Trellis and Thyme - Stitching Patterns by Sosae Caetano

Southern California based stitching artist and illustrator Sosae Caetano designs handmade stitchting patterns that can be downloaded and replicated easily. She’s offering a lot of cute designs for various occasions and different skill levels. More artworks can be found on her tumblr blog.

The craft instructions including a Materials list, charming step by step instructions as well as the original illustrations and full-size pattern templates.

Visit her shop Trellis and Thyme on Etsy!

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Stitch stitch stitch…I love making those neat little stitches. And I adore the way the quilted portions feel! So drapey and cuddly and snuggly. If you haven’t hand-quilted a quilt yet, do it. It feels completely different from a machine-quilted quilt (which tend to be more stiff.) Yes, I know it takes an age and a day, but quilters are not exactly instant-grat folk, are they? :) 

Today is such a brilliant day. The leaves are beginning to fall off the crepe myrtle, the air is chill, the zinnias are in full bloom, and the coffee tastes fantastic. I just finished another design for Trellis & Thyme - a hand-stitched barn owl. Super happy with this fellow! He’ll be in the pattern shop this week. :)