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Can I have some advice? I was recently called out on being racist for saying that AOS demoted Nyota from an strong, intelligent, independent character to Spock's love interest. I just at want to know, was she right? feel absolutely terrible if I was promoting racism, but as a member of the LGBT community I feel robbed of a couple that's been icons to sci fi loving members of the LGBT community like myself. Her argument was that she went Scotty's (a side characters)love interest to Spock's.

No, you are not racist.

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The pairing was forced.

F. O. R. C. E. D.


It was implied earlier in the first movie that Jim had a liking to her. And she didn’t seem interested in him as seen. AND SHE DIDN’T BLINK WHEN GAILIA WAS NAKED. Which means she is not straight. And sorry for not replying earlier I was watching I wish for Jeanie tv show. Anyway, Star Trek promotes diversity and independence. These insulting fans do not promote this.  Turning  Nyota into a love interest for Spock made her feel like she was only there for his emotions and yanking them out WHEN NO, JIM WAS MADE FOR THAT. He takes them out, safely, without doing it forcefully and those light touches. He doesn’t smog Spock in a kiss right after he lost his damn planet. Which is insulting BECAUSE HE SHOULD SPEND IT IN A HUG NOT A KISS. Spock deserves time alone with a loss like that in the first 24 hours without people demanding that he express grief. Everyone grieves differently, Spock included. Jim carefully extracts them around Spock when he intends not to extract emotions. McCoy is the one who is all “HEY, POINTY EARED COMPUTER, CATCH THIS FRISBEE!” And Spock getting hit by it and not emoting. Spock either amused or flattered.

Which is a hilarious scenario with poor Spock.

NYOTA UHURA IS A STRONG, INTELLIGENT, INDEPENDENT WOMAN NOT MADE JUST FOR THE SAKE OF A MAN’S CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. IT’S THE OPPOSITE OF WHY SHE WAS MADE AND A DISGRACE TO HER CHARACTER. She was essentially robbed of being her own independent character for 2 movies with scenes that didn’t revolve AROUND SPOCK OF ALL PEOPLE.  Until Pegg wrote her right (god bless Pegg and Jones). Until that movie, she was only known as Spock’s girlfriend in those two movies. If they could accurately write a relationship between  Spock and Uhura without turning her into “Spock;s development” then I will be perfectly fine. Racism is saying “No, you can’t do that because you are colored” I don’t know why everyone thinks being racist is splitting apart a disgusting, horrible betrayal of both LGBT+ icons and putting them to their rightful pairing. Jim and Spock are not white people, SPOCK IS GREEN and JIM IS WHITE.


Does anyone not realize how humans in star trek were probably racist as fuck toward Vulcans before the united federation of planets were established? How Vulcans were treated by bigots, racists, bipobic, homophic, and people of all kind until they were brought together by space? And got over their differences? I have to admit, in star trek there are still likely some xenophobic people who do not represent humanity because THESE XENOPHOBIC people are the minority. Consider how T’Pol and Tripp dealt with becoming a couple on Earth, holding hands, and the stares they probably got onN Earth. I had to bring this argument up because they are both two different colors. Humans are pink/white. Vulcans are green. Do you see my analogy? Spock is not green in AOS for some stupid reason that I don’t know why. Now to the next pairing that is interacial relationship!

Nyota Uhura and Christine Chapel share a interracial W/W relationship. Christine Chapel appeared in the first star trek aos movie in the background as does Geoffrey M’Benga. They are a canon couple according to star trek tos episodes. Nyota values beauty over male attraction. She also kissed Christine on the lips. She also called T’Pring lovely. AND OH, NEED I SAY THE LOOK SHE GAVE JANICE IN CHARLIE X EPISODE?

So wonderfully gay. <3

Scotty and Uhura, in TOS movie, were brought together because they are sweet and I think Shatner probably forgot about Christine or–wait, he does not ever watch anything with him inside in it so there is a good chance he didn’t watch TOS and went off his memory. It was the logical thing to do on his part. But either way, they were cute and they were relatable. Dedicated to their job. They were married to their job. They represent people who were in the same career who gradually fell in love over decades. I consider that timeline with Uhotty as something that happens in the canonically TNG prime timeline due to Tryla Scott. Nyota and Christine probably raised Tryla’s grandparent when Scotty was stuck in the transporter. Scotty and Uhura started out as friends. One pairing is not interested in the captain and loves the ship but also cares too much about his friend Nyota. Nyota cares about her teddy bear engineer, very, very much. She is bisexual in that timeline. The other pairing, captained by James T. Kirk, is highly in love with Spock and the ship.  And is pansexual.

If I sound insulting, please tell me because I do not mean to. 


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You…are gonna wanna ignore than emoji, i couldn’t find a colored picture of this scene pic(this is one of my favorites) except this one, so. 

Theme Song:Oblivion by M83 (feat. Susanne Sundfør)

Summary: After a devastating mass luxury space cruise liner crash when you were teenagers, Jim Kirk never sees you, his best friend and love he never confessed to, again when he wakes up from unconsciousness. Many years later after the events of Yorktown, he’s on a month long mission with Enterprise-A when he finds you on the planet the ship crashed directly on. At first, he’s overjoyed….But you can’t remember him. You only remember half the incident, with pieces missing. And Jim is determined to figure out what in all the years you were gone had done to you. 

Word Count: 9,119 (another words, QUITE long)

Warnings: Violence, swearing, torture, what you’d expect from Star Trek, I guess. 

A/N: Oblivion pretty much became my new favorite song after seeing it somewhere on Tumblr and falling in love with it. I’ve been desperate to figure out how to use it for an imagine/ficlet. I imagine so much in my crazy head. And am I the only one who loves this gif of Jim? I don’t care if his face is bloody, he’s the handsomest ever! (Bones is a close 2nd, always will be, but I love them both very much!)

A lot of this is inspired by Oblivion the movie. Like the cover photo with Tom Cruise walking in the dust over the bridge and all? It’s kinda that theme. It’s all cold, gray, purplish-gray, black dust, gray skies, etc. Very like that. Kinda one of my themes I fancy when it comes to planets. 

And the villain is not sith or ren, if you’re wondering by the time you meet the villain. 

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The door opened up to him: your best friend, Jim Kirk. Jim Kirk with his hair parted with gel, for once, his blue eyes glimmering. You knew he was happy to see you.

“Hey, Y/N!” He chirped. God, he was cute. Just in general, not to you personally. He was just your best friend in the whole entire world. 

“Hey, Jim!” You replied. He let you come inside. He lead you upstairs to his bedroom. You both were still living in your parent’s homes at 17 years old, and it didn’t bother you two as long as you were still next door neighbors like you had been your whole lives. You’d been best friends since, what? Second grade? You defended each other with every bit of yourselves. You laughed together, smiled together, studied together. You picked each other up when you were down. Jim Kirk was the best friend you could ever want in life. 

You plopped down in his bungee chair and he went over to his desk. 

“What’s up?” You say with pep. 

“Nothing much. You excited for Spring Break?”

“I think you know that answer, Jim,” You smirk. He smirks too. “Well,” He starts with his PADD in his hand. “Does this make you more excited?”

He hands you the PADD and you look it over. Your eyes grow when you get closer and closer to finishing it. By the end, your jaw is dropped. 

“A cruise to Cambadia?”

“You’ve been daydreaming to go to that place, Y/N!” Jim exclaims. “I had a lot of extra money-I’ve been saving it. We can go together for the week and come back. It’ll be a lot of fun!”

You couldn’t believe him. He really did this? For you? You laughed in joy and you hugged him. 

“Thank you, thank you, Jim! It’s going to be so much fun!”

“And you tell me I don’t have too much taste.”

“Oh shush!” You say. A few seconds later, you pull away and rush to the door. “I gotta go pack! I’ll be back later to discuss stuff!”

“Like what?”

“Everything!” You say like it’s obvious before the door closes. 


A week later, you’re on the U.S.S Eurasia Luxury Cruise liner. It was the best thing ever. 

The first five days of break you had were fantastic. You and Jim went to the pool, you had dinner, you played games, you did anything and everything. 

It had been the time of your life. And it had pretty been the same thing for Jim too. He had seen you smiling and you had seen him smiling over and over again. But in Jim’s head, there was still something he was thinking about. It’s always ate at him a tiny bit, but not as much as it did this year. It came back to him over and over during the year before college. You were even planning on going to the same college together if you got into the same college you wanted. What was coming at him was that he liked you-loved you. For most of his life, it was a steady crush. He just loved being around you, even if it wasn’t a relationship. He was still your best friend. He was still important to you. 

But now? It was the time he felt he needed to confess. And he thought besides having a really good spring break vacation with his very best friend, it was a time for confession. Maybe over dinner or something. Maybe in the bedroom after a long day. He didn’t know, but he’d find the time. 

The two of you walked into the dining lounge. The ceiling was up high-incredibly high. That meant the window that showed the planet Kobani. And just like the window and the ship, Kobani was huge too. It was about twice the size of Jupiter. It was a gray, purple-gray colored planet with an often gray sky. It was rarely blue. Its atmosphere was similar to Earth’s, except it had no precipitation. There was no life on Kobani except in the southern ice circle. Humans and Kobanis have done the impossible and built a city on ice. Crazy, I know, but collaboration does quite the job. 

You sat down with Jim and a waiter took your order. You talked and talked and talked. You ate and talked more. You talked just like best friends would. 

You two were still sitting there even after you finished your meals. Talking. 

Your eyes looked out at Kobani. What a beautiful planet, despite not wanting to live there-she didn’t, personally. 

“What do you think you’ll do after college, Jim? I don’t currently peg you as someone who entirely has their life planned,” You ask. 

“You’re correct. I don’t entirely have my life planned out. I don’t really know what I’d want for a job, there’s a lot out there.”

“I don’t think you want to, but you could be in Starfleet. That big head of yours is perfectly suited for the job.”

“Pff. I don’t think I could. You could, though, you’re planning on going to the academy after college.”

You knew all about his father and the Kelvin and what pain it put Jim through. You were just telling him what you thought without relating it to his father as much as you could. He was more than his father’s son, and you know that very well. He was your best friend, and a good man. You wouldn’t even let people question that, you swore on your life by it. 

“You’re the smartest man I know, Jim. You have a lot of potential. It’s just whether you would like to place the potential in Starfleet or not, or somewhere else. Your potential is great wherever you go in life, Jim.”

He looks at you. Your beautiful eyes, your pretty hair, your body’s lines. Your laugh made him smile, your smirk made him smirk, and your smile was damn gorgeous. He knew he loved you…..He just had to figure out how to tell you. 

He looks at you with intent. “Y/N-”

There was then a large thud with the ship. The ship was rolling. 

There was now screaming and yelling as you both slid from your chairs and down the navy carpeted floor. You snatched for each other’s hands and you held on tight as you yelled. 

Suddenly, you hit the bar. You backs slammed against it. Jim tried to pull you both up to see above the bar counter, but he didn’t have the strength. 

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!” Your voice turns into a holler. 

“I HAVE NO IDEA!” Jim yells back. You are able to get a glimpse of Kobani from out the large window. Surprisingly, it hasn’t broken yet. Many flames, though, arose from the corners. Did something electrical break?

“WHAT DO WE DO?!” You shout because you had no idea what to do in this situation. You’ve never been in anything near this before-neither has Jim, but you knew he’d have better ideas than you could ever come up with multiple ways to solve calculations. 

You try to snatch a person’s hand, but they fall right passed you and it made your eyes grow in shock that you didn’t save him. 


The ship violently jolts back upright and everything in the lounge is a mess. Everything’s knocked down, on the floor. A broken beer bottle rolls down in front of you and breaks, one of it’s shards swipe against you leg and mildly cuts you. You try not to wince or grimace, for Jim’s sake of not worrying about you too much. 

A random man in uniform helps both of you up, suddenly, yanking you both into running until you could both run on your own. You sprinted up the three steps higher into the main floor and onto the granite. Your shoes made dramatically loud noise. TAP, TAP TAP TAP! The noise went constantly with no breath in between each sound. 

Glass was cracking, fire was occurring in far away corners, everything was going to hell. So much for a wonderful vacation. 


You were jerked once again, but by Jim’s hand this time. A chandelier crashed down to right where you were standing one second ago. You were sprinting, your hands in each other’s hands. You had to get up to the safe pods, basically a large pod-shaped room, through the turbolifts. No one had said the turbolifts were unsafe. 

Jim pushed you in first, despite your best efforts to get him in the turbolift first. He wouldn’t’ve had it any other way. You first, you’d always be first… But it had been a hellish mistake. 

The glass behind the glass turbolift capsule cracked and cracked. The turbolift capsule fell out.

“NO!” Jim screamed. 

“JIM!” You gasped, it was really a yell. He was failing quickly from your view and stars invaded. 

The capsule roared down to the planet below. Your life had just crumbled before you. You screamed and screamed. You were crying. You lost him. 

Jim was frozen. He wouldn’t move, not a centimeter-he wouldn’t let his eyes drift. They stared and only stared at the capsule fading from view. 

“No…” He gasped. He lost her. He lost his everything, his one love. 

A force yanked him back into an turbolift that was on the side and not in glass, but it was protected by a metal. Jim didn’t care that the turbolift was probably not safe. He just slid onto the ground and collapsed into tears, soon unconsciousness. He didn’t care about anyone watching. 

You were…




13 years later, Jim Kirk could still think about her. But right now, he wasn’t. He was with his ship, his crew, what he now had. He didn’t have you anymore, but he bet that you were okay up above. Jim had to convince himself that or else he might go insane, he knew that. 

So he sat down in the captain’s chair behind the helm and navigator’s seats where Sulu and Chekov worked in a pair. 

“We are approaching Kobani,” Spock says once he’s in his chair. Jim freezes, unknown to himself. Kobani was the worst planet he knew-it was worse than Qo’Nos and Khitomer combined. Kobani where ships had gone missing at the enter of the ship’s atmosphere for years, now.  Kobani was where you were lying dead in the dust. There was absolutely no chance you were alive and well in Eshiera, the Ice City Capitol. They were in the Federation, they would’ve contacted your family. They had a good reputation as well, they were a good planet. They wouldn’t’ve stabbed the Federation this way. 

He remembered you in the capsule. He remembered your scream, and his own. It kept playing in his head over and over and over…..












“I lost her….”

“Captain, are you alright?”

Jim erupted awake with a shudder from his daydream-more of a nightmare-vision. It was the worst memory he knew. Worse than his own death. His head, still in shock from what he saw and heard, jaggedly looked up to Spock at his sight. 

“I’m fine, Mr. Spock.” He then realized the whole bridge crew was looking at him. He mildly and invisibly swallowed. 

“Captain, if you need me to assume the conn, I will be happy to-”

“No, no. I’m fine Spock.” He turned his head to make sure his crew heard this too. “I’m fine.” 

As much as many of them wouldn’t be convinced, they acted so. Jim quietly exhaled. “Mr. Sulu, how much time until we arrive at Kobani?”

“Two minutes, sir.”

“Mr. Spock, gather an away team,” Jim orders. Spock is instantly confused. They were only there for some scientific research exchanges with the Eshiera Science Counsel. “Captain, may I ask why you request this?”

“I want to take a look at the north eastern sector, Mr. Spock.”

“You want to observe the perimeter where the U.S.S Eurasia now resides as of a crash?”

Jim didn’t want to be reminded or questioned, he just wanted Spock to hear and do. “Yes, Mr. Spock, I do. Is that a problem?”

“No, Captain.”

“Good, have them ready in half-an-hour.” With that, he walked out of the room. Jim continued to sit in his seat. He wanted to find any evidence he could of the crash. And even if it was only for your sake, it could still be helpful information for the cruise line, the Federation, and Starfleet. Jim wasn’t the only one desperate to know what the hell happened. 


The away team was only three other people. A science officer and two security officers. The science officer was just a human male, Lieutenant Dalton. A female human, Lieutenant Yong. And a female Rischa, Lieutenant Chalica. 

“Ready when you are, Captain.” 


And then they were down to the planet. 


A breeze barely swept through when they were beamed down. Jim’s eyes were slowly and thoroughly scanning the landscape for anything. There was nothing, just the dark gray sand-like dust that was natural to the planet like dirt was to Earth. 

“Lieutenant Dalton and Yong, search the east and west. Lieutenant Chalica, you’re with me.” 

“Yes, sir,” They said and they were off to do their job. Splitting ways by direction. 

Ten minutes later, Jim and Chalica are still seeing nothing significant. Chalica is the first to speak. “It’s pretty barren, sir. I don’t think we’ll find much.”

“There might be something, Lieutenant. I suggest we keep looking,” Jim says with mild optimism in his voice. Chalica nodded, her chocolate brown locks were lifted a tiny bit with a slight breeze over her shoulder. 

Another five minutes and there’s nothing. Chalica looks as far as her golden eyes can see. There was nothing but the flat, dust land. She wasn’t entirely sure why he’d want to come down here. The Eurasia may have crashed here, but it could’ve sunken deep into the ground, or decayed by the atmosphere. 

But confusion came sharply when there was suddenly bright light swirling around her. Why were they beaming her up?

The captain noticed this too, suddenly swinging around. He hadn’t touched his communicator since he got here. 

Chalica’s brows furrowed. “Captai-” She started, but was a disappearance before she finished. 

Jim swiped his communicator. “Spock, did you send an order to beam us up? Spock? Spock!” 

There was no response from the communicator. He tried Lieutenant Yong, no response. Dalton? Only fuzz noise. Jim pulled out his tricorder, he was the only life on the planet except for two miles off of the ice platform where Eshiera lived and flourished. 

He looked around him. Nothing as far as the human eye could see. Wonderful. He deeply exhaled. He’d have to do for a while without contact he guessed. 

But a phaser noise drew his attention away from what he was just focused on. 

He thought there was no life on the planet. 

Jim turned around to see what he was up against and stared into a face. She was pointing a phaser, it was at you and only you. Nothing else. It was beautiful-stunning. 

Jim’s eyes grew….He knew this face. 

“Y/N?” His voice was audible, but not by much. 

“How the hell do you know my name?” You ask flatly. 

Jim’s jaw was dropped. What did you mean “How the hell do you know my name?”-you were his best friend!

“Y/N, it’s me. Jim. Jim Kirk.”

She stared, still ferocious with that phaser of hers. It was quite the advanced, dark piece of technology. 

“James Tiberius Kirk , your best friend, next door neighbors-how do you not remember me?”

“I never had a best friend. And I’ve never met you.”

Jim’s heart sinks a million miles down. 

How could you not remember him? 

How could his love not remember him?

“Even if you were my best friend in the past, you’re not now. All I want to know is who you are and what the hell you’re doing here on a planet like this.”

He walked closer to you. “We lived in Iowa. We were best friends since second grade. You wanted to go to Starfleet-you wanted a career. We went on a cruise together as best friends and the ship crashed. I lived, you didn’t.”

“How do you know about the ship crash-how do you know so much about me?”

“I’m your best friend, Y/N! I cared about you-to me, you were everything!” Jim exclaimed. You stared and you stared hard. Slowly, you lowered you phaser and put it in the leather holster strapped around your black pants. You were wearing black boots and a snug, conservative light gray suede wrap shirt under a purple-gray fabric jacket with the pants. 

“I don’t know you, I’m sorry I don’t….But I’ll help you.”

That barely raised Jim’s spirits. 

“Just tell me what you’re doing here.”


“Commander, we lost contact with the Captain,” Uhura reports at first knowledge. 

“Commandzer, we have bweaches in the shuttzle bay and zey’re working zeir way to the bridge!” Chekov also reports. 

“Mr. Chekov-” Spock starts

A blast comes through the bridge doors, though. Fiery light comes through as the crew defends themselves with their head down. Multiple aliens came through the doors. When Spock tried to lift his head, though, he couldn’t move. He was frozen, but there was nothing on top of him. 

“Commandzer, I can’t lift my head!” Chekov cries. 

“Commander, there’s been a release of gas into the bridge!” A female lieutenant, Lieutenant Tanza to be specific, yelled. 

Spock’s head was violently jerked up, making a crack in his neck, while every other person’s head in the room was lifted up slowly. Spock saw no gas. Did it disappear? A gas could not disappear at that speed. 

An alien approached him. He was kind of a typical alien villain, you could say. You couldn’t see his face, though. There was a complicated mask over his face, it was glossy and pitch black. There were no place for Spock to see his eyes, yet the person underneath all the black could see and breathe perfectly. 

“Where is your captain, Commander?” A voice asked from underneath the mask. It was breathy, yet dark. 

“Who are you? What is your identity?”

“Where is your captain, Commander?” He asked again. 

“I will not answer your question until you provide me information of your identity,” Spock responds. A force gripped around his throat. The force, this time, was red tinted, and glowing. Spock tried to fight to breathe, but he couldn’t really. 

Where is your captain, Commander?” The voice rang again. Not like Spock could make a noise through his mouth. He was dragged by force to the ground. A few small gasps were heard. 

Spock did not move, or speak despite he could get up and move. He didn’t twitch. He only breathed. 

The voice came close to his ears. Spock wasn’t scared. 

“Where is he?”



A hand, this time, yanked him up off the ground and he was being pulled away from the bridge. On the way out, one of the men in similar black suits burned the door panels. They couldn’t get out of the bridge. 

Sulu went to the captain’s chair immediately and his replacement went to his seat. Everyone was shocked, including him. But he had to keep his cool and calm. He’s been in the chair before. This time was no different. 


“The Eurasia? The ship that crashed that I fell from?”

“Yes, Y/N, the Eurasia,” Jim jumped off a rock. You shake your head as you keep walking to get to where you have lived for a long while. 

“Quick question.”


“Have you really been alone for 13 years?” 

You stopped and turned around. You bottom row of teeth rolled across your bottom lip a bit. “More like 5.”

Jim was perplex. 5? “What do you mean more like 5? Were you in a coma?”

You had to lie to him. “Yeah, it was a coma. I don’t know how I’m still alive, but who knows. It’s a foreign planet. Not that foreign, but still foreign.”

You then keep walking and Jim is still wondering about what happened. A few moments later, you got to your home. In the ground, there was a iron trap door. You knelt down and swiped dirt off the keypad and entered your 4-character code. The trapdoor opened up and you started to climb down with Jim following, and closing the trapdoor behind you. 

It was an empty hexagonal wall shape behind you with light shining in from the glass panel of the trapdoor. Otherwise, there was no other light. There was only black. No other structure except the walls you couldn’t really see, the trapdoor, and an iron ladder. 

Finally, you both reached the bottom. At the bottom, there was a passcode door. You pressed it in and the door slid open. It was simple, really. There was a table, bunk bed in the corner. There was a hanger bar with some clothes on it, a PADD on the table. A blanket on a sofa, and a second door in another corner. Jim had slight wondering what was behind the door, but it wasn’t a priority. 

“What have you been living off of to eat for five years?”

You swung into the back room. He followed you in and saw a room of food in cans and boxes and whatnot. 



“Where’d it all come from?”

Again, you’d need to lie to him. “I just found this place. It was old, so I swept off the dust, made it my own.”

Jim nods. You exit from the room with some bread in hand. “When can we get to the Eurasia?”

“Soon. Maybe thirty minutes. It’s about ten minutes away. I scavenge there often for tech parts I can use, and non-expired food. Half of the food back there was non-expired from the Eurasia. 

“You’re using the Eurasia as your life support?” Jim smirked. You nodded. 

“That sounds just like you.” You didn’t bother saying that, still, you didn’t remember him. But you’d like to remember anything you’ve forgotten if it was connected to something-or someone you loved. He says you were best friends. You knew as a best friend you’d do a lot of things for them. The thoughts about it were sending a shiver down your spine. The shiver came often, and it went often. 

“What else sounds just like me?” You question Jim after you finish chewing a bite of bread. What could he really know about you?

“Your favorite color is F/C, you’re more of a TMBOY/GIRLYG than a OPPSTE. Your favorite animal is a F/A. You want to be in Starfleet.”

“Starfleet.” You nearly spat the name. “Starfleet’s a dead dream for me.”

“Then you’re repeating something you may’ve said hours ago. Y/N, you can go home now, don’t you understand that?”

You look down at your shoes. Could you? Could you really get off of Kobani? Could you really escape?

“Yeah, I guess so…” You lie once again. You couldn’t escape the lies, though. “It’s just been so long.”

He nods and there’s a quiet pause. Finally, you stand up and grab your bag. You grab two eye-and-nose masks. Swiftly, you toss one to Jim. 

“Let’s go.”


It was official. The ship was now hostage to people they knew nothing about. 

Bones hadn’t spoken to Jim in hours. The last thing he knew about him was that he was going down on an away mission. And now, the ship was hostage to damn aliens. This was not how Bones thought his day would go. 

The slide entrance doors to the medbay opened up. Bones’s eyes were stunned. What the damn hell was that..that thing?

Bones didn’t make a move. He stood there. He stood there with a hellish figure coming towards him in black, he couldn’t even see his face. Then, suddenly, he was only two feet between the good man and the bad man. Such a suitable separation. 

“You’re Leonard McCoy.”

“And you’re a son of a bitch I know notin’ about,” Bones responds with a growly undertone. 

“I guess you’re right.” Bones was incredibly suspicious. 

“Why have you not killed me yet?”

“Because you’re a valuable man. A captain’s best friend.” Bones glared.

“What have you done to him?” Bones’s voice went very harsh and very cold quickly. 

“That’s why I am here, Doctor. I think you know where he is.”

“I have no goddamn idea where he is, I can only guess you have him.”

“Surprisingly, you’re wrong.” A force, oh-so suddenly, snatched Bones’s neck. He choked-he couldn’t cough 

“You know where he is, Leonard. You’re a smart man.”

Bones didn’t make any type of sound. Not from his mouth or from his furious nostrils. Not any type of words you could understand came from his eyes. What the hell was this?

Suddenly, it was gone. He coughed a bit before Bones could return to face him. Swiftly, the man in black turned and a hologram popped from his hand. It was a face of a woman. There was information on her and everything. 

“Do you know this woman?”

Bones couldn’t lie. He had no idea who this woman was. What was this man trying to collect from him-anyone, at that?

“No. Never seen her in my life.”

“She fell from the Eurasia before it crashed.”

“What does this have to do with Jim?”

“He was on that ship.”

Jim was on the Eurasia before crash? No, he couldn’t’ve. He never knew about that. Wouldn’t’ve that given Jim some PTS, maybe? No, Jim would’ve had to have let this out years ago. Jim couldn’t go so many years without telling somebody, he knew him too well. What the damn hell did this man want with Jim? And what did this woman have to do with him and Eurasia?

“You still didn’t answer my question.”

“They knew each other.”


But he didn’t reply. Bones tried to put together the pieces, he really did. He didn’t, though. He didn’t find them and attach them. 

The man in black then started for the door. Bones had one last thing to say to him. 

“What should I call you? A man’s not worth much nameless.”

He turned around. “Tikonos.”

And then, he was gone.


“Montgomery Scotty, we’ve been down here for two hours!”

“Well, lass, do you want to get shot down by one of those things?”

“I can fight them off!”

“Every last one of them?”


“Jaylah, did I ever tell you that you had bright dreams?”

The two bickered constantly since they found cover in the now useless office of Scotty’s. 

Jaylah got onto Scotty’s computer again. She went to navigation and whatnot. Scotty groaned. At first, he had been proud of Jaylah’s optimistic attempts at getting any information she cold, but it was now useless. 

“Jaylah, it’s useless!”

“I don’t think so, Montgomery Scotty! It’s technology!”

“But it’s not really working right now!”

“Then I will make it work right now!” She exclaims. Scotty once again groans and finally decides to stop and sit in the corner chair since Jaylah had stolen the computer’s chair. His elbow rested on one arm, and his hand landed in the hand. 

“Wait…Wait…” Jaylah muttered. Did she really think she was getting something?

“Jaylah-” Scotty started annoyed, his head still in his hand. 

“Montgomery Scotty, I think I have something!”

“What is it?” 

“Two lifeforms in the northeastern sector!” She exclaims proudly. 

“Two lifeforms?!” Scotty leaps from his seat, and Keenser comes to see. Jaylah clicks and zooms in. 

“A male and a female. Could the male be James.T?”

“Aye, maybe, lass. Can you detect what species they are?”

“Both human. And their ages, even. The male’s 30!”

“Lassie, that’s the Captain!” Scotty’s voice goes surprised. Wow, he must’ve taught Jaylah more than he thought he did!

“We have to go down there!” Jalayh starts quickly to the door, but Scotty is quickly to say something in order to stop her. 

“The aliens, Jaylah! They’ll kill you!”

“Too bad, too sad.” Jaylah then gets out the door and closes it. Scotty now learned to never teach Jaylah a sarcastic phrase like that again. Scotty just looked around in exasperation before heading to the door. He’d do anything for her. Like a father would do anything for his daughter. Besides, she was actually only 16, anyways, despite appearance. 

He motioned for Keenser to stay, and then he left. 

Scotty swept his head around both ways to find Jaylah down the hall to the right. She was about to turn a corner when she turned around. Her eyes easily said to come on. Scotty broke into a sprint and caught up to her before turning around that corner. 

He then realized where she was leading him to. 

“Lassie, you’re nuts!” He whispered-it was kinda a loud whisper. Jaylah went over to the computer. “I am not an ass, Montgomery Scotty!” She snapped at him. Okay, Scotty hadn’t presented the term “nuts” to her that way. He had no idea where she got it from. He just blinked and went with it. 

“Jaylah, they’ll detect our leave and they can find us!”

“No, I can disable the weapons detector.”

Okay, Scotty was very sure Jaylah was going crazy from claustrophobia or something because the way she was acting with all of this optimism. After the Krall incident, she was optimistic about everything. But this? This was over the top. 

“Lass, that’s not even possibl-”

“Done,” Jaylah says simply as the computer beeps.

“You’re kiddin’ me, aren’t ye?” Scotty muttered to himself. 

Jaylah went to one of the torpedoes and climbed herself inside, despite Scotty’s protests. 

“Jaylah, wait! They could be down there just waiting for ye!”

“Montgomery Scotty, you taught me that you always have to be optimistic, even in the worst times!” She exclaimed. The torpedo went in for launch and she smiled. “Toodaloo!” She cheered goodbye. 

Scotty’s jaw dropped. 

Where. Did. She. Learn. That. From?!

But Scotty just sighed. He’d have to go after her. He cared about her too much. 


He cared about her too much like a father to a daughter. 


“Here it is.” 

Suddenly, Jim Kirk forgot every memory of the U.S.S Eurasia being a small cruise liner. 

It was incredibly huge. 

Jim Kirk then knew to never underestimate the size of any ship ever again. 

They started the climb up the dark gray, sandy-textured dirt. It wasn’t too hard. It took maybe five minutes. 

You knew every crook and corner of this ship. That included the best ways to get in. You find a ladder and climb up into a broken window, helping Jim in. He grunted as he got in. His jaw dropped. 

It was where the ship first started rolling. 

The lounge. 

Jim looked up and all around like it he was the new citizen to heaven, but you knew it like you had lived for centuries and been here every second, minute, and hour of the day. 

As he followed you, his eyes stared in awe. It was quite the structure. Light shone in through broken windows beside the large wall one that had once showed Jim and you Kobani. 

He followed you up stairs and in one surprisingly still operational turbolift. Then, you went into one of the most luxurious staterooms. You opened up the door and it was a quite spacious loft suite. A chandelier was still intact to the ceiling, oddly enough. And still, Jim was in awe. 

You both headed over to the kitchen and you opened the refrigerator door. There was still some water, and the bread you were going to come back for since it didn’t fit in your sack. 

You shoved it all in your sack and you started going through the cabinets while Jim, meanwhile, headed over to the replicator. He pressed a button, and out came a beep. He pressed his lips together a bit. Impressive for technology in the dust for 13 years. 

“Computer, replicate a glass of cold water.”

The beams came down and out came exactly what he ordered: a glass of cold water. He took a little sip to see if it tasted fresh, and it did. 

“Hey, this replicator still works, Y/N!”

You sweep around in a flash and hurry over. “Then it’s the only working replicator in the ship! I’ll have food forever!”

Jim didn’t bother saying that of course you would because you were coming back with him to the Federation.. You’d come home.


You both ate fresh, warm meals across from each other in peace at the table. You didn’t say a word, you were just grateful. 

A minute later, Jim stood up and took another half-filled can of beer from the counter-top. He opened it and took a good sip. He still liked beer. 

Blue, though, flashed into the corner of Jim’s eyes.

He stopped and put his drink down on the counter. Jim watched closely and carefully for it again. It flashed again. It went from point to another. It was like technology. He was suddenly suspicious. 

“Y/N, what’s on your back?”

You froze. Oh god, no. 


You turned your head to him. “What?”

“What’s on your back?”

“What do you mean, Jim?”

“There’s a light. A glowing blue light shining through your shirt, what is it?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Jim,” You shake your head. 


Inside, you collapse. You stared at him-it was partially a glare. 

“Lift up your shirt.”

Invisibly, you swallowed. You lifted it up your shirt and over your head. Jim came close and looked at your back. The light came again. It was an electric blue. Jim instantly knew it was electrical.

Very lightly, with hope not to disturb you too badly, he let his finger follow the light until it ended, and one more time when it started again. If Jim had a mood, he would have his fingers in other places. But this wasn’t a one-night stand, this was his best friend. He cared about your well-being enough to not turn being shirtless into something more. 

“Y/N, what is this?”

You don’t say a thing. You only feel guilt, remorse. 

“Y/N, please.”

You swallow. 

“It’s a device. They put it inside of me to prevent me from remembering certain things, and it works.”

You yank your shirt back down and it then sits comfortably on your torso. You stand up to go to your bed, but his voice stops you. 

“Who’s they?”

You turn around. The heart you still had was breaking. You were ravenous to remember him. So ravenous. But you couldn’t. 

He walks close to you. His eyes are gentle, his voice is too. “Y/N, please…Trust me.”

You paused.



“His name is Tikonos. He’s a criminal-the worst I’ve ever known. He’s using me-he’s been using me for all these thirteen years whether I was asleep or not. When he wanted to wake me up, he put that device in my back to prevent the memories he knew I wanted most, and it destroyed me.” Your voice was slowly cracking, and you knew it. 

“Jim, he crashed the Eurasia, it wasn’t any technical malfunction or an accident, it was him and him alone. 

He’s been the one who’s hurt me, you, and everyone on that ship and their families for 13 years. He is the one who’s been stealing from Eshieran banks-Federation banks. He is the one terrorizing the Federation with the attacks on Chromasia, Shalena, Thasis, Khataki! And you know what-I’’m apart of it.” 

You threw your hands up in exasperation. 

“I’ve been used, Jim. He’s had me doing his dirty work on the banks because he knew I was smart. He knew you were my weakness, Jim, and you are whether I remember you or not because I can’t remember you. Do you know what it feels like to not be able to remember something you want to remember so bad because you know if you ever see them again, that person you know loves you will be in pain because you’re clueless to their existence?” 

Your ramble stuns Jim beyond imagine. His heart was breaking, he was screaming and crying inside, yet his exterior was silent and horrified in the eyes. His intense blue eyes were horrified. 

Why did he let this happen to you?

You sigh and turn around. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I haven’t talked to someone who would listen in so long.”

Jim couldn’t stand it a second longer. He hugged you and you accepted it. Your eyes were teary, you were on the verge of crying. As much as he appreciated the fact he could hug you again, it wasn’t as authentic as when they were 17 and younger.

“It’s okay, Y/N. I promise.”

What was Jim promising?

“I’m gonna get that out of you.”


Jaylah forced herself out of the torpedo capsule and she gasped for air since the mask was pretty close to suffocating her. She looked around. There was nothing on the planet. Absolutely nothing. 

Until she heard an intense thump. 

She swept around and ran to the unexploded torpedo. “Montgomery Scotty!” Jaylah yelled. When she finally reached it, Scotty was stumbling out. Jaylah helped him onto balance. 

“We made it, Montgomery Scotty!” She exclaimed. 

“Ye, lass, we did.” Scotty panted. He looked around him. This planet was quite the thing to see in Scotty’s mind. 

“Now, we just have to find Jim.”


“Okay, I think I figured it out. Just use a hypospray.”

“I told you that five times, Jim.”

“I thought it was wrong.”

“But it’s right.”

“Oh well, as long as we get the damn device out of you.”

After two hours, you and Jim figured out it was electric liquid that was injected to blend in with your veins like as if it was blood. All he had to do was take the hypo and take some blood out. 

“It contains a substance similar to magnet. if you take one sample, the rest of the formula will come with it.”

Jim nods and you lift up your shirt. You didn’t really mind anymore. Carefully, he takes the hypospray in your hand. He then pulled his brown leather jacket sleeve up. You had found some clothes for him: the jacket, a dark chocolate suede long sleeve shirt and some black trousers. 

“You ready, Y/N?”


In another moment, the hypospray is slowly injected into your back, and bright blue liquid comes filling the glass. 


“Hi! What’s your name?”

“My name’s Jimmy!”

“Jimmy, come on!”


“Jim, do you understand the math homework?”

“Not really, but whatever. We’re graded as long as we do it, so.”

“Y/N, what’s wrong?”


“Please tell me.”

“Just a bully, that’s all.”


“David Black.”

“He’s about to become David Red.”

“You’ve been daydreaming to go to that place, Y/N!”

“Thank you so much, Jim! It’s gonna be so much fun!”

“What do you think you’ll do after college, Jim? I don’t currently peg you as someone who entirely has their life planned.” 

“You’re correct. I don’t entirely have my life planned out. I don’t really know what I’d want for a job, there’s a lot out there.”

“I don’t think you want to, but you could be in Starfleet. That big head of yours is perfectly suited for the job.”

“Pff. I don’t think I could. You could, though, you’re planning on going to the academy after college.”

“You’re the smartest man I know, Jim. You have a lot of potential. It’s just whether you would like to place the potential in Starfleet or not, or somewhere else. Your potential is great wherever you go in life, Jim.”












“Hi! What’s your name!”


“My name’s Jimmy.”




You blinked a few times. You saw him. You recognized him. 


He gasps in happiness. He’s smiling. “Yeah, it’s me, Y/N.”

You instantly jumped up into his arms and you were lifted off your feet. He hugged you like he’s wanted to for eternity: tightly, snuggly, like you’d never chose, like he’d never have to let go. 

You remembered him. You remembered every single thing about him, everything. You were so happy-overjoyed. The most you’ve ever been in your life. 

You were just so happy. 

Happy enough to let your lips press into his. 

At first, Jim was surprised, but then fell into the kiss he had longed for a long time. It lasted a short moment before you buried your head into his shoulder. 

“I missed you so much,” You gasp. 

“I did too.” 

You bring your head out of his shoulder and you smile at him. 

“Let’s get out of here.” 


Since it was the almighty-powerful Enterprise, the bridge was still functioning. 

One by one, crew were taken away by the man who’s name they learned was Tikonos from Bones, who Tikonos brought up to imprison on the bridge with the rest of them.

Who were gone, now? Spock, Sulu, Lieutenant Tanza, and Chekov. There was only Uhura and Bones left out of the main six that were still aboard the Enterprise. Their captain was gone, and Scotty and Jaylah had apparently gotten off the ship, somehow. 

Who was on the conn now? …Uhura. 

It was actually stressful for Uhura, who could keep a cool exterior, it could be seen on her face. But generally, she kept a cool exterior. She’d do it for the ship and crew. 

“Captain, there’s life signs on the surface!”

“How many, Lieutenant Denver?”

“Four, m’am. They have a while between them both, though.” 

“Anything else, Denver?”

“Uh, nope-wait!” He exclaims. “There are eight ships heading towards them!”

Her brows furrow. “What kind of ships, Lieutenant?”

“They’re similar to Klingon Warbirds, but they’re not! These are not Klingons, Captain. For all we know, they could be Kobani natives.”

Uhura’s mind’s wheels started rolling, and the puzzle pieces started clicking together. Those four life forms were Jim, Scotty, Jaylah, and another person. Those eight ships she started to think were Kobani because they hadn’t known much about Kobani ships. It was the best guess there was. 

“Denvers, open a channel. Let’s send these ships a message.”


Minutes later, you’ve taken a few things and you get out of the bunker you had lived in forever in torturous pain. 

The oxygen of the air flooded into your nose and into your lungs. Sunlight of a surprisingly very sunny day shone on you, illuminating your hair and warming your skin at the same time breeze came in. You suddenly felt so free. 

You gasped. Freedom of memory felt great. Freedom in general felt like the best thing in the world. 

“Which way do we need to go?” You ask. 

“If you can remember where you found me, then that might help. Since contacting my ship is probably useless.”

“Your ship?” You ask confused. 

“Yeah…I’m a Starfleet captain.”

You smirked. “And you said you couldn’t join.”

“Just for you, Y/N,” He smirked back. “Just for you.”

So you walked back to where you found him and he told you about his adventures with the Enterprise, and his friends. You were pre-tty pre-tty shocked about everything. But, it was Jim. You knew Jim Kirk was a drama llama. 

You were talking when you-


You both snapped around and saw two figures in the distance. They weren’t facing them. Your brows furrow and Jim’s head slowly shakes. 

“Is that Scotty?”

“That’s Scotty,” He slowly nods. He breaks into a run while you follow. This would be interesting. 

“SCOTTAY!” Jim yells. 

Clumsily, Scotty twitches around and finally sees you both. He runs towards Jim. “JIM!”

“Told you,” Jaylah mutters to yourself. 

Finally, the four are close not far away from each other anymore, and Jim and Scotty are panting. 

“Scotty what happened up there?”

“Captain, aliens took over the ship. Dressed in black, can’t see their faces, have some invisible force ability, weird breathing voice-”

“Of course he did,” You mutter under your breath. 

“What?” Jaylah blinks. 

“His name’s Tikonos. He crashed the Eurasia, steals from Eshieran and Federation banks, and he’s set off the last four terrorist attacks on Chromasia, Shalena, Thasis, and Khataki.”

“He’s a madman!” Scotty exclaims. How does one man do all of that and not get caught?! 

“That’s highly accurate,” You respond to the remark. “He’s been hiding on this planet for years, now. I know where he is.”

Suddenly above you, there are large electronic figures. Shadows fall over you and your heads look up. You know what they are. 

“Stolen Kobani Warbirds,” You say. 

And there’s eight of them. 

“Suvendder zow!” A foreign voice came from a speaker. They wanted you to surrender. Your teeth roll directly down your bottom lip inside your mouth. 

“Y/N L/N, suvvender tashka Tikonos!” Y/N L/N, surrender now to Tikonos!

Sunlight shines now harshly onto the four of you. You glare at all four ships. 

They were ships that had caused you hell. 

“Attention Kobani Warbirds.” A sudden voice rang through. You didn’t know it. You only figured it was from the Enterprise. 

“My name is Captain Nyota Uhura of the U.S.S Enterprise. I have four men and women on the planet of Kobani at this moment. If you do not surrender them to me immediately, I will fire on your ships and none will be spared. I would make a wise choice, if I were you. I think you need it.”

Jim smirked. She’d be a good captain, any of the crew would be. He bet you would be a great captain. He knew you could be if you ever wanted to be. 

You saw the phaser power in the warbirds power down. You’re relieved, but you’re still on-guard and alarm. Tikonos could be unpredictable. 

Jim pulls out his communicator, “Enterprise, beam us up!”

“Working on it, sir, but his men are on the ship! We’re negotiating with them”

A moment later, you’re all beamed up onto the Enterprise. 


The golden light suddenly faded and your eyes focus on the transporter room. Wow, starships have developed. 

A man and a woman behind him come rushing in. “Jim!” The man calls. 

“Jim, what happened?”

“Bones, questions later, I need to know what’s going on.”

“Captain,” Uhura walks in. “They took the ship hostage and beamed the Lieutenants up, but couldn’t get a lock on you for some reason. Spock, Sulu, Lieutenant Tanza, and Chekov are personal hostages of Tikonos.”

“Tikonos is like that,” You nod after a pant. Generally, you’re ignored. 

“Where is he?” Jim asks. He was extremely worried about Spock, Sulu, Lieutenant Tanza, and Chekov-especially Spock. What the hell could Tikonos do? He might be able to hurt Spock. Spock was one of his best friends. Spock was important. 

“I don’t know, he roams the ship very randomly. All we know is that he doesn’t need any weapons, he has this invisible force. He has this electric-uh-device or something on his waist, though. It might enable his ability.”

“I wanna see him.”

“Jim, I don’t think you wanna see him,” You shake your head. “I think I need to-he knows me. He might listen to me.”

“He’ll hurt you.”

“Dead captain or a dead nobody?” You challenge. He’s about to talk back when two of his guards come in. They grab you both, and they drag you out into the halls.

Minutes later, you’re in a dark room. A pretty dark room. Seems like Tikonos re-decorated it into darkness.

And he stood in the back. He was behind a chair. 

You were pushed forward by the guards. There was a good moment of silence. You stared at the face you’ve been used to for five years. 

“You didn’t do what I told you to.”

“It took you long enough to realize you gave me a huge advantage. Trust is such a complicated thing, isn’t it?”

“You’re right. But in desperate times, Y/N-” He starts and an electrical whir is suddenly coming from the chair. Was it really….

“Pain has proven well.”

A guard pushed you to the chair with force. You were so afraid, but your face was stoic. But Jim? Jim felt like the most fearful person in the world. He was going to hurt you. 

The metal restraints came and clicked together over your waist. Soon, Tikonos was standing in front of you. He was terrifying, now. 

The invisible force came and attacked your body. It screamed down your throat and around it, it yanked your head back, made a resting sitting position worse than standing. It was worse than any wound you’ve ever gotten. You couldn’t even make a sound. You closed your eyes and let him do this. He wasn’t getting a word out of you. 

“The longer it takes to get information out of either of you, the more pain you both go through. It’s a lovely game, isn’t it?”

Moments go by and you’re going through more pain. Your head is throbbing ferociously. Every centimeter of your body was pure pain. 

What was more pain?

Jim seeing it.

“Come on, now…Let it out.”

Your breathing went slowly went wild. 

And you suddenly couldn’t do it. 


Jim couldn’t either. 

He sprinted for Tikonos. He slammed into him, and with incredible fury. It completely drew and screwed with Tikonos’s focus on the torture, letting you free from the restraints, and you were able to elude the guards. The guards weren’t usually that good. 

You swiped out your phaser and shot at them when they appeared in your vision, and you were halfway down the hall. You waited for Jim….

But you realized, then, that he wasn’t gonna get out of there. 

So you dashed back into the room you had just been tortured in. Why? Because you loved Jim, too. You had ever since you were fifteen. You just never really thought about telling him. 

Jim was already beaten bloody, and some of the blood was on the mask on Tikono’s head. How did he wear that thing was a question you’ve been asking yourself for years. 

You shot at Tikonos, but he had a double-defense, pushing you against a wall. Tired of seeing Jim in this brawl, you came into the fight with a smash. You’ve had enough. 

You punch, and punch, and kick, you throw your head at him. Despite all the pain you had gone through. The one thing you knew about Tikonos’s torture was that it didn’t last too long. Or maybe you were just lucky in this case. 

As you smash yourself into him again, you think fast enough to swipe the device on this waistband off of him before jerking back. 

Suddenly, he just stops.


You glare down at him. He’s even on the floor. His breathing was failing, you could hear it. At his quietest, you knelt down and gently pulled off his helmet. It was a person that just looked like another human man underneath. Black hair, pale skin, cognac eyes. 

Your hand crawls is about to his chest, despite all the fear inside of you, but you then see his eyes…His eyes of cognac. They were failing. 

And they were dead. 

You gasp and stumble back. Jim puts you back onto balance. You turn and look into his eyes. 

You hug him, tightly and closely. Everything was over. Everything. 

You were finally going home. 


Jim handed you a cup of your favorite morning drink on the sofa. Even though the last time he did that for you thirteen years ago, he still remembered. You weren’t really surprised, though. It made you smile. 

You tell him thank you, and he smiles with a your welcome before he sits closely to your side. He wraps an arm around you as the light from the Yorktown day shines into the apartment. 

There was a long break, for who knows how long, on a U.S.S Enterprise-A mission. Krall and Tikonos were quite the mission breakers combined. You had no idea if you’d apply for Starfleet, or what. You’d have to go the academy in San Francisco, far away from Jim, for four years or maybe even three. But you thought that you might just chill for a while. That was probably the best decision for you with the insane and incredibly devastating past you had. Not everything was peaceful. 

Last night, you had slept with Jim. It had felt comfortable to feel safe and warm. But you woke with a major nightmare, though. It was worse than the ones you got when you were alone. The aftermath, though, back on Kobani, was worse than the dream itself. There would never be anyone to comfort you at all. This time, though, there was Jim who would hold you and comfort you. He’d say he’d never let anything happen to you again. And when you told him you were worried more about him than you could ever be worried about yourself, he assured you that he’d try the best in his ability to not die. 

It made you have a no-laughing smile, with the way he had said it to you. 

You replied telling him you weren’t sure if that was possible. The galaxy was quite the crazy world. 

Your head falls on his shoulder, peacefully. It felt the smidgest bit like nothing ever happened. But like you or Jim could ever say that. 

“It’ll be four-and-a-half years until the next mission. That means you can go to the academy if you want and get on Enterprise.”

You shrugged. “I don’t know if I ever could Jim. My past’s too complicated to ever deal with any more drama Starfleet, the Federation, and space will throw at us.”

“I understand. It’s whatever you want, sweetheart.” 

You silently suck in a bit of a breath. “Have you ever thought about settling down?”

His intense blues look at your beautiful face. 

“Maybe after the five year mission in four years. I don’t think you’d go that route while you’re still in Starfleet.”

“The only reason I wouldn’t is because I don’t wanna hurt you.”

You’re about to speak, but-

“Or-or whoever I lo-marry. If-if we don’ out.”

You giggled and then smirked. “I bet we would work.”

The light continued to shine in. You both felt like you had everything you needed:

Each other. 

“I do to.”


Seriously. Don’t suffer alone. Don’t log off and ignore. Don’t sit in your room and cry by yourself. Don’t hold your breath. Don’t hold back. Don’t think that you shouldn’t be upset because you didn’t know him personally. Don’t be ashamed to call him Chekov instead of Anton. Don’t feel like you need to be strong.

Cry. Scream. Yell. Get on tumblr or Twitter or Facebook and talk to someone, anyone, everyone. Misery loves company and I don’t want to be alone so come talk to me. It’s terrible and sad and you are among friends. So be sad and be angry and maybe, if you’re into it, send up a prayer. It’s okay.

You’re okay. Take a breath. It doesn’t feel like it now (because right now it fucking sucks) but everything will be okay.

I love you, Trekkie.

I’ve never let Trekkers run Star Trek. Because Star Trek is an artistic endeavour that is best run by the professionals in. I will listen to Trekkers and Trekkies. I will listen to the guard at the gate and get many good ideas those ways. But I will never make a change in Star Trek because I think it will please the Trekkers. In that way lies prostitution. And you cannot be a good producer, writer or anything if the first thing you ask is ‘what do they want?’. That’s what prostitutes do. I write what I think they should have and what I think they’ll enjoy. And thank God I’ve been right ocasionally.

Gene Roddenberry

Yes, this is a quote from the creator of Star Trek about his franchise. Somehow it feels appropriate and relevant to the current state of Star Wars and how Lucasfilm and Disney decided to approach the making of the sequel trilogy and remaining products of the franchise.


If you’re going on an away mission,
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair 🌸🌸🌸

Guest star: @demiquartz as ms Spock 💙

Leonard Nimoy’s birthday is March 26th.

I propose that he deserves a day of remembrance no less than Douglas Adams does. So let’s make it a day he’d be proud of. 

I submit:  IDIC day.

The philosophy of Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations, a core Vulcan tenet, was something Nimoy celebrated himself – with love and joy. He saw beauty in places many wouldn’t. He offered himself up to the world as everyone’s grandpa, if they wanted it. I’ve never heard even a rumor, even on the internet, of him being anything but kind, whenever kindness was possible.

So let’s celebrate him, and celebrate ourselves on IDIC day. Remember, and remind each other, that it’s not just things in common that are wonderful. It’s not just things in common that make us friends, that make us kin. It’s the differences we learn to love as much as our similarities that make us interesting, make us strong, and make us who we are. So we should take a day to work on that.

It’s what grandpa would have wanted.