This was just suppose to be some random human AU where Peridot is tall but became an amputee because I never drew her in that case before. Until I drew a mermaid Lapis and became @treker402‘s PoC AU. (And two chibi doodles, one being Miraculous Ladybug cross over. I’m not that creative you know.)

Ok so this is something I’ve been working on for a few days now. I’ve been scared to post this but my friend has been supporting me and telling me everything will be fine so here it is…
This is fan art for @treker402’s Lapidot Pirate AU. I’ve loved this AU since I found their account. This AU may be a bit dead, but I don’t care. I still love it. Now that I’ve been drawing Primarina more and getting used to that mermaid like body, I thought it would be the perfect time to draw fan art. I love the mermaid Lapis’ design, so I just had to draw her.
Treker, if you do see this, I absolutely love your art and you are a huge inspiration to me. Thank you for existing.

Ok gonna go back into my dark corner and stay there forever-

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You are to me what luaren zuke is to treker ^^

HOH :’’’0 Thank yoou ! <3

((I guess we both share almost the same feeling for Lauren,I love everything she did in the past and now,she always was an inspiration for me and I wish her good luck in the future))