Soon the windows will be going in. This baby was fun to design and it’s fun to stitch. It’s so easy-going. I foresee many more vintage cars in Trellis & Thyme’s future. (’Little Green Microbus’ will positively be in the pattern shop tomorrow. So will ‘Little Orange Microbus’, which is an entirely different colorstory. Equally groovy, of course.)

Stitch stitch stitch…I love making those neat little stitches. And I adore the way the quilted portions feel! So drapey and cuddly and snuggly. If you haven’t hand-quilted a quilt yet, do it. It feels completely different from a machine-quilted quilt (which tend to be more stiff.) Yes, I know it takes an age and a day, but quilters are not exactly instant-grat folk, are they? :) 

Today is such a brilliant day. The leaves are beginning to fall off the crepe myrtle, the air is chill, the zinnias are in full bloom, and the coffee tastes fantastic. I just finished another design for Trellis & Thyme - a hand-stitched barn owl. Super happy with this fellow! He’ll be in the pattern shop this week. :)