trelane the squire of gothos


1. Am I the only one who has noticed that whenever any antagonist wants to force Kirk to do something they ALWAYS THREATEN SPOCK.

2. Kirk’s savage head shake and death stare when Spock tries to speak up and object like: Spock. SPOCK. Shut the fuck up because you are literally the most important thing in my world and if you go and get yourself killed I will fucking kill you. Do you hear me? I WILL END YOU.

Spock: That remark makes absolutely no sense.

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25. favorite villain(s)?

Ohhhhh good question!!!! I love Trelane (Squire of Gothos) because he’s such a goddamned dandy??? And then you find out he’s also a TODDLER? And just– I dunno. I remember I was so surprised by that episode the first time I saw it and he really stuck with me. I also love (and I don’t know if this can be considered a villain) The Horta, because this creature was so misunderstood, and by the end even SPOCK wanted to kill it (though, yes, extenuating circumstances because Jim was in danger. Fuck, man, I love Devil in the Dark), BUT YOU FIND OUT that it’s not a bad creature. It’s not evil. It’s just DIFFERENT. Perhaps, more different than any other creature could possibly be???? And yet there’s a way to work with it??? AND WORKING WITH IT YIELDS GREATER RESULTS THAN WORKING ALONE????? That is the primary message of Star Trek, to me. No matter our differences we can work together and we’re better together. UGh I could write essays on Devil in the Dark and I’m getting really emotional so I’m moving on now.

39. you have to relocate to a planet other than earth, which do you choose?

This is tough for me because Andorians are my favorite race so I want to be Andorian, but I HATE being cold. SO honestly I’d move to Vulcan. Dry? Hot? No one would ever choose to socialize with me? BLESS.

44. if *insert crew* ended up in the modern day what would amaze them the most?

I’m going with TOS on this one just ‘cause that’s the main focus of my life, but I’d say they’d mostly be amazed by how far behind we still are. Granted, they know Earth’s history. They know we go through another world war before we wake up and smell the world peace, but I think actually existing in the world as it is today would shock them. Casual racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia– literal genocides continuing into 2017, people going hungry when others have coffers full of money– 

I just think it would be difficult for them coming from a United Federation of Planets to find that even EARTH ALONE is not just divided but often still in turmoil. 

BUT I don’t want to leave it on a sad note so I also like to think they’d be surprised at the sheer number of cat videos on the internet, and the sheer number of views these videos have. Because the cat video situation in the 23rd century will be one of two things:
EITHER: Cat videos will have died out as a trend and they’ll be like “wtf I don’t get it?”
OR: Cat videos literally never lose their appeal because of course they don’t, and they’ll be like “OH my god. The humans of 2017 loved cat videos as much as we do???? SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE!”

Thanks for asking, love!!! Sorry it took me so long to answer!!! I’m a complete noodle! <3

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