I’ve seen a lot of posts commenting on how there is no fake Star Trek fan or Trekkie, and how which series or movies you like do not determine if you can call yourself a Trek fan. They’re right, it doesn’t matter which Star Trek you like.

However, if you are the sort of Trekkie that comments on a photo of Sulu with homophobic and racist remarks, or the sort of Trekkie that makes violent threats in the general chat on Star Trek Online, or the type that writes an angry homophobic letter to an author of a licensed Star Trek book or even the type who comments on a photo of Captain Janeway with gendered slurs… You are no “real” Trekkie. Be it racism, misogyny, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or ableism, if those are the sort of values you espouse, your interests in Star Trek are superficial at best. You have missed the core values of Star Trek, from the IDIC to Starfleet’s credo. When Star Trek came on the air it instilled hope of a better future, so why are you so eager to drag us into the past?



Okay Trekkies

Bill Shatner won’t be able to attend Leonard’s funeral. I saw his tweets about it and this one gave me an idea:

How about we make this a thing: tomorrow, march 1st, everyone who’s on twitter, post nice things about our Leonard. Art, drawings, poems, texts, pictures… whatever you have, whatever you feel is appropriate. And tag your tweets #leonardnimoy. Even if you don’t have twitter, you can ask a friend to post your stuff for you. Let’s do exactly what Bill said: celebrate Leonard’s life and remember him. 


Welcome, fellow Trekkies!

Star Trek Las Vegas is only 8 months away and I need to earn some cash to get me there. So as of today, I am officially opening up Starfleet uniform commissions! Yaaay! Although I am currently taking orders, I won’t start actually working on new commissions until after Christmas – I can’t very well lug Maude and Lucille (the dress form and sewing machine, respectively) around as I visit family, right? Still, the earlier you submit your order, the sooner I can get you outfitted in your very own reasonably-priced, accurate-as-possible Starfleet uniform!

UPDATE: A couple of my previous commissioners kindly agreed to write about their experiences with me.

srarahcha (Green Wrap/Fatshirt) writes:  “Livvy was very easy to work with, replied quickly, and I’m very happy with the craftmanship of her work. I love my new uniform!”

@boldlywhoa (Science Skant) writes: “I had been searching for a starfleet skant for months, and I was beyond excited to find out about the uniforms that Livvy makes. When I got into contact with her, she was sure to explain everything that I needed to know in an easy-to-understand way and she was always both kind and respectful when answering questions. Not only was her demeanor pleasant, but the dedication to her work is also obvious in the skant she made for me. It fits me perfectly and is so comfortable to wear! I’m very glad I was able to commission something from her that I know I will use for years!”


Are you a professional?
Nope! I’m just a nerd with a sewing machine, a lot of patience, and a deep love for Star Trek. 

If you’re not a pro then why are these so expensive?
They’re really, really not. The prices you see here are based on the cost of materials and approximately how much time it’s taken me to make the piece in the past. The TOS uniforms especially involve a lot of handsewing to get that proper invisible hem. I guarantee you won’t find better for cheaper. 

What does “(price may increase after first order)” mean?
So far I’ve only made TOS uniforms on commission, so I don’t have experience making the DS9/VOY and TNG uniforms for someone I can’t fit in person. As such, I’m offering a discounted price of $150 to the first people to order these uniforms. It would hardly be fair to make someone pay for my inexperience, after all! Once I’ve got a handle on it, the price will likely rise to more accurately reflect time/trouble.

Where will you ship?
Anywhere! As long as you’re willing to cover the cost of shipping, I’ll get it to you. I use flat-rate postage, so shipping within the US will be $5.75 and shipping outside the US will be $25.50, if I’m remembering correctly.

Why is official braid so much extra?
Because I have to order it online and that’s the cheapest price I can find. Unless you’re a stickler for accuracy, I really recommend going with gold rick-rack, which you can see on both of the TOS science pieces above.

What’s that bit about not-Trek things?
If you trust my sewing skills and want me to make you something that isn’t a Starfleet uniform, shoot me a message about it! I’ll take a look at it and see if I think I can make it, and if it looks doable we’ll figure things out from there!

I really really want a uniform from you but I really really can’t afford it. :(
Alright, if you really can’t afford these prices, talk to me. I’ll let you know the absolute minimum I’ll accept to get these done. I’m no Ferengi – profit isn’t the primary goal here – but I do need to be able to eat and get to STLV.

For more information, check my commissions page.



Now Trekkies and Trekkers can have their very own Bluetooth Star Trek Communicator!

Soon fans of the Star Trek franchise will be able to have their very own, fully functional, replica of the famous communicator.

The device, manufactured by The Wand Co., functions as a Bluetooth handset for your phone and as a portable speaker and comes complete with magnetic stand for wireless charging and multi-color LED charge status illumination.

The iconic communicator will be available for preview at San Diego Comic-Con this week and is available to pre-order for $149.95 from the Star Trek Shop. Unfortunately for fans, though, the device won’t be shipping until January 2016.

The Wand Co., whose goal is to “create beautiful products that bring magic into people’s lives,” is no stranger to Star Trek gadgets. The company launched a Star Trek phaser in 2014, which received rave reviews and is available for under $200.

Made of opaque aluminum, this $150 gadget hooks up to a cellphone. It was, “made in response to countless requests from Star Trek fans all over the world,” and fans are assured that it will sound and function like the real deal.

The Wand Company’s communicator is the most accurate replica ever made, designed using the first ever structured-light 3D scans taken of the Alpha Hero prop, crammed full of advanced technology and bringing new levels of action and immersion for Star Trek fans of all ages.

• First fully functional wireless communicator

• Bluetooth® handset for pairing with Bluetooth® enabled mobile cellular phones

• Constructed from pressed metal, die cast metal, machined aluminum and textured ABS to replicate the original hero prop

• Magnetic stand, with metal base and multi-colour LED charge status illumination

• Built-in lithium polymer battery with wireless charging, just place on stand to automatically charge the power cell High quality molded polyurethane foam-lined transit case

• High quality speaker, great for hands-free calls and even playing music streaming from any bluetooth enabled audio player

• high quality MEMS microphone for crystal clear call quality

• Will delight collectors

• Wide range of authentic sound effects and conversation fragments from the Star Trek Universe

You can pre-order now for shipment in January 2016.

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Leonard Nimoy’s birthday is March 26th.

I propose that he deserves a day of remembrance no less than Douglas Adams does. So let’s make it a day he’d be proud of. 

I submit:  IDIC day.

The philosophy of Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations, a core Vulcan tenet, was something Nimoy celebrated himself – with love and joy. He saw beauty in places many wouldn’t. He offered himself up to the world as everyone’s grandpa, if they wanted it. I’ve never heard even a rumor, even on the internet, of him being anything but kind, whenever kindness was possible.

So let’s celebrate him, and celebrate ourselves on IDIC day. Remember, and remind each other, that it’s not just things in common that are wonderful. It’s not just things in common that make us friends, that make us kin. It’s the differences we learn to love as much as our similarities that make us interesting, make us strong, and make us who we are. So we should take a day to work on that.

It’s what grandpa would have wanted.