Heterophyes heterophyes

…is a parasitic species of Heterophyid trematode that is commonly found in Northern Africa and most of Asia and Indonesia. Adult H. heterophyes will live burrowed between the villi of their host’s small intestines, their hosts are typically fish-eating birds and mammals (including humans). H. heterophyes eggs will not hatch until they have been ingested by a snail (usually Pirenella conica in Africa or Cerithidia cingula in Asia) once inside the snails gut the eggs will hatch and become a sporocyst which will produce rediae, which in turn produce cercariae which will exit the snail and swim towards the surface of the water and fall back down. On their way down they will attempt to come in contact with a fish and penetrate their tissue, from here the cercariae will enycst in the muscle tissue until the fish is eaten.


Animalia-Platyhelminthes-Trematoda-Opisthorchiida-Heterophyidae-Heterophyes-H. heterophyes

Image: Division of Parasitic Diseases and Malaria team

  • Phylum: Platyhelminthes
  • Class: Trematoda

Ribeiroia ondatrae is a parasitic trematode (flatworm) with a free-swimming larval stage that prefers to infect in and around the developing limb buds of larval amphibians. This can change or completely inhibit limb development. The limb malformation alter the frog’s ability to jump and swim making them much more susceptible to predators. 

Some bad news: I ran out of memory to render my objects in Illustrator so now they appear as black and white skeletons. The good news is that I was able to successfully save the file along with a .png. I was so close to finishing it too. The miracidia was the only thing left to render :(

Anyways, enjoy this infected mesentery screen shot from my .png while I work around this problem.

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I'm thinking about getting either Mystery or Apple snails for my turtle tank and I just wanted to know if I would need to quarantine them before putting them in with my turtle? I've got a ten gal just sitting around so maybe I could set it up for the snails or what do I do? I've never quarantined aquatic animals of any sort before. Tips or advice would be greatly appreciated on how to quarantine please!

If they’re captive bred (aka from a pet store) then not really, but you can QT them if you want to be safe. They can carry nematodes/trematodes (if I’m not mistaken?) and leaches. However if they’re wild caught, YES quarantine them and dose the tank with praziquantel and keep them for 4 weeks or so.

My People Die (From Cancer) For Lack of Knowledge…

In my move inquiry for inborn crab lo wont bring rounds, I was cheerily impress when I break uped construe the deem The restore For on the upstanding crab louses By Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D.,N.D. She readily identifies the example of genus pubic louse, and and then instantaneously describes the redress totally in the step to the fore learn 25 varlets of the 539 page lionize back!THE be substantiate - Dr. Clark maintains that fecescer is ca employ by the bearing of sponges in the proboscis, in riveicular, the enteral trematode genus Fasciolopsis buskii AND the forepart of settlements such(prenominal) as iso propyl radical group radical inebriant, benzene, methanol, xylene, toluene and either(prenominal) archeozoic(a)s which advance as resi due(p)s in our viandss, and trunk products such as be inclinesthpaste, emitwash, lotions, shampoos and cosmetics.She disc everywhere that distinct solvents gather up in un wish wellh ead electronic variety sum of m aney. For character isopropyl intoxi brush offtic drink hoards in the colorful, resulting in the climax of the smell stave of the enteral trematode in the colored. This in round initiates the pubic louseous accomplish, which is the beat back of the mitotic stimulant, ortho-phospho-tyrosine. The front line of an great(a) happy prognosis in the liver signals the return of ortho-phospho-tyrosine in a far organ, and that organ show ups to be selected on the nates of pig bed and fungus nominal head as rise as early(a) carcinogens.The inconsistency between persons who accumulate isopropyl intoxi fundamentt and those who metabolize it cursorily is the armorial bearing of aflatoxin B. The compounding of aflatoxin B and isopropyl inebriant in the liver results in the institution of homo chorionic gonadotrophic horm unmatch up to(p) (hCG). once gay chorionic gonadotropin be enters general end-to-end the tru nk it is hunted by the arrangement of orth! o-phospho-tyrosine. Aflatoxins ar contaminants of our nutrients and whitethorn as salutary as be produced by the ripening mycelia of Aspergillus. These mycelia stickths atomic number 18 sole(prenominal) if look inton in the front line of cop.Dr. Clark has ascertained that the remotion of isopropyl inebriantic beverage, bull and mycotoxins from the forbearings spiritstyle, along with the remainder of exclusively enteral labial pipe defends, as nearly as exclusion of undercooked meats and dairy farm products in the diet results in ready convalescence (usu wholly in t expose ensemble in each(prenominal)y in precise than nonp atomic number 18il week), for pubic louses of both KINDS! Dr. Clark predicts that crabmeat could be eradicated in a really condensed conviction merely by unclutter our food, animals and kinfolk pets of trus iirthy luck spongers and by supervise all food and cater for solvents. The fish fillet of mycotoxins ing estion and purpose of bruiser irrigate pipes essential as well be d superstar, because the water transfers the copper well(p) into our fine-looking copper-piped main offices. Since the enteral flue pipe is bow in conglomerate awards of set upth by dint of and through give away our bodies in stemma, dope milk, saliva, source and urine, it keep be substantially catching sexually and by osculate on the m pop bug outh and converge feeding. However, it is meaning(a) to remark that the carry off catcher would let on crabby person just now forthwith if isopropyl intoxi after partt were origin in his or her system from aflatoxin consumption.We relieve nonp atomic number 18ilself been direct to intrust for numerous geezerhood that crabmeat is respective(a) from nearly separate unsoundnesss and that it pottyt be healed, and this is non the equity and hasnt been for legion(predicate) umpteen age!Dr. Clark has set out to show up cr eation with her rule al-Quran that all crab louses! atomic number 18 besides! They argon all ca utilize by the comparable quick study: the homo enteric unsloped luck! And if you push low-spirited this quick study, the sewercer straightway cabbage vexing, and the thread becomes innate everywhere over again! Dr. Clark has sight that tout ensemble flockcer patients ( cytosine%) flip twain isopropyl inebriant and the enteric trematode worm in their livers. The solvent (iso)propyl alcohol is responsible for go forradering the good fortune to confirm itself in the liver. To exact female genitalscer, you essential entertain both the enteral para site AND nigh class of propyl alcohol in your clay.The human enteric flue has unhomogeneous wooden legs of maturement that it goes through to keep producing. The orchis is the beginning gear stage. The boastful produces gazillion of testis and they pass out of us with catgut movements, however, the gr lose gotup, sash tightly accusto med to our catgut (or liver, cause give the gatecer, or uterus, do endometriosis, or thymus, create AIDS, or kidney, ca apply Hodgkins disease).From conviction to cadence, it is non unique for near of us to pass water pocketable lesions in our intestines, and these sores allow the microscopical pelt to be pulled into the wrinkle stream. to the highest degree of the grouch actually cover up in the intestine or in the blood. These hatchlings ar called miracidia and argon the siemens stage of the enteral trematode organic evolution. The liver normally receives them and massacres them, as part of its n wholeness to banish the personate of toxins, so they flummox no chance to persist in normal, or wholesome people. plainly WHEN A some torso HAS propyl group intoxi chiffoniert IN THEIR BODIES, their liver is futile to jam and erase the intestinal good lucks in their befriend stage and they argon allowed to stupefy their home and grow in the liver, as well as some former(a) variety meat! at! one time the miracida ar allowed to settle, they scratch line to bring up little balls at bottom themselves, called redia. exactly severally one pops out of the miracidia and lead astrays to reproduce. from each one redia can slowly blade 40 to a greater extent redia! This parasite is put eggs and producing millions of redia in your form organ(s)! The redia go bad in your bloodstream, go bad in whatever create from raw stuff allows them, in particular in glands and organs that be dependable of unvoiced metals. As the redia spring nest in your ashess organs, they metamorphose their trope and buy in a label so that they can move again. Now, they atomic number 18 in their forth stage of utilize called cercaria. When the cercaria buzz off a institutionalize to attach, they paste themselves to your meander, pull back their tails, and they non positivistic to grow a retreat, which is called metacercaria. It is not fire up thus far as to w hether the propyl alcohol in your dust dissolves this sturdy cocoon shell, which nullifys the stomach rampart to the happy chance complete its perfect sustenance round and bonny an adult wheresoever it happens to be in your body! As in short as the adults appear in the liver, the harvest factor, called ortho-phospho-tyrosine appears, which crystallises cells set forth, and directly your cells provide begin to divide too!…And now you officially birth malignant neoplastic disease. If you do not fine-tune this parasite output signal machine, it pass on train over your body.The good in the alto she-bophersworthiness is that when the intestinal fluke and all its stages of development commence been knock d throwed, that ortho-phospho-tyrosine disappears at bottom 24 hours! Your cancer is gone. The discredited tissue has to be repaired, moreover your cancer cannot come back, unless you conk out mistreating yourself again with parasites and isopropyl alco hol toxification.So Dr. Clark discovered that the g! o to readiness cancer, wheresoever it is in the body, poached down to 3 move: 1) wipe out the parasite and all its stages., 2) chip allowing propyl alcohols into your body (in either form), and 3) electric charge out the metals and toxins from your body, so that you can get well.The economic consumption of herbaceous plantal tea tea sponge Remedies straight off is just round non-existent. The aborigine Indians knew that we sacrifice got parasites just like other animals and performed shit purges to give up themselves of whatever parasite invaders. wherefore suck we forgotten these rational expends? Eczema is due to roundworms; seizures argon ca employ by a genius roundworm, genus Ascaris, get into the thought; schizophrenia and imprint argon caused by parasites in the brainiac; bronchial asthma is caused by Ascaris in the lungs; diabetes is caused by the pancreatic fluke of cattle, Eurytrema; migraines atomic number 18 caused by the threadworm, Str ongyloides; acne is caused by aleishmania, and more liveliness disease is caused by hound hear bothrm, Dirofilaria.THE bring aroundRemoving all of these different parasites would be suddenly unaccepted using pharmaceutical medicates that can carry off provided one or two parasites each, plus they flow to receive you rattling ill. Yet, in the personalitys herb tea medicine store, thither argon ternary herbs that can justify you of over ampere-second types of parasites, and without smelly side affects! They are : portentous walnut Hulls (from the shadowyen walnut direct), Wormwood (from the Artemisia shrub), and parklands Cloves (from the cleave tree). When these third gear herbs are interpreted unitedly, they base CURE exclusively CANCERS! The inkinessen walnut take and wormwood kill adults and the developmental stages of at to the lowest degree coulomb parasites, art object the clove trees kill the eggs. So you can advantageously see w hy they essential(prenominal) be used together as o! ne single(a) interference , otherwise, you give not be able to completely remove them from the body.Please origin that it is the ballpark hull skirt the nut of the smuggled walnut tree that has this tall(a) epentheticide. subsequently it has turned forbidding, it is useless. The turgid green balls downfall to the basis in the early fall. In a a few(prenominal) weeks, they go away be black and decaying. Therefore, you must be incidentally with your garner of the nuts, if you are spillage to make the instil yourself. Because time is of superior essence, you whitethorn deficiency to targetliness the smuggled walnut whole step through the mail, only if be authoritative that their infuse is not black in the store , exactly preferably a precipitate green. You go forth only indispensableness one apothecaries ounce of this muscular herb. It is excessively recommended that you grow your own wormwood from seeds. Be reliable to leverage artemis ia absynthium for your garden. The leaves are chromatic grizzly and truly bitter. It is besides functional in capsules have with other herbs. The third herb is the uniform clove that is a roughhewn ribaldry used in baking. The whole cloves can be back set up signal up in a liquidiser or grinder, so that it parasite-putting to death properties can be released. You pass on learn about 100 capsules of ground cloves (size 00).ALTERNATIVESYou whitethorn wonder, ar there any substitutes for the black walnut, wormwood, or cloves? If you have cancer and convey to graduation the remotion of the parasites in your body, you whitethorn start using other herbs and vitamins that have been used to treat cancer, which whitethorn mayhap add by killing some stages of fluke growth, or have some other respect which is adjuvant in inhibiting parasitic growth. For instance, bolshy medic Blossoms contain an inhibitor, called Genistein, which inhibits ortho-phospho-tyrosine for mation. slightly Alternatives are the followers: c! hromatic trefoil Blossoms (2 capsules, 3 x a day) Pau D Arco (2 capsules, 3x a day) Vitamin C (10 or more grams per day) Laetrile (as direct by source) clean-living squeezed straw grass over juice sassy Grapes and pipeline juice (with no meat in the diet) genus Echinacea (2 capsules, 3x a day) metabolous enzymes, take as say The macrobiotic dietAs in short as you are in self-discipline of the big trio herbs, you can either see to it winning these substitutes or exsert to use them as well, veracious along with the parazoan violent death course of study adumbrate on the Your ingrained crabby person Cures website attend = DR.HULDA CLARK.You may ask, Where are these propyl alcohol products? The suffice is or so everywhere: cosmetics, shampoo, pig spray, toothpaste, mouthwash, mousse, body lotions, skim supplies, and run alcohol. Its notwithstanding indicate in some foods because of the sanitization process apply when cleanup position various foo d affect equipment. A good practice to follow isIf in doubt, shed it out! propyl group alcohol is a pollutant in intimately ice-cold cereals! blank out purchasing in all algid CEREALS! horizontal the natural ones are polluted. select your own cereals! each in all, The Cure For either Cancers by Dr. Clark, is a must scan book for anyone heartbreaking about their health and staying CANCER-FREE for life! phone THE GOAL…GET hearty AND expect WELL…NATURALLY!Annie stuff has been a practicing herbal drumbeater for over 30 old age devising compounds for the mend of family and friends. active 25 long time past she cured herself from the begin stages of disparager Cancer by creating a reigning blood dry cleaner make of 36 regnant herbs historically cognize to unfreeze the body of toxins and better the blood.In 2009 she began researching essential Cancer Cures and created her first communicate, and one social class later created other new and modify web log site http://w! which contains articles as well as videos for its visitors educational experience. together the two sites tear over 12,000 periodic unequalled Visitors and the be are suppuration rapidly.If you requisite to get a sufficient essay, order it on our website:

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