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I would not worry much about S/U, their dynamic have gotten good reviews compared to the last film. the critic from den of geek who was never a fan of the romance said star trek beyond gave the best interpretation of the romance and even on trekmovie, the critic who reviewed the film praised the romance for have good writing and good film making this time compared to into darkness. As an S/U fan even I had to admit the romance was handled poorly, so I am glad to see it is getting rave reviews

Honestly I loved S/U in stid and I know a lot of people who became S/U fans thank to that movie. I think stid has faults in the structure of the story (I still have a problem about the fact that, basically, there is no hint of Spock’s ptsd beside that scene with Uhura) and those influenced a lot of things. But it still was a successful movie that got good reviews and made a ton of money, lol, so sometimes I don’t get all the hate and people making it seems it was a complete failure (if it was, we wouldn’t get star trek beyond. They’d reboot trek again in some years, like they did with the spiderman franchise)

anyway I’m glad to hear about the reviews. Like I said before, I didn’t have the chance to read too many of them, in fact if you guys have some good ones please link me xD  (the guys over trekmovie are bad tho. They are the first to always minimize Uhura’s role in the movies just because she has a relationship. I remember one article that had some true shit in all the level of faux white feminism fail of the worst kind. That site lost all balance when its original owner and editor got busy with real life stuff and couldn’t run it anymore like he used to. He used to get some great interviews too with the cast and stuff)

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I'm asking this in the kindest way possible because I am really confused! If ST: Discovery is DSC, like, how does that work? Where did the "I" go? Thank you!

Truthfully?  I’m just going by what the experts are saying. 

As soon as the show title was announced, a chorus of highly regarded Trekkie experts all chimed in on Twitter and proclaimed “No” to STD - rightfully so, as neither Enterprise nor Voyager did “STE” or “STV” - and then the consensus quickly reached by these top trek websites (TrekCore, TrekMovie,) and top names like Mike Okuda and the head of and other former Trek BTS staffers was “DSC” - I guess in the same way as Voyager become VGR - and… so yeah. 

The “I” went… I don’t know where?  LOL.  They just went with “DSC” after a quick round of discussion.

Obviously, no one can force anyone to use any label.  No one has that power, nor would anyone really try.  I’m sure people will use different variants.  DIS.  DISC.  Disco have all come up and they’re all fine.  But STD just doesn’t fit with tradition and seems to be desired for its “LOL” value.  TOS, TNG, DS9, VGR/VOY, ENT: all of them come from something else.  NONE of them include “ST” before them.  So it just makes the most sense.