“You don’t,” Dean starts to say, but the words clog up in his throat before he can get the rest of them out. He stops, and suddenly he can feel every breath going into his lungs, every twitch of muscle as his fingers curl listlessly at his sides. If he listens hard enough, maybe he can even feel the blood rushing to his head and his heart pound against his eardrums. And if he bothers, maybe he can even hear every instinct rattling through his bones and screaming no.

Cas stands there before him, ratty sweatshirt–where did he even get that, what happened to the trench coat–zipped up and his hands buried in the pockets and Dean’s never seen Cas look so small, curled in on himself and trying so badly to mask how hurt he is. This is the expression that accompanied the devastation of Heaven, the decimation of angels, tearing apart the cosmos and Purgatory–this is the expression of Dean telling him to leave. This is his response to Dean rejecting him.

And yet, Cas stands there before him and waits for him to finish.

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saltruism-deactivated20170209  asked:

2, 11, 15, 28, 55 ;u; (idk that's a lot sorry wow)

do not fear cutie

 2. what would you name your future kids?

H a ahaHA dean lbr but for girls i like the name aria uwu

11. are you listening to music right now?

yepp !! (the draw by bastille has been on repeat for like 3 days)

15. personality description

umm idk i guess im p easy going which is cool i am told i am funny but its just a lot of badly timed sarcasm tbh im actually pretty dumB but yeah i think im creative so theres that too (im an infp if that helps)

28. i’ll love you if…

already did this one uwu

 55. tumblr friends

seth mainly tbh and also sofia and michaela (and michele but shes my irl friend too)

send me one of these!!

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imagine you and kevin are in the bunker reading, and it's late, and sam and charlie are sleeping in the other rooms so you and kevin are keeping the lights low and everything. and suddenly dean comes stumbling in, trailing cas, and they're both soaked through with rain, and laughing, and you jump up to grab a towel, or something, but dean says, "don't bother" and he and cas hug you around the middle and get you soaked, too. c:


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