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Tumblr Crushes:

I love all these people. Not quite in that order…
Maybe except for Walker, but he has an interesting blog, and he is really pretty.

Of course I’m friends with all of them on Facebook, but Walker and the porn blog that I love so much. :)

tremblelittlelioness replied to your post: tremblelittlelioness replied to your post: Should…

weeeeeeell, you can always unfollow him

 guysonthemind replied to your posttremblelittlelioness replied to your post: Should…

don’t let sentimentality prevent you from unfollowing a douche. i used to do it and it only annoyed me, and really, is there any reason to be annoyed by something on your dash?

I think I will do that.
Oh well. Also, what was holding me back a little is that I am now following an odd number of people.
I was following exactly 200… UGH.