Guys, I am such a sucker for proposal/wedding fics. Accidental bondings and pon farr are great, but I want to see them plan it meticulously.

Give me a shore leave where Spock has to work, so Jim drags Bones to a dozen jewelers to find the perfect engagement ring (Give me half a dozen who ask for Bones’ ring size.)

Maybe they’ve already talked about bonding and are planning on it, but give me Jim on one knee. Give me Spock barely able to choke out a “yes”.

Give me Jim’s face-splitting grin, the one that lights up his whole body. Have him totally speechless, pulling Spock into a hug that he never intends to end.

Give me Uhura going with each to pick out their tuxes (because there’s no way they’re allowed to see each other before hand). Bones is the best man, but she’s got the best style by far. (Or maybe they get married in their dress uniforms- the Fleet is what brought them together in the first place).

Give me Sulu talking them through various flower arrangement options, while Chekov offers matching decorations.

Give me Rand creating tons of samplers so they can pick the menu. Give me these two idiots, drunk on love and excitement, feeding each other.

Give me Chapel baking and decorating a beautiful cake. (And maybe also a small chocolate one to be eaten in private).

Give me Spock being the first one to shove it in someone’s face. Give me both of them kissing frosting off each other.

Give me Jim getting drunk at his Bachelor’s party and letting several members of his crew experiment with his hair and makeup. Give me Uhura, drunk but still brilliant, finding a sharpie and writing “Property of S'chn T'gai Spock” in Golic script on Jim’s ass.

Give me Scotty officiating and Bones giving a hilarious and beautiful toast.

Give me Spock stopping in the middle of his vows to wipe a tear off Jim’s face.

Give me a slow first dance, something they first heard over a scratchy radio in 20th century New York City.

Give me Amanda crying, completely overjoyed that her son found someone who loves him so much, while Sarek attempts to remain stoic. Give me Spock dancing with Amanda, impossible to tell who is happier. Give me Jim dancing with Amanda, and her threatening terrible things if Jim should ever do anything to hurt her son.

He swears on his life he won’t.

Give me Scotty and Bones trying to drink each other under the table. They both lose to Winona.

Give me Jim and Spock constantly touching, unable to stay apart for more than a few minutes. Even when they aren’t touching, they’re never able to totally look away.

Give me Jim and Spock, standing in the observation deck, before the stars and all the universe and sharing their first kiss as husbands.

My own personal head canons for the Spirk Offspring:

1. Only AOS Spirk have kids. They got together younger, and they both want it more, because they lost important members of their own families so young. TOS Spirk get together older, and are so devoted to their careers. They’d never really want it so much.

2. They have two kids: 1. A daughter that is theirs biologically. Depending on the day, she exist because of trans!Jim, Vulcans having a third gender, or an artificial womb (that exists because it’s science fiction, we do what we want). 2. A son, a couple years younger than their daughter. He’s adopted, half human, half Vulcan. They adopted him after his parents died and Sarek asked them to transport him to New Vulcan. Sarek is a devious bastard, who totally knew that they’d get attached and want to keep him.

3. The kids are very close. The son, for much of his childhood, has a hero-worship thing going on for his sister.

4. Their little girl goes to Starfleet Academy very young, and double focuses in piloting and science. She breaks all of Uncle Hikaru’s records, and someday goes on to captain the Enterprise. She grew up in space, there’s no where she’d rather be.