Valentine's Day themed headcanons

In honor of Valentine’s Day I will be taking themed headcanons for any Marvel characters (mostly the ones I post about), Karl Urban characters that we all love (and that I can actually do) and for today only I will do Star Trek Actors/tress. This is open for both male and female characters for I know females need some love :D

Before the attacks on Paris on Friday, Matthew Inman was thinking a lot about the unpredictability of life.

A few days earlier he had posted his latest comic to his popular website, “The Oatmeal.”

The cartoonist apologized to his fans because this comic strip is not like his usual work. It’s not funny.

He says he didn’t leave his house much over the five days it took him to draw and write the comic titled “It’s going to be okay.”

Since last week, it has been viewed 30 million times. Inman was inspired to write it after hearing a real-life story that took his breath away.

On June 18, 1947, a Pan Am flight crashed on its way to New York from Calcutta, killing 14 people instantly. The co-pilot survived and helped organize a heroic rescue mission that brought 22 survivors home.

That co-pilot was Gene Roddenberry, who went on to create Star Trek.

‘The Oatmeal’ Remembers 'Star Trek’ Creator’s Heroic Plane Crash Rescue

Image: Courtesy of Matthew Inman

Last night I went to a live painting (spray painting) session as well as gallery crawl in Old 4th Ward in Atlanta. The live painting show was called, “Forward Warrior” and the crawl was All 4 One. The entire production had artists such as, Trek Matthews, PLF, Greg Mike, Ash Lethal, King Gorilla, BMAC, Ted Murphy, and even Catlanta made an appearance.

Some of these artists took part in Forward Warrior and spray painted panels that led into the next artists work. Each with a unique style and point of view, most of the artists use a wide variety of colors (or none at all); however, they all stuck with one color scheme consisting of orange, blue, purple, and white for this occasion. I was simply blown away with how cohesive the group was and frankly, nice! It is very intimidating sometimes talking to artists when they are working, but they all were very inviting and I loved hearing about their POV for the show. 

Onward to the rest of the gallery crawl! I first stopped at Used & Abused, where my brother works. There was also a live painting session going on here, but on the other side was a yard sale/antique shop atmosphere. My brother was working this side, and took me to the back to take place in the 1 dollar tall boy PBRs that were being sold. While I was back there, I got to meet King Gorilla and see some of his work! He showed me a can he had collaborated with The Status Faction and it was great! I have several of his cans, including one colab with Photocoyote (it is my favorite one!). After hanging out here for a bit, we went to MINT Gallery and ABV.

ABV was hosting a show called “50/50”, where two artists worked on the same piece. I still can’t pick which piece was my favorite, because they were all amazing! They even had screen prints from their most previous show, “St. Francis” that was by the amazing artist, David Hale. I was so tempted to purchase one, but the gallery was packed! I could barely move!

Once out of ABV, we decided to head back to the car! It was such an eventful night, but the highlight had to be finding the Warrior Kitten and a Fenix ATL piece! This was early in the night at Forward Warrior. My boyfriend found the kitten spray can and was rewarded the Warrior Kitten! It is an amazing piece done by Catlanta and we even got to speak with him for a second when we spotted him during the event! We were also lucky enough to find a Fenix ATL piece after a long hunt searching each gallery for a QR code. This QR code would tell you a hint of where to go next, or where the piece was! We eventually found it behind the Sampson Lofts. It was a long night, but now I am all rested up and ready for a new fun day!

- Michelle