Haven’t had much time to stitch the last few days (which is no good for my personality, let me tell you.) But…we’ve gotten a mountain of design-work done, with bunches of new cross stitch patterns ready to launch! I’m officially taking the weekend off to make thousands of tiny little stitches. (In other words, I shall quiet my brain, rebalance my chi, recharge my spirits - all that wonderful and necessary stuff.) [Featuring Trellis & Thyme’s ‘Life on the Farm’ cross stitch sampler.]

Today is such a brilliant day. The leaves are beginning to fall off the crepe myrtle, the air is chill, the zinnias are in full bloom, and the coffee tastes fantastic. I just finished another design for Trellis & Thyme - a hand-stitched barn owl. Super happy with this fellow! He’ll be in the pattern shop this week. :)