuse of Regina was shown to us on screen.  It’s not debatable (though there are crazy people who do).  Regina’s behavior speaks of the systematic nature.  When the Snow Queen uses similar choking tactics on her she, unlike Emma, has completely different body language because she is used to it…

She displays a very common form of resistance to extreme child abuse called silent insolence (as opposed to Henry who is able to openly rebel against Regina because he has no fear that she will ever hurt him).

When she is being actively abused she raises her voice a bit and says exactly what her abuser wants to hear in order to get the abuse to stop.  

She expresses direct fear of Cora on multiple occasions, looking over her shoulder … 

… and even into adulthood tries to warn people that she isn’t strong enough to fight her mother…

… unfortunately for her no one is listening to her.  Even as she is dealing with Cora she knows she is being manipulated but years of physical and mental abuse make it so that she is actually quite incapable of fighting.  Cora set out to break her and break her she did.

That abuse has lasting effects on Regina not just in her completely damaged personality, but also in some very classic abuse survivor tells…

… for instance this startling reflex is often lifelong.  Another example is something called invasive thoughts, which were dramatically illustrated by the scene where Regina fantasizes about killing young Snow White but is horrified by it.  Believe it or not invasive thoughts are completely normal and not at all evidence that Regina is sick but rather her own horror at them is evidence of her mental health.  She was in an insane situation and her mind was rejecting it.

Cora used classic gaslighting techniques, like here she tries to convince Regina she left the Henry hand print in her car and hadn’t been in her house despite the fact that Regina knew better.  As a long term form of abuse this causes the victim to have difficulty figuring out what thoughts are theirs and what are the messages of their abuser.  It’s highly disruptive and extremely difficult to get over causing lasting damage to both self worth and trust in her own judgement.

But most importantly abuse runs in cycles.  Hurt people hurt people.  And breaking the cycle of abuse is incredibly difficult.  You can tell that Regina has tried very hard not to be the kind of mother to Henry that Cora was to her.  Cora was controlling and denied Regina freedom and independence.  Henry has the run of the town within limits and shows a very strong independent streak.  That independence is learned behavior.  

When she did find herself repeating the behaviors of her childhood she immediately stopped.  

Which is the fundamental problem with the ARBs.  They don’t understand the difference between a mistake and abuse.  They don’t understand how incredibly hard breaking that cycle is.  And they do tremendous damage to the adult survivors of child abuse by ignoring Regina’s experience and characterizing her missteps as abuse because so many are afraid to have children at all lest they repeat the same mistakes as their parents.

This is I think one of the most important things about this relationship and really the only important thing about this show.  To show someone who has experienced that kind of horrific abuse as a child be a mother and have a healing and warm relationship with her son.  Parental relationships on television are rarely allowed to be messy and complicated and loving and to evolve the way this one has.

And for that we can thank Lana Parrilla, because she fought hard for that relationship and she had Jared Gilmore have worked hard to build that relationship and go from this…

to this…

to this…

and this…

and this…


Bovington Tank Museum Part 12

1 to 3) Tank, Cruiser, Mark V**, A13 “Covenanter III”. The Tank that never saw action. The Covenanter was a revolutionary new design of cruiser tank dating from 1939. The Covenanter was designed to be of all welded construction, with aluminum components and special low-profile engine. Unfortunately by the time it entered production many things had changed. Riveting replaced welding, armour thickness was increased and aluminum could not be used, increasing its weight and decreasing its perform. 1,400 were built but it was deemed not battle worthy by the War Board.

This exhibit is shown in its original markings, when it served with A Squadron, 13th/18th Hussars in 9th Armored Division.

4 & 5) Tank, Cruiser, Mark III, A13. The Cruiser series of tanks were the first British tanks to use the Christie suspension. This is the Cruiser Mark III with an up-armoured turret, bringing its appearance close to that of the Cruiser Mark IV. The additional armour on the turret sides was spaced from the body of the turret in an effort to defeat rounds from anti-tank rifles. Cruiser Mark IIIs equipped the 1st Armored Division during the Battle of France and the 7th Armored Division in North Africa.

This exhibit is painted to represent the tank commanded by one of the museum’s volunteers, Royal Army veteran Ron Huggins, of the 10th Royal Hussars in the 1st Armoured Division with the British Expeditionary Force in France, 1940.

6 & 7) Tank, Cruiser, Mark IIA, A10, Close Support. It was intended to be a more heavily armoured companion for the A9, with which it shared many mechanical components. In practice this distinction had ceased to exist by the outbreak of war when, in any case, both A9 and A10 had been superseded by the Christie Cruiser A13. Most Mark IIs were armed with the 2-pounder, but some were fitted with but a few were equipped with a breech-loading, 3.7-inch mortar for CS operations.

8 & 9) Tank, Infantry, Mark IV A22F “Churchill VII”. When it first appeared in 1941 the Churchill infantry tank proved to be very unreliable. The manufacturers, Vauxhall Motors of Luton, persevered and, in 1943 came up with the vastly improved Mark VII. The gun wasn’t particularly strong, but it had more frontal armor than a Tiger I and could take tremendous damage. In its Mark VII form it served with three Royal Armoured Corps regiments in North West Europe, one in Italy and with 7th Royal Tank Regiment in Korea.

10) Tank, Infantry, Mark II A12 “Matilda II”. The Matilda was regarded as a superb tank in its day and carved a remarkable career for itself. A few served in France in 1940 but in the early stages of the North African campaign, under General Wavell, it virtually ruled the desert. Even when the Afrika Korps arrived it remained a formidable opponent, immune to everything but the notorious 88mm gun. Its main failings were its slow speed and small gun, which could not be improved. The strange camouflage was designed so that the tank’s profile would “break up” on the horizon as it blended in with the heat shimmering off the ground.

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It’s a very serious question in my mind whether or not the people of this country, the bulk of population of this country, have enough sense of what is really happening to their black co-citizens to understand why they’re in the streets. I know of this moment they maybe don’t know it, and this is proved by the reaction to the civil disorders.It came as no revelation to me or to any other black cat that white racism is at the bottom of the civil disorders. It came as a great shock apparently to a great many other people, including the President of the United States. And now you ask me if we can cool it. I think the President goofed by not telling the nation what the civil-disorders report was all about. And I accuse him and the entire administration, in fact, of being largely responsible for this tremendous waste and damage. It was up to him and the Vice-President to interpret that report and tell the American people what it meant and what the American people should now begin to think of it. Now! It is already, very very late even to begin to think of it. What causes the eruptions, the riots, the revolts—whatever you want to call them—is the despair of being in a static position, absolutely static, of watching your father, your brother, your uncle, or your cousin—no matter how old the black cat is or how young—who has no future. And when the summer comes, both fathers and sons are in the streets—they can’t stay in the houses. I was born in those houses and I know. And it’s not their fault.
Shattered Dreams

Domain: Imaginarium

Function: Destruction

 Hope grants those of the Destruction Classes the ability to shatter the illusions that compose reality. They can use this ability to reduce the ‘Realness Factor’ of its targets, causing illusions to break and shatter, this would even extend to reality itself as the Player progresses, manifesting as a potent offensive ability.

 At lower levels the Player can only shatter illusions, this ability would often activate itself should they be afflicted with such an effect or simply get close enough for the ability to do its work.

 At higher levels the Player would be able to affect reality with this ability. Causing harm to their enemies, and anything that would go against their beliefs. Its potency against illusions would increase as well, causing even greater illusions to shatter, some even report being unable to dream due to this ability.

 God Tier Hope Players can deal tremendous amounts of damage with this ability, practically erasing anything they use this ability. With no proof of it ever having been existed. They’re now completely immune to all forms of illusions.

 Active - Princes of Hope can deal significantly greater damage with this ability, being able to kill their fellow Players with this ability straight out of obtaining it. The damage can even exceed the reduction of the target’s Realness Factor, granting a high chance for the Prince to leave corpses in their wake.

 Passive - Bards of Hope the people dreams go to when they need to die. They emit an aura around them that makes it exceptionally difficult to create illusions. This even extends to other’s beliefs and lies, making the Bard a beacon of skepticism and truth.

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I have a gut feeling that those bloggers that have left and will leave in the future have been handed their walking papers by Sony/Azoffs. Harry is going on a mostly sold out world tour soon and the other guys seem to have plans in place and have been successful, those bullies are no longer needed. No more front row at shows, no more meet and greets or whatever else they were incentivized with.

Many people have expressed similar thoughts! They were polarizing and did a tremendous amount of overall damage to this fandom.🌼